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Culture of Corruption

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats won in 2006 as much on the issue of corruption as on the situation in Iraq. She constantly berated Republicans for a so-called "culture of corruption" and pledged to bring ethics back to the Capitol.

Today, she appointed Congressman Bob Brady to head up the House Administration Committee. Bob Brady. He is most well-known at present for coming in third in the Philadelphia Mayoral primary last week and making a complete fool of himself when he failed to report his pension on his nominating petitions.

More disgusting, however, is Brady's close ties to the boss of South Philadelphia, State Senator Vincent Fumo. The later was indicted by a federal grand jury in February on 139 counts, including mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction, and filing a false tax return. Among the more heinous of Fumo's misdeeds was misusing $1 million of state funds and also misappropriating $1 million from a charity of his and diverting it to personal use or campaigning. He apparently also commandeered yachts from the Philadelphia Seaport Museum for personal travel.

On primary day last week, Brady went to the Fouth Street deli for lunch. He did not go alone. Shamelessly, he had lunch with Vincent Fumo. Click on picture number two here to see Fumo and Brady conversing.

Pelosi stated in a press release: "Congressman Brady's experience as a leading member of the House Administration Committee and his in-depth knowledge of the internal functions of the House will make him a powerful voice as Chairman...I know Congressman Brady will expand upon the efforts of Chairwoman Millender-McDonald to promote equality and diversity on Capitol Hill."

Equality and diversity is nice, but what about ethics, Nancy? The truth is that actions speak louder than words. If Republicans would stop fighting each other, and starting fighting Democrats, no one would ever hear the end of this.

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Count how many of the promi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Count how many of the promises the leadership of the Democrats have kept. When the Republicans took the majority in 1994, they kept, count them, all of their commitments. Inside of 100 days. Democrats have named building and streets and passed one funding bill for the military, with the help of the Republican party. In fact that vote looked almost exactly like the vote to authorized military action against Saddam.

"promote equality and diver... (Below threshold)

"promote equality and diversity on Capitol Hill." It is now 'hire a criminal' week in congress, that is equality and diversity, But they will be ethical criminals. Not one of them will rat out the head criminal, Peeeeloshi.
If the antique MSM would get their head out of their a** and tell the truth we could have a real comedy for a few months before they ride Peeeloshi and gang out of town on a rail. Even the antiquie MSM can't hide it forever and when it finally comes out they will be as much or more to blame as the democrat criminals. Talk about going broke fast.

ZR III, Spin it ma... (Below threshold)

Spin it man, as the majority of Americans not only know, they realize which party is the party of corruption.

Lets see, one Dummo, (cash in the freezer), still held up by both parties complain the FBI raid was wrong, so until then----?

Then we have Foley, Libby, Delay, Abramhoff, Ney, etc, etc. List is too long to mention here. But please spin it some more so I can laugh longer.

Instead of worrying about who is corrupt, (all elected critters are) and as Scrapirion once said, they are all SOS's. Try thinking about a way to get rid of all the SOS's. And get honest people who are going to work for the majority of Americans. Right now neither party is!

Allen, what crime is it tha... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Allen, what crime is it that Foley committed? What was DeLay guilty of? Notice something, speaking of spin. Why is it Republicans leave office if they are suspected of wrong doing and Democrats are give choice committee assignments. Alcee Hastings, Blackheart Jack Murtha? Have you heard the latest about Diane Feinstein and her husband and the former naval base in San Franciso? Murhta paid freshman congressmen to vote against a censure vote after he, with witnesses, threaten a republican congressman for voting against a pork deal close to Murtha's black heart. If I were in congress I would beat his fat ass. He is an abuser of power and deserves a stay at Marion Indiana, for about 20 years.

Allen:Lets see... (Below threshold)


Lets see, one Dummo, (cash in the freezer), still held up by both parties complain the FBI raid was wrong, so until then----?

What's that phrase you used Allen?

Oh yeah..."Spin it man."

Spin this asshat. "Judge rules FBI raid on congressman's office was legal."

And BTW, you're only 10 months behind the 24 hour news cycle... it's far past time to update your Media Matters, the DUmmies and the KosKiddies talking points.

