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Duke non-Rape Case Revisited

La Shawn Barber has an interesting post about a panel discussion she attended regarding the Duke lacrosse non-rape case. Stuart Taylor, who has co-authored a book on the subject, was part of the panel.

Taylor said that it was "pretty darned obvious" to any reasonable reporter by mid-April that the Duke case was full of holes. He discussed the DNA and how Nifong himself said the DNA would tell the story, ruling out players while proving others were involved.

In March 2006, the lacrosse captains put out a statement through Duke, asserting that there was no rape, that they were innocent, and that the DNA would prove it, just as Nifong had said. We all know what happened after the results came back. There was no DNA match between any of the 46 white lacrosse players tested and the stripper who cried rape.

At this point, Taylor asked, why didn't the media press Nifong about this? The prosecutor said the DNA results would exonerate the innocent, so why, in the absence of a match, did Nifong continue with this case and the national media ignore the lack of a DNA match?

This is obviously a case that should be closely studied, but there are many, many other stories in which the media either rushes to judgment or just prints whatever one side says, with little, if any, serious questioning. What makes the Duke case unique is that it is one of the very rare instances when the truth finally comes to light with as much prominence as the original story. Too often allegations make the front pages, but when they are found to be questionable, or in some cases provably wrong, the retraction or correction might merit one or two lines buried in the back of the paper and to find a prominent correction on a television news broadcast is even rarer still..

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One word: Re-election.... (Below threshold)

One word: Re-election.

Another word: Pandering

Its safe once again to have... (Below threshold)

Its safe once again to have a hooker at your frat party....This is democracy in action.....If we can just get the Iraqis to see this they will take ownership for their problems.......

Mark, it's now safe to have... (Below threshold)
Mister Obvious:

Mark, it's now safe to have a [b]stripper[/b] at your party. Your desire to have in-home service by a hooker is still likely to get you ripped off and stuck with an STD.

It's rather obvious that th... (Below threshold)

It's rather obvious that the antique MSM wasn't interested in truth (they're democrats) and white on black 'non-crime' should be spread worldwide, while black on white crime is covered up, not covered.

Evidently Mark is one of those that bet his rep on the players guilt and lost. The snide remark is typical of a democrat loser. Hanoi John, Silky Pony, Algor-abge are his hero's.

Ya'll did hear about the re... (Below threshold)
Locomotive Breath:

Ya'll did hear about the recent purported rape of a white Duke frosh by a black Durham resident at an off-campus party hosted by a black Duke frat? You missed it? It was all over the news. For about a day.

At this point, Taylor asked, w... (Below threshold)
At this point, Taylor asked, why didn't the media press Nifong about this? [W]hy ... did the national media ignore the lack of a DNA match?

Good heavens, you'd almost think that the media were, to coin a phrase, "incurious".

But everyone knows that that just never be.

Ahem. Let's try this again... (Below threshold)

Ahem. Let's try this again:

At this point, Taylor asked, why didn't the media press Nifong about this? [W]hy ... did the national media ignore the lack of a DNA match?

Good heavens, you'd almost think that the media were, to coin a phrase, "incurious".

But everyone knows that that could just never be.

One lesson learned is that ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

One lesson learned is that existing shield laws should be extended to shield the identity of the accused as well as the alleged victim. Only if there's a conviction should the name of the accused be made public.

Even victim advocates should be for extending the shield laws because experience has shown that when the accused is a high profile person or if there's some racial or political angle to the story then it's not long before the alleged victim's identity is leaked. One way this can happen is some media crony bribes a low-paid court clerk to "accidentally" include the victim's name in court papers or on the court's web site. The result is that the alleged victim gets death threats and is investigated by the press. I'm not sure which is worse, getting death threats or being investigated by the press, but neither is beneficial to the alleged victim.

If the shield laws were extended to the accused the media interest wouldn't be there to start with and the courts could do their work in obscurity. To maintain that obscurity both the victim and the accused should be screened from public view while in court. There should be an automatic gag order imposed on all such cases to prevent prosecutors and lawyers from making public statements about the case.

An added benefit of extending the shield laws is that it would make finding jurors who can actually read and think for themselves much easier. As it is now such people know too much about a case from pretrial publicity to be seated on the jury.

Even today, the liberals wh... (Below threshold)

Even today, the liberals who supported the near-lynching of the Lacrosse team members, still believe that the accused 'got off' because of their 'money and privledge'. Never mind that they were innocent of the charges - the 'white male' is always guilty of something.

Never mind that they wer... (Below threshold)

Never mind that they were innocent of the charges - the 'white male' is always guilty of something.

Well, they are, aren't we?

Where in the Hell is Justic... (Below threshold)

Where in the Hell is Justice58, anyway???

How much different would th... (Below threshold)

How much different would the reporting have been, if Nifong were an (R), the victim white, and the suspects were black?

This whole charade was because the lib media had a chance to bone elite white kids, while ensuring a corrupt unethical prosecutor got re-elected, and a black ho got some sympathy from the corrupr race pimps.

Lib media hasnt yet aplogized, Nifong is still a sphincter, and the ho is still a ho. Way more damage was done to these 3 Duke guys, than the Rutgers bball team, but the media surely doesnt see it or report it that way.

Gianni, even with the victi... (Below threshold)

Gianni, even with the victims and the accuser remaining the same racesthe story would have been different if Nifong had an (R) by his name.

why do we keep revisiting t... (Below threshold)

why do we keep revisiting this when there were 2 people who were tortured raped murdered in knoxville tn in jan of this year... i forgot the victims were white and the attackers were black.

The thing that bothers me t... (Below threshold)

The thing that bothers me the most is just who appointed the MSM the role as "public watchdog"? This self-appointed group is, in fact, a group of political activits, nothing more. Who holds them accountable when they act in irresponsible and/or treasonous fashions? Who do they answer to for their screw ups?

Until we start hammering them with mail continuously about our dissatisfaction with their job performances, they won't get the message. Obviously, their drops in subscriptions and ratings and advertising dollars haven't make an impact. They're in denial about it, pointing to the so-called "New Media" as a trend that has temporarily set them back.

They claim that it's not possible for humans to be totally "objective. Balderdash! I challenge anyone to give me any article from any publication, and I'll rewrite it in a totally objective fashion to report the details of the news item without using words to color the readers' perceptions in interpreting the news presented.

It's only when we voice our displeasure with their lack of integrity and lack of objectivity in reporting the news that they'll begin to get a clue, I would think.






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