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Memorial Day

Flopping Aces has a wonderful Memorial Day tribute titled simply "Remember" and Blackfive has an amazing Memorial Day weekend thank you from those left behind.

I will be in and out this weekend, but will update this post with additional Memorial Day links throughout the weekend. Feel free to add your own in the comments section or as a trackback. (If you trackback, be sure to link this post or it might not make it through the trackback spam filter.)

Update: A Patriotic Drive is on at Operation Gratitude and will be featured on Fox today.

The First Memorial Day That Hurt -- Wide Awake Cafe

Confessions of a Chickenhawk on Memorial Day -- Roger L. Simon

Jules Crittenden wonders why some in the media are celebrating Memorial Day with body counts -- from only Iraq, not Afghanistan, no less.

How Not to Honor a Fallen Soldier -- Michelle Malkin

America Doesn't Forget -- One Marine's View


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Memorial Day:

» Bill's Bites linked with Two I'd probably have seen anyway ...

» Musing Minds linked with Let’s Say Thanks

» The Wide Awake Cafe linked with The First Memorial Day that Hurt

» Blogs of War linked with Memorial Day 2007 - The Blogosphere Remembers

» Unpartisan.com Political News and Blog Aggregator linked with Heavy toll in Iraq since last Memorial Day

Comments (4)

Sgt Johnny Quenga, PFC. "Ac... (Below threshold)

Sgt Johnny Quenga, PFC. "Ace" Johnson, PFC. Raymond Ramey, PFC. Oren Miller, SPC. Mark Groff.. KIA.. August 25, 1967

Lorie, I'll link both of th... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I'll link both of those posts and give you a hat tip in just a few. I've got a bunch of Memorial Day posts at http://www.smalltownveteran.net/bills_bites/memorial_day/index.html. I also have a series started at http://www.oldwardogs.us/memorial_day/index.html but so far it only contains one post that isn't also on my site.

In honor of my son in the M... (Below threshold)
get your gun:

In honor of my son in the Middle East, I sought out soldiers graves today. In my little town, on a moutain top, I found Civil War Vets, WW1 Vets, WW2 Vets and Korean Vets that died in battle. I said my little prayer, to each and every one.

"I do not come to mourn you today. I come to give thanks to God Almighty for men like you that lived. Thank you for your service from an American Patriot.We will never forget. Amen"

My dad was killed in Vietna... (Below threshold)

My dad was killed in Vietnam and here is what I wrote about him on April 8, 2007( the 40th anniversary of his death)






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