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Republicans Should Follow Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Example and Say Enough Already

The first part of my Townhall column this week rehashes the Elisabeth-Rosie smackdown from this week, but the second part of the column touches on myths in the making such as the 9/11 truther conspiracies. Here is an excerpt:

It is a shame that it took Hasselbeck to ask O'Donnell to clarify the comment. I have previously written about how ABC has acted irresponsibly in letting O'Donnell spout ridiculous 9/11 conspiracy theories and other misleading and incorrect information to viewers of The View for quite a while now. Unfortunately, many in the media will not point out when untrue statements are made about Republicans. In fact, earlier in the same segment in which the now infamous showdown took place, co-host Joy Behar read a list of reasons President Bush should be impeached, including claiming that he "stole the election in 2000," "killed the surplus with tax cuts" and "lied to us to get us into war." It is up to conservatives to set the record straight any opportunity they get and regrettably most of them have been too silent for too long.

Myths are born when an untrue statement is repeated frequently enough, and loudly enough, that many come to believe the statement must be true because they have heard it said over and over again, usually with no refutation. For too long conservatives have allowed statements like Bush "stole the election" and "lied us into war" to be repeated with little if any opposition. When outrageous statements are first made it often seems unnecessary to bother refuting claims that are demonstrably untrue. That was the case with the kooky 9/11 "truther" claims that floated around the internet. The claims that the US government played a role in the 9/11 attacks were treated by most as something only tinfoil hat-wearing Bush haters could possibly believe and most (including me) chose not to dignify them by bothering to respond. Popular Mechanics debunked the various 9/11 conspiracy theories in book form, after all, and to most (again including me) it seemed unnecessary to bother pointing out something so obvious.

The truthers did not stop though. They continued to spread the 9/11 conspiracy theories and even enlisted the support of celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell.

Update: I agree with Mary Katharine Ham's take on this week's fireworks on The View.

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There are times when loud a... (Below threshold)

There are times when loud and obnoxious is funny. Comics can be the most insightful commentators, reducing essential human reality to a few words and a punch line.

Rosie is doing punch lines but she isn't reducing essential human reality to a few words, and she's not funny.

The truther stuff is not funny. The lies about who is killing Iraqis in Iraq is not funny.

And it's not big fat lesbian Rosie vs. pretty Christian Elizabeth. When Rosie decided that she didn't need to pretend to be straight anymore she *also* decided that she didn't need to pretend to be NICE anymore. People didn't used to like her because they thought she was straight. They used to like her because they thought she was nice.

"They used to like her beca... (Below threshold)

"They used to like her because they thought she was nice." ~ Synova


Excellent column - my only complaint is that Rosie's picture is on both pages . . . and is it really necessary to put "click to enlarge" by them? I mean, it's scaring me.

"truthers," "9/11" and "con... (Below threshold)

"truthers," "9/11" and "conspiray" all in the same post and bryanD[elusional hasn't shown up yet!

Miracles never cease.

Musta ran down to the nearest 7/11 to puuchase a new roll of foil.

Today's Bush Haters will go... (Below threshold)

Today's Bush Haters will go to their graves thinking he stole the election.

"Today's Bush Haters will g... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"Today's Bush Haters will go to their graves thinking he stole the election."

I don't give a shit what they go to their graves thinking , I just wish they would go there already. Sheeesh!

I'm about halfway through V... (Below threshold)

I'm about halfway through Vince Bugliosi's excellent RECLAIMING HISTORY, his massive, point-by-point debunking of every looney conspiracy theory that's grown up around the JFK assassination.

Lorie Byrd's point is the same one Bugliosi hammers home; lies - even stupid, obvious lies - which are left unchallenged in the retelling long enough can transmogrify into "truth." If people are stupid enough to believe that it's possible to have a conspiracy between Gerald Ford and Earl Warren, between the CIA and the KGB, between the media and oil barons, between Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon ... well, it only takes a little more Reynolds Wrap on their little tinfoil hat to imagine George W. Bush was the 20th hijacker on 9/11.