Speaking of corruption, the... (Below threshold)

Speaking of corruption, there is hot Plame stuff out. She and her husband were up to no good in Africa, and the dark continent is yielding up its secrets. Byron York has the report, as well as JustOneMinute with the back(front)story.

Amen, Alexander. Excellent... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Amen, Alexander. Excellent post and an especially excellent point in that last sentence.

I just got back from Gatewa... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I just got back from Gateway, they have the whole Plame story there. If they were republicans, they could count on duing jail time. Democratic liars and those who subvert national policy get a pass. What a national shame that Plame.

Truly remarkable. Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Truly remarkable. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Alexander.

Of course, it would be hard to be very successful in Philadelphia Democratic politics without at least a neutral relationship with Fumo. The guy's fingers are in everything, my friends in the 'burbs tell me.

Still, being willing to take lunch with him in public is rather brazen on Brady's part. It would be like having lunch at a restaurant with Sam Giancana. Hard to pretend after being seen.

At least you have the advantage of being able to order anything without fearing running up the bill on your host. He is Crime, and everyone knows Crime doesn't pay.

So, any republican who ever... (Below threshold)

So, any republican who ever had lunch or dinner or even casually conversed with Duke Cunningham after he was indicted but before he was convicted is corrupt and a participant in a "culture of corruption"? That's the point you folks are making, correct?

You folks continue to outdo yourselves with each post; you're like a hot slot machine that just keeps on giving.

I don't believe it. The de... (Below threshold)

I don't believe it. The depths to which you Republicans will sink in feeble, pathetic efforts to proclaim, "Hey, the Democrats are bad too!" A whole post on an obscure congressman, Bob Brady, whose primary sin, I guess, is that one of his friends hasn't been one of his friends has gotten into trouble.

Alexander, why no word on the Bush Administration's own Monica Goodling, who's been testifying under immunity from prosecution before the United States Congress about Alberto Gonzales, about the Deputy Attorney General McNulty, and about her own endeavors, which she admits, have "crossed the line" into immorality?

Since Warren G. Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal, through the Joe McCarthy ("Have you no decency?") years, through Watergate and the Nixon-Agnew resignations, through Iran-Contra, and up to the numerous scandals of the Bush II Administration, there has been one party that has clearly reigned supreme when it comes to immorality: the Republican Party.

Get that? Got that? Good.

Z, Kit Bond is HOT on this ... (Below threshold)

Z, Kit Bond is HOT on this Plame stuff. They have her dead to rights and now the question is just what was Joe Wilson up to in Africa. It amazes me that he may have been up to no-good, bigtime, and still had the craziness to call the administration liars when they weren't. I half suspect he lied to the Democrats, too, and they can't dump him because his meme is so important. Kerry, politically foolishly, but honestly, dumped him after the SSCI report, but had he stuck with him, Kerry would be President, today.

So, the Dems are in a real bind. They can only escape it if the war goes well and they can throw Joe under the bus. But then, Bush does well. If Joe planned this, he is one clever dude, but why then, are his stories and Val's stories so unendingly contradictory? Which one gets immunity?

Val, silly.

Herman, you missed the boat... (Below threshold)

Herman, you missed the boat, or are just a fountain of phony talking points. Goodling detailed McNulty's perjury. Why isn't Schumer upset? Because he and McNulty set Gonzales up for this, but got found out. You note McNulty is out? It has taken six years but Bush has finally exerted constitutional control over the Department of Justice? Until now it has been Schumer's.

What price Comey stonewalling on surveillance on the eve of the Spanish bombing?

What price, hunh? What price your intellectual integrity?

Herman, it is truly immoral... (Below threshold)

Herman, it is truly immoral to use the word 'immoral' as you have in your last post. Would you care to defend that characterization of her speech?

Herman:A whole... (Below threshold)


A whole post on an obscure congressman, Bob Brady,

Because, as you say, he is "obscure" that makes him different than any other Congressman?

How so? Honestly I've never heard the "obscure defense" before. It's a novel idea and it wouldn't be a terribly bad idea to use it in your case.

Your comments are mostly "obscure" not to mention abstruse, ambiguous and arcane.

