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How to get the US Troops out of Iraq

Scott Ott at Scrappleface reports on Moqtada Al-Sadr's new plan to drive American troops out of Iraq:

In addition to a ceasefire against Iraqi troops, the Islamic cleric's fatwa seeks to demoralize American forces by demanding that Shiites ...

- Avoid shooting anyone for any reason
- Register to vote and respect the Iraqi constitution and governing authorities
- Locate and disable all previously-deployed roadside bombs
- Re-shelve all explosive vests and large caliber automatic weapons in their original locations at local mosques
- Release any living hostages into the custody of the United Nations
- Patrol communities to pick up garbage, repair buildings and roads, and restore utility services
- Stop ranting like maniacs and go back to work
- Take a moment today to thank a U.S. soldier, Marine or airman for your freedom

"We will brutally cut off Bush's rationale for staying in Iraq," said Mr. al-Sadr. "Our day of triumph is at hand. The Great Satan will march back home in tickertape parades of shame. Allah be praised."

Hat tip: Instapundit

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Al Franken made the much sa... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Al Franken made the much same joke many times on his now-defunct radio show on Air America (although he never called the Iraqi's "maniacs.")

While I don't trust him a b... (Below threshold)
Dennis P. Skea:

While I don't trust him a bit, isn't this our goal? However, if his troops follow this "fatwa", will all the other bad guys also follow?
It's a start.

i say anything that motivat... (Below threshold)

i say anything that motivates the Iraqis to stop killing each other (and us) is a good thing. Maybe demonizing our army is just the thing to galvanize Iraqi nationalism and bring peace. Maybe we are Great Britain and Al Sadr is Iraq's self styled Ghandi. Whatever it takes to end this nightmare of bad policy, revolting loss of life and incompetence is fine with me.

Good Lord God Almighty. Y'a... (Below threshold)
get your gun:

Good Lord God Almighty. Y'all do know this is a joke, right. Bueller, Bueller anyone?

Sometimes satire is hard to... (Below threshold)

Sometimes satire is hard to recognize. It's because it so often makes more sense than what is real.

I didn't even read the stor... (Below threshold)

I didn't even read the story. I'm using Bush-style wishful thinking to draw my opinions. Isn't faith enough for you?

Frank, You must be a produc... (Below threshold)
get your gun:

Frank, You must be a product of the Public School System. Sad you failed to read and all.As far as Faith Based may I recommend our Lord and Savior Jesus. *wink*

Snark aside isn't that the ... (Below threshold)

Snark aside isn't that the rational against setting a timeline? If a timeline would result in the waring factions to wait us out, then why wouldn't the waring factions just lay low until we leave since that is what bush said is the condition for us leaving?

The fact that Muktada al-Fa... (Below threshold)

The fact that Muktada al-Fatboy is still walking around alive is mute, eloquent, and unequivocal testimony that we should pull every last soldier out of Iraq instantly; if our political and military leadership can't summon up the ruthlessness to kakk out this loathsome little maggot who's actively carrying arms against us, then they have no business asking our soldiers to risk their lives for one more second.


My plan to bring our troops... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

My plan to bring our troops home from Iraq is for U.S forces to totally destroy al Qaeda in Iraq. Kill or capture most or all of the Iranians fomenting trouble in Iraq. Rearm and assist the anti Iranian govt. group currently residing in Iraq. Disarm and disband all militias. Eliminate Muqtada Sadr. Continue to stand up the Iraq force to include air power. Then and only then would I begin to bring our troops home. In laymans terms do not come without victory. I know this will come as a shock to the liberals, but in a war, the loss of 3400 out of 275 million is hardly a defeat. Blood we are unwilling to invest now will cost much more in the future.

Posted by: sanssoucy<... (Below threshold)
get your gun:

Posted by: sanssoucy

True that, We just don't fight wars like we used to. Hearts and minds, Fehhhh.

By the way Rantburg.com, alot of military people agree.

Blood we are unwilling to ... (Below threshold)
get your gun:

Blood we are unwilling to invest now will cost much more in the future.
Posted by: Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

I think I love you *wink*
Sorry Got carried away WOOOOO

Got to double down on ss wi... (Below threshold)

Got to double down on ss with the two month vacation by the Iraqi government. I hope they enjoy there holiday in Iran.

ragshaft, nice goals there but bush never stated those as his definitions for victory. Last month he said he was fine with a certain level of violence, or yesterday, the Iraqi's have to just ask us to leave.

It looks like the cowboy is looking to turn tail.

The timeline lets them know... (Below threshold)

The timeline lets them know how long to hang out killing people until we leave.

The difference with them just laying low until we leave is that without the civil upset and constant attacks the legitimate government can consolidate it's power and settle in firmly.

This is *bad* for Sadr and others because they want to be the ones who come out on top. If they do what will surely send us home and stop the violence they lose on the home front, so to speak.