Here's the best video I've ... (Below threshold)

Here's the best video I've seen so far addressing the mechanics of why WTC was a controlled demolition. The first and last 15 minutes or so isn't that great (slide show first, speeches ending), but the middle hour really rocks and is very specific. Must see. Addresses "kink", order of firing columns, etc.

Here's the best backgrounder on 9/11: ABLE DANGER, neocons, Florida, put options, FBI, Maxwell AFB, drug running.
I linked to it yesterday. Must see.

If anyone can link to any rebuttal videos, let me know. (Do they not exist?)
Lorie, if you can link to the original PM article, I'd appreciate it. I think they burned all copies. The revisited version is laughable and without the fake schematics of the first. I've already seen the Democracy Now debate. (PM lost "we're not engineers, we're writers"(!))

sansouccy, For gawd's sake ... (Below threshold)

sansouccy, For gawd's sake DON'T READ Bugliosi's book about the stolen Florida election of 2000!!!

"truthers," "9/11" and "conspiray" all in the same post and bryanD[elusional hasn't shown up yet!-marcia"

Damn, dudette! Not everyone's up doing amyl nitrate at 3am. Thanks, for *thinking* of me(?)!

Pssst,bryanDirtbag Area 51 ... (Below threshold)

Pssst,bryanDirtbag Area 51 is calling!!! LMAO at whats got to be the dumbest shithead on the planet. Hurry BD' they close at noon today. (oh by the way, have you talked to Rosie about melting steel in the microwave?) he he -snicker snicker

The people that believe the... (Below threshold)

The people that believe the 9/11 conspiracy nonsense just hate america and probably themselves. ww

These slogans are all the l... (Below threshold)

These slogans are all the left/Dims have. So they won't abandon them. Poor saps.

If 9/11 was an "Inside Job"... (Below threshold)

If 9/11 was an "Inside Job", I have to ask: how about the first attack on the towers in 93? How about the Kobar towers? the Barracks in Riyadd? Mogadishu? How about the USS Cole?

If memory serves me correctly, it seems that those earlier incidents made the sitting administration look like ineffectual fools. So, I could believe that they were pulled off by a Rove/Cheney cabal. However, I cannot believe that Rove or Cheney could believe that George Bush would be a good enough public speaker to look good after an attack on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. Therefore: If 9/11 was an inside job, it would have to be the Democrats that pulled it. Does anyone know where Terry McCaulif and Tom Daschle were that day?

For a <a href="http://gawke... (Below threshold)

For a great vid clip of Hasselbeck, Dumb Blonde, picking her lunch on The View, take a look.

Completely agree!!! Did we ... (Below threshold)

Completely agree!!! Did we not found our country on UNITY??? Its people like Joy Behar, and Rosie that are in the spotlight all the time that are causing our country to disown the beliefs that this country was founded on just because they want to have confrontation!! I commend Elisabeth Hasselbeck for being one of the FEW celebrities that KNOW the facts and stand up for our country!! She is not Dumb little Elisabeth I think she is smarter than people think.

A friend told me he had... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

A friend told me he had a 100% guaranteed cure for those imbeciles that suffer from bouts of utter stupidity and chronic BDS , "Mercy Killing".

Does anyone know the origin... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know the origin of the "655,000" dead Iraqis figure that Rosie loves to throw about?

As we haven't carpet-bombed any Iraqi cities, I don't see how we could have accidentally killed anywhere near that many people.

Are there any more "accurate" estimates from reliable sources.

Does anyone know the origin... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know the origin of the "655,000" dead Iraqis figure that Rosie_ joe-6-pack

The Lancet. It's the most prestigious medical journal in the world. British. Makes JAMA look like an issue of Scrooge McDuck.

And it's "excess deaths" no... (Below threshold)

And it's "excess deaths" not "Iraqis that Americans killed."

It's all deaths (supposedly) compared to all deaths before the war (supposedly) and they look at the difference and say that 655,000 people died *extra* than would have died normally under Saddam.