Herman , pipe down moron... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Herman , pipe down moron.

"into immorality?"

Was is this? are you hesitating to lie here? what a pathetic attempt to put words in someones mouth.

Hollywood is synonomous with immorality

Democrats are synonomous with crime and corruption.

You own it loser , deal with it. 85% of felons will vote democrat.

Even when you admit your party is criminal you are still lying.

Democrats are traitorous , evil and despicable. They betray our Country lie and deceive for their own personal gain because they are unworthy , incompetant and criminal. Racist , hateful and rotten to the core.

Being registered Democratic I laugh at you stupid boot lickers Herman ,JFO, you still have your heads up your ass or someone elses. The democrat leadership should be exterminated for their traitorous acts , lies and the continue damage to our Counntry and our safety. Democrats play fricken political games with the lives our soldiers for that alone they should burn in hell. Democrats are responsible for the slaughter of three million human beings , THREE MILLION! GOT THAT GOT THAT?

Go Clintonize a goat or Hugo Chavez, you"ll have better success. Their is no such thing as an honest democrat , Joe L is proof. The only way you rats can win is by lying , smearing and deceiving the people for you "ARE" the Party of perpetual fraud. Criminals , Socialists , Communists , Racists and race baiters , Incompetants , sexual predators , child molestors all of that and more and proud of it. How dare you try to give away titles that are yours alone and deservingly so.

What a group of low cult ni... (Below threshold)
Hootie Heckenheimer:

What a group of low cult nitwits.
It's like listening to a national convention of C-Span callers and hearing yet again that dear old sweet America has more dummies than it can count.

"...What a group of low cul... (Below threshold)
Hy Sierra:

"...What a group of low cult nitwits..."

If, Mr. Heckenheimer, that is reference to the numbskulls who post here, then amen, brother, amen.

Check out JustOneMinute whe... (Below threshold)

Check out JustOneMinute where Rocco and TSk9 are pitching bits of this and that into a cauldron.

What did Foley know in 2002... (Below threshold)

What did Foley know in 2002 in Jordan, that al-Qaeda had to kill him? If that's what happened.

Val Plame was there, too, y... (Below threshold)

Val Plame was there, too, you know. Read the Plame memo, just out. I found it via Byron York at NRO. What were she and her husband up to in Africa?

Different Foley, by the way... (Below threshold)

Different Foley, by the way. This one was a big-wig in USAID, especially Africa. Must have known about Yellow Cake in Africa. Anyway, he was killed in Jordan while Val Plame was there in 2002. It may well be coincidental, but there are a lot of coincidences besides the temporal one.

Pertinence to the thread? ... (Below threshold)

Pertinence to the thread? Oh yeah, Rockefeller and Wilson cooked up his phony story at the May, 2003 Senate Democratic Policy Committee meeting. This is not venality, it is pathological disinformation in pursuit of illegitimate power. The whole lot of them should be jailed. Or hanged. This is wartime.

Well Hootie and Hysierra, i... (Below threshold)

Well Hootie and Hysierra, if you don't like the neighborhood, pack your shit and go back to the Kos. (I know, you're both just so "above this"..)


Can any of you poor ass lib... (Below threshold)

Can any of you poor ass liberals say "VETO"? Yehaw.

What was DeLay guilty of... (Below threshold)

What was DeLay guilty of?

Well, according to the standards laid out by this post, merely having had lunch with Abramoff makes him guilty of being corrupt and unethical.

Hmm, I wonder then what would a whole golf trip make him?

All but quiet on the... (Below threshold)

All but quiet on the 4th street Deli. No need to step in the "Way Back Machine" to figure out the now. Brady and Fumes chattin' it up.

Democrats are tra... (Below threshold)
average wizbang poster:

Democrats are traitorous , evil and despicable. They betray our Country lie and deceive for their own personal gain because they are unworthy , incompetant and criminal. Racist , hateful and rotten to the core.

Democrats are responsible for the slaughter of three million human beings , THREE MILLION! GOT THAT GOT THAT?

Go Clintonize a goat

you "ARE" the Party of perpetual fraud. Criminals , Socialists , Communists , Racists and race baiters , Incompetants , sexual predators , child molestors all of that and more and proud of it.

