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Mary Katharine has outdone herself. Her latest HamNation vlog is the funniest yet and should be just as funny to liberals as conservatives (with the exception of really diehard Edwards fans who don't have a sense of humor).

Update: While we are on the subject of humor, this is even funnier than MK's Peeps. Well, almost anyway.

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Ok, why can't we get MKH to... (Below threshold)

Ok, why can't we get MKH to do stuff like this for Fox and the 1/2 Hour News Hour? That was hilarious!

Great idea, Chip.S... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Great idea, Chip.

Speaking of humor, have you caught Red Eye lately? It was crappy at first, but now it is so funny that I find myself laughing from start to finish. Gutfeld is extremely funny, always has been, but he is finally hitting his stride on television. It is really late, thus the name, but worth a look. That's what DVRs are for.

Lorie, I did manag... (Below threshold)


I did manage to catch it a couple of times, at the time I wasn't sure of what I was watching but I found it to be a really great show, I just wish I had DVR to watch it more.

MKH is going be catching he... (Below threshold)

MKH is going be catching heck from PETMA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Marshmellow Animals).

As if being paraded around, dressed up, smushed, and derided as surrogates for politicians weren't enough, they HAVE to microwave them in the end?

Sheesh, what's next? Waterboarding the poor peeps?

The tee-shirts are pretty cool, though . . .

It can't be funnier than th... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

It can't be funnier than this

Has the bird of paradise fl... (Below threshold)

Has the bird of paradise flu up your nose?






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