It's not even counting people who died violently one way or another.

I find this interesting, of course, since I seem to be the only human on the planet that remembers how all the Iraqi children were being killed by the evil Americans because we were insisting that Saddam couldn't have weapons grade chlorine to treat the water.

A Google and I find, "Advocates of ending sanctions have accepted Iraqi claims without critical examination. One report, estimating excess deaths of children under five years of age at 500,000 in 1995 (44), has since been often repeated by others as evidence of attempted genocide."

Oh my... 500,000 *excess* deaths of children under five years in 1995. Just for one year!

No one remembers this.

It amazes me.

It's not *just* counting pe... (Below threshold)

It's not *just* counting people who died violently.

Thanks for the Lancet info.... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the Lancet info. Now I remember a little more, but wasn't the Lancet estimate from, say two years ago, more like 110,000? Was Rosie just extrapolating a little, fudging some numbers?

As for the "It's all deaths (supposedly) compared to all deaths before the war (supposedly) and they look at the difference and say that 655,000 people died *extra* than would have died normally under Saddam" - does that include the people in the mass graves or not?

As much as anything, I would like to see someone counter Rosie's Big Lie about the 655,000 dead Iraqis, or at least force her to explain where she got the figure.

Nice going, lets kill those... (Below threshold)

Nice going, lets kill those who don't agree with us.

A friend told me he had a 100% guaranteed cure for those imbeciles that suffer from bouts of utter stupidity and chronic BDS , "Mercy Killing".
Posted by: Rob LA Ca. at May 25, 2007 01:04 PM

Wizbangers are all a bunch ... (Below threshold)

Wizbangers are all a bunch of IDIOTS. Yes 70% of Americans polled who find something wrong with the governments story concerning 911, are all crazy. Odds would favor the other 30% being crazy, rather than 70%.
Bunch of dead enders with blinders on.

Well, Bert, since all it ta... (Below threshold)

Well, Bert, since all it takes is a poll to change the reality of the fabric of the universe...

I don't know why people are so fond of conspiracy theory but I consider it a mental illness like paranoia.

It has to be when "something wrong" is the only metric that matters. No answers need be provided, just the questions. It becomes, "I don't understand this, therefore I'm smarter than you for having questions about it."

Because past the "questions" the answers are so utterly impossible that it defies sanity. So the "questioners" never bother with answers, only the questions.

I've got my resume in for evil mastermind, I swear, because according to the "questioners" the evil mastermind behind 9-11 makes Dr. Evil look like a man of sense when he scraps his legitimate empire to hold the world for ransom because "I'm evil, it's what I do."

Seriously... the most popul... (Below threshold)

Seriously... the most popular action-thriller fiction writer who makes his fortune from deep government conspiracies could *not* sell the truther crap.

Elizabeth is just a dumb bl... (Below threshold)

Elizabeth is just a dumb blonde christian Republican Fox-watchin' booger picker, a trick she learned from her biggest fan, Lorie.

Wieder: Even I think you're... (Below threshold)

Wieder: Even I think you're being to rough on E this time. Don't you know how women are?
If Joy would have discovered after the show that E let her go through (an) hour(s) of taping with a booger/dead skin hanging out of her nose and possibly immortilized on videotape, E might have ended up in several plastic bags on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike.
Behar is Catholic. Possible mafia connections.

Wieder, I have not been Eli... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Wieder, I have not been Elisabeth's biggest fan. I have been really critical of her in the past for not having the facts at hand and for letting Rosie bully and insult her. I am just cheering the fact that she did a bit of investigating so she could refute Rosie with facts and that she finally said enough is enough.

As for being a booger picker, I don't know how she would have learned it from me, but I have picked my share of boogers out of my kids' noses. I hate seeing a kid with a dirty nose. It is just one of those things that really bugs me. I always tried to keep tissues and wet wipes with me when the kids were small. Luckily they are old enough to keep their own noses clean now.






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