That's a lot of pent up aggression you have there, buddy. You don't get laid much do you?

Brian wrote, "Well, accordi... (Below threshold)

Brian wrote, "Well, according to the standards laid out by this post, merely having had lunch with Abramoff makes him guilty of being corrupt and unethical."

And you are absolutely right. Because I remember liberal moonbat websites publishing every picture they could find of Abramoff standing in the vicinity of prominent Republicans. And I remember the orgasms that liberals had when they found a picture of Abramoff with President Bush, because of course that was "proof" of the "culture of corruption" within the Republican party.

Payback is a bitch, isn't it?

Rob-I like your style,to ba... (Below threshold)

Rob-I like your style,to bad moon bats can't read the truth without spouting like a humpback surfacing.Every thing you said I agree with although You left some things out,like Teddy Kennedy trying to ally with Russia against Reagan.If we only had a press media, that actually didn't choose sides,we would be surprised at the traitorous activity the Democraps deal in.

Surprised ? Sure about t... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Surprised ? Sure about that?

My 83 year old mother, yes. Myself? not a chance.

Criminal frauds who will "SAY ANYTHING" and "DO WHATEVER IT TAKES" as they fiend for POWER , should pretty kill any shock or surprise. Except that of the loyal frauds themselves , you know that false outrage they perform so well.

Payback is a bitch, isn... (Below threshold)

Payback is a bitch, isn't it?

It sure is Mike, and they don't like it one bit.


when they found a pictur... (Below threshold)

when they found a picture of Abramoff with President Bush, because of course that was "proof" of the "culture of corruption" within the Republican party.

No, it didn't prove Bush was corrupt. Sorry to burst your fantasy.

But it sure did prove that Bush was a liar, after having said he didn't know Abramoff. Too bad he wasn't under oath when he told that lie, eh?

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! Looks l... (Below threshold)

Hi, Sock Puppet Jo! Looks like you found another post to piggy-back on, since you're incapable of original thought. Ooops! Once again you tied your self-worth to a post that is easily smacked away! Oh, boo-hoo, poor Sucker Fish Jo. Looks like your self-worth is back to zero. Oh well, there's always someone else out there you can pretend you're as smart as. Bwahahahaha! Love it! Saweeeeeeeet!!!! Keep on posting! This is fun!

Brian:But it s... (Below threshold)


But it sure did prove that Bush was a liar, after having said he didn't know Abramoff. Too bad he wasn't under oath when he told that lie, eh?

Are you sure about that?

Wait... that's stupid question when you consider your perspective.

How about this scenario:

You, Brian, are in a position where you meet, greet and are photographed with thousands of people each year. Would you, Brian, have the ability to recall each one and more importantly if asked if you know one of the thousands could instantly and with certainty yes or no?

But it sure did prove th... (Below threshold)

But it sure did prove that Bush was a liar, after having said he didn't know Abramoff. Too bad he wasn't under oath when he told that lie, eh?

You mean Clinton DID know that convicted drug dealer he was photographed with in 1996?

Are you sure that Bush ever... (Below threshold)

Are you sure that Bush ever met A.G. Gonzalez? I have seen pictures of them together but have thay ever really met? FUTURE TALKING POINT. My gift to you people.

THEY.... (Below threshold)


This one's too easy. I'... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

This one's too easy. I'll use democrat logic so that maybe they will comprehend.

It depends on what the meaning of "KWOW" is.

I would use Republican logi... (Below threshold)

I would use Republican logic for you people but alas none exists.

Can anyone give us real Ame... (Below threshold)

Can anyone give us real Americans a proven instance where Bush told the truth? I am tired of pointing out the so many lies. Why don't you do some real work and find something he has told the truth about.

Brian , you are a sore los... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Brian , you are a sore loser, period. You are also a big WAAA! cry baby as well. Everytime you jump to the defense of the indefensible you are basically saying WAAAAA! look at me , stop looking at one of my many busted criminal party members.

