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Rosie Isn't Returning to The View

ABC made the announcement earlier today. From ABC News:

The saga is over.

Rosie O'Donnell will not be returning to "The View."

In a statement today, Brian Frons, the president of Disney-ABC's Daytime Television Group, said, "We had hoped that Rosie would be with us until the end of her contract three weeks from now, but Rosie has informed us that she would like an early leave. Therefore, we part ways, thank her for her tremendous contribution to 'The View' and wish her well."

I guess Elisabeth Hasselbeck's finally standing up to Rosie and telling her to stick it was just too much for her.

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Now if we could just get ri... (Below threshold)

Now if we could just get rid of American Idol and anyone who ever boinked Anna Nicole Smith.

Yay! Now Bush will finally ... (Below threshold)

Yay! Now Bush will finally be able to defeat the terrorists, right Kim?

By the way, this "news" is a month old.

Thank goodness...... (Below threshold)
K in RI:

Thank goodness...

Finally..except I am... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

except I am a little confused..isn't ABC part of that worthless MSM?
Why would you even care?
I mean if a moonbat fall in a forest...

Brian, sorry about your gir... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Brian, sorry about your girlfriends loss of job. She will bounce back. Bad pennies always return. What should be observed here is people like Brian defend someone like a fat ugly lying bitch like Rosie O'Donnell. It speaks to the quality of people on the left.

Now the world is safe for d... (Below threshold)

Now the world is safe for democracy!

Brian, get your facts strai... (Below threshold)

Brian, get your facts straight. Rosie was supposed to continue working on The View until June 20th. The announcement that she's taking an early leave was just announced today.

Oh, my mistake. But now we ... (Below threshold)

Oh, my mistake. But now we can defeat the terrorists three weeks earlier! Yay!

people like Brian defend... (Below threshold)

people like Brian defend someone like

Oh, did I defend her? Hmm, that must have fallen off the screen because I can't see it. Please locate where I defended Rosie and put it back on the screen for me. Thanks so much.

Hey asswipe-he never ever s... (Below threshold)

Hey asswipe-he never ever said HE was going to defeat them, in fact he has made it clear that he likely wont live long enough to see it happen. Go rally the kos-ites somewhere else.

Thanks to ABC, Macy's now h... (Below threshold)

Thanks to ABC, Macy's now has enough time to get their latest gasbag cleaned up, repaired and (hopefully so it won't scare the children) repainted before the Thanksgiving day parade. To whoever made the decision, we say thanks!

How's your chin Brian?... (Below threshold)

How's your chin Brian?

Once again in your haste to slam someone you fail to actually read (or comprehend) what was contained in your own link.

If I were your chin I'd sue for constant "knee-jerk abuse."

And lets all recall The Views most infamous Carpet Muncher's words to a co-host she claims is an "old friend" - You're a coward!"

Yet after someone finally stomps a mud hole is her lardass and a Rosie writer was busted defacing pictures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck in the The View's studio she runs for the door weeks before her contract expires.

A real class act.

Good riddence to that stu... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Good riddence to that stupid democrat pig. Now how do they plan to correct and treat the countless minds she has molested and damaged with her despicable lies?

Oh , that's right . The best thing about being a democrat lying fraud is that you never have to say your sorry for being a lousy lying POS , no matter how many times they are proven liars.


Elizabeth's last word to Ro... (Below threshold)

Elizabeth's last word to Rosie: PWNED!!!

Need we say more?

Guess Elizabeth rope-a-dope... (Below threshold)

Guess Elizabeth rope-a-dope worked. She may have lost a few rounds but won the match. Rosie fell to being out of touch, over weight and out of ideas.

Good riddance!

Guess Elizabeth rope-a-... (Below threshold)

Guess Elizabeth rope-a-dope worked. She may have lost a few rounds but won the match. Rosie fell to being out of touch, over weight and out of ideas.

And steel melted on an Oakland bridge. Let's give credit where credit is due?


Rosie was willing to blow o... (Below threshold)

Rosie was willing to blow off a friendship with Elisabeth over her nutty politics. That's because these people are political animals. Their agenda is EVERYTHING to them.

They have no soul.