It's more a proof that it's *not* about us being there as anything else.

synova, the government can'... (Below threshold)

synova, the government can't get together to save their own asses now. What makes you think they would all get along if it was all nice and quite?

That is not even the point. You have three main factions and sub fractions within each that are determined to kill each other. They aren't going to wait. The aren't going lay low. The aren't going to work together against us.

It is a civil war that is not going to end until to 2/3rd of them are dead, and we can thank bush for that.

What? Bush caused that?</p... (Below threshold)

What? Bush caused that?

You amaze me, Barney, even knowing it's you.

You tell me that all these factions and sub-factions are going to try to kill each other and they won't stop until 2/3 of them are dead and...

... it's Bush's fault.

What? Like Bush somehow caused religious and ethnic differences and stuck them in a tribal/clan context and then put it all on top of a lake of oil so that generations of leaders had no need to give a second thought to the well being of the people and their tax base.

Right... Bush's fault.

Synova, B'google is dumb wh... (Below threshold)

Synova, B'google is dumb when it comes to facts.

jhow66, I think you will fi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

jhow66, I think you will find there is no limit to the stupidity of one BarneyG2000. The whole group that post here simply amaze me with the ignorance they display, then I, for the first time tripped on over to DU.com. Oh my God. If there are a lot of those, this country is in serious trouble. I have heard more truth at a whisky drinking Bull shitting contest then waht was available to the visitor at DU, or the daily red Kos. Our educational system has failed.

It's a bubble, Z. Where wo... (Below threshold)

It's a bubble, Z. Where would it be without Soros money? Well, smaller, more honest, and with the intellectual wherewithal to persuade, rather than stack shit.

He's getting what he pays f... (Below threshold)

He's getting what he pays for. You know it's a half a billion a year. Then he sneers at the Gates because public health is so much easier than public policy.

Right, G; one improves the health of hoi polloi, and the other poisons its voice. To your health.

What are we doing to our tr... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

What are we doing to our troops?
What are we doing to our nation?
..I do not condemn this former U.S. Army Ranger..
..but it breaks my heart..please watch the whole thing..and remember we were/are not there..

Stick your propaganda back ... (Below threshold)

Stick your propaganda back in its cubbyhole, fool. Sadr's back in Iraq, declaring war on al-Qaeda and making common cause with the Sunni Arabs, whose city cousins were protected from Sadr's goons just months ago. The New York Times and Jules Crittendon have speculation on whether this is all due to US/Iran talks.

"What? Like Bush somehow ca... (Below threshold)

"What? Like Bush somehow caused religious and ethnic differences and stuck them in a tribal/clan context and then put it all on top of a lake of oil so that generations of leaders had no need to give a second thought to the well being of the people and their tax base.

Right... Bush's fault."

YES. This has been simple answers to stupid questons.
Synova, a question for you. If Bush had never been born (praise God), would your "point" even be an issue?

ec1009, a question for you.... (Below threshold)

ec1009, a question for you. If ec1009 had never been born, would your "point" even be an issue?

ec1009, Tyger Eukratia aske... (Below threshold)

ec1009, Tyger Eukratia asked after you.

You know Allah is testing t... (Below threshold)

You know Allah is testing the suitability of the Muslims for world domination by tempting them with that rotten pool of cess.

Kim, you know those on the ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Kim, you know those on the left do not believe there are islamist who seek world domination, inspite of what those same radicals preach, publish and profess. The idea of a Democratic Presidential candidate making the claim that they would be better at defending this country and defeating its enemies would be a howler. There is no base or basis for such a claim. The only way they can get into power is to deny there is a problem. If they lie often enough and Bush continues to keep us safe at home. It will look, because of abuse of free press, the Democrats are correct in their assertion that there is no danger. When that proves false, then we get to hang them. I say, why wait.

They must be gambling that ... (Below threshold)

They must be gambling that al-Qaeda is mortally wounded and that moderates will prevail. It is to be hoped for but not counted upon, and that is where the Democrats are so feckless. If al-Qaeda is dead, Bush killed them but won't get the credit. If they are not, the Democrats are proven to be idiots, but can blame Bush for stirring up the hornet's nest. It's really lose-lose for all of us, and if our free press had either honesty or attitude, it could be turned into a win-win for us and Islam.

Sistani may be doing it in Iraq, anyway. Abdullah the Saud, and Ahmadinejad, the Persian, have looked into each others eyes, and both blinked. They are not quite MAD.

It is Israel's destruction ... (Below threshold)

It is Israel's destruction they seek, not each other's.

Wow what arrogance , how ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Wow what arrogance , how do you tell another Country ....Hey man , you guys are having a Civil War dude, don't ya know? (takes bong toke)Cough Cough , no really dudes you are.

Nice dream; fat chance !</p... (Below threshold)

Nice dream; fat chance !






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