I voted for Clinton , those where my ignorant days however the few times I saw his mug on the TV it might as well have been a black and white screen with the word "LIAR" in bold. One look at the jackal and that is all that comes to mind, serial liar. That is what irks you to no tomorrow and you can't stand it. It's reality and it's a known fact only petulant and arrogant democrats must deny to excuse their support for such a criminal incompetant no good POS that exposed their Party for what it is and for the damage he has caused that we still pay for to this day.

We are still paying the price for the other abysmal failure of a President Peanut Carter. Your desperation for History to judge President Bush ,LOL with almost 2 years left in office leaves one rolling on the floor in laughter at the democrats wailing tripping all over each other as they pound the ground on all fours ,full tantrum mode screaming "make it go away" WAAA!

What is that they want to make go away?

President George W Bush? No , although they wouldn't mind one bit. What they want to make go away is the memory of the worst(Carter) and most immoral and criminally corrupt(Clinton) presidents in the History of the United States. Just a little over 200 years on the map the democrats accomplished this shamelessly within a 20 year period.

Like I have said and will continue to say, your desperation to "CLINTONIZE" President Bush is so transparent and backfiring for all it has done is expose your party of frauds. You think the deception pulled on 2006 mid term elections is going to be a winning strategy in 2008. Boy are you in for a rude awakening come Jan 20, 2009.

There is a point in time when WAAAA! BUSH! WAAAA! BUSH! clears up and exposes the cry babies behind all the loud noise and fog. It just takes some longer to see through it all.

Shut up stupid , you're n... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Shut up stupid , you're no American. Fricken retard.

It takes a "TRUE AMERICAN... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

It takes a "TRUE AMERICAN" to point out the phony Un-American Frauds claiming to be ...Look at me! I'm a "REAL" American. Like I told the once called democratic party on Nov 2 2004 , F-OFF you pack of lying frauds , there is nothing American about you except the word "traitors" criminals and frauds if you want some credit for something.

He he Look at me I'm real! what a loser.

ec1009, he told the truth a... (Below threshold)

ec1009, he told the truth about Saddam seeking yellow cake in Africa. Read about the latest Plame memo out, wonder why the CIA noted 'funky seals' on the forgeries six months before the IAEA called them fake. Why is that? Where were they, the forgeries? Why, in Val Plame's office. What were she and Joe Wilson up to in Africa? Kit Bond of the SSCI wants to know. He's inquiring.

Kim:There's more s... (Below threshold)


There's more strink in the Libby trial coming down the pike:

The judge who presided over the trial of vice presidential aide Lewis Libby has been appointed to the secret court that oversees U.S. intelligence wiretaps.

Reggie Walton, a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts effective May 19.

That borders on a conflict of interest. Wanna bet Fitzmas ask the judge to recuse himself in the Libby trial?

Interesting that he shut do... (Below threshold)

Interesting that he shut down Edmonds.

I maintained through the trial that Walton threw all the close decisions to Fitz to discourage Fitz from retrying in case of a hung jury. I also wondered if he weren't deliberately allowing Libby a good case on appeal. But then I saw him go along with NBC to shut down testimony and evidence from Russert and Mitchell, and I can't help wonder if he isn't corrupt, or scared.

Although it is amusing to t... (Below threshold)

Although it is amusing to think that someone has been monitoring Joe Wilson's wheeling and dealing in Africa.

Oh, please. The photo was m... (Below threshold)

Oh, please. The photo was merely one item in a slew of connections between Abramoff and Bush's administration. Do a Google search of "Bush Abramoff connection" and then sit back to spend your day reading. I don't have the time to spoon-feed you facts that you choose to ignore.

Jeez, Rob, still whining about Carter?! Oh, boy. You keep threatening to leave the Democratic party. Please hurry up with that!

Um excuse me but the fa... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Um excuse me but the fact is that it is both your incompetant failures who keep opening their stupid yaps rather than go find some quiet place and bury their head up the ass. Chronic lying frauds just can't help themselves nor can you.

Another thing , I am an American not some traitorous Democrat. Why don't you and the criminals frauds you lie for get the F**K out of my Country. They do nothing for this Country but attack it , endanger it and smear those that defend it. Democrats have long proven they are Un-American, what's the hold up?






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