So, Brian, are you saying y... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

So, Brian, are you saying you never agreed with, defended or sided with Rosie on this blog? You voice the same opinions, shame on me for thinking you react the same way she does. I said react, because history shows neither of you spend much time using whatever intellect, no matter how little you have, in persuit of truth.

Wizbang:Your inter... (Below threshold)


Your internet leader for Rosie news.

So... does this mean the tr... (Below threshold)

So... does this mean the troofer brigade WON'T be on Das View any time soon?


Oh and I'll translate for the Rosie O'Donut blog readers..

lol wut?
lol, no u
lol, i h8 u 2
guugle it ppl!

Boo Freakin Hoo. I have nev... (Below threshold)

Boo Freakin Hoo. I have never watched more than 5 minutes of the view since it's been on. Actually other than the local news I watch no antique MSM outlets nor read their daily rags. Say what you want but i'm not alone. Seems that people like Brian and No Go can't buy enough to keep them in business. They're falling fast.
Just go to FOX and get the truth about the good parts and skip the left wing hype. Even Greta, Colmes and the sheep dog Smith are liberals with an empty brain and I don't watch them either. They do make me change channels a lot.

Rosie is just more comedy as a result of the last election. Rosie took the trip from BDS (now a certified mental illness) to complete insanity, but it was a short trip for her. If you have conservative children of college age get them in the mental health field now. They will have an unending supply of democrat crazies for the next 50 years. Billions of dollars to be made for doing, nothing since there is no help for them. Use the standard answer, yep, you have problems, $500 please. All they have to worry about is a liberal going 'Cho' on them.

Good-f'n-riddance. I find ... (Below threshold)

Good-f'n-riddance. I find Rosie to be absolutely repellant.

Fat, drunk, and stupid is n... (Below threshold)

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life--Brian and Rosie.

So, Brian, are you sayin... (Below threshold)

So, Brian, are you saying you never agreed with, defended or sided with Rosie on this blog?

Absolutely. Feel free to comb through all of Kim's Greatest Rosie Hits, and see all the times I ridiculed Kim for even bothering to give her any air time. Then you can come back here and apologize to me. Apparently, I'm told, that will involve your chin in some way that's unclear to me.

Gotta love Jenn!<a... (Below threshold)
OH MY GOD!!!<a hre... (Below threshold)
OH MY GOD!!!Rosie wa... (Below threshold)

Rosie was fatally shot!
Posted by: Syllabucks

Why do women link to photoshopped pix and old jokes and think they're worthy of anyone's attention? Calcium defenciency?

*the world may never know*

Why are liberals nissing th... (Below threshold)

Why are liberals nissing the humor gene?

*the world may never know*

Cripes, you guys! For a ni... (Below threshold)

Cripes, you guys! For a nightmarish moment I thought I'd been bumped over to DU or the Kos Kiddies Sandbox, or worse still, HuffPo's sludge pit!

Could we please cool it with the snarky, personal attacks, huh? Just because the loonies do it, doesn't make it right....puns intended. ;-/

Must be a 'tunes' defiecien... (Below threshold)

Must be a 'tunes' defieciency.

Syllabucks, they used to ha... (Below threshold)

Syllabucks, they used to have it. I think it just got overipe. There is a season and so on. The humour and the intellectual creativity have clearly swung to the right side of the politcal spectrum. Enjoy it for the duration. bD is practically the only humourous one I've run across, and he claims to be righty when in fact they ain't no hole for that bird. mantis is very funny, but especially so when it is ironic and unconscious, like when he thinks he can make a point sophistically. Those moments are revealing, m.

That nose guard sized walr... (Below threshold)

That nose guard sized walrus looking dyke is just like every other bully out there, she pushed around as many people as she could, but as soon as someone stood up to her, and got in her face, she ran cowering for the (tuna) closet.

Hard for me to believe there is a more disgusting, ugly, fat, miserable, hateful, ignorant partisan, woman in the US,

Can you imagine if her and Michael Moron married and had kids? They'd need a cinder block box spring, and yeah, probably cinder block windows to save the world from offspring ugliness.

Cinder block, cinder block,... (Below threshold)

Cinder block, cinder block,
Hey, hey, I like to mock.
Darlin' Clem, those shoes, she rocks.
Now she goes and takes a walk.






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