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Hypothetical Rapists

As noted in The Chronicle, Duke University's daily newspaper, the previously maligned Duke lacrosse team has just made its way into the national championship game by defeating Cornell. This seemed to highlight something about the Duke non-rape case we have long suspected: The only beneficiary of this sordid affair will be college lacrosse, which suddenly has a modicum of excitement surrounding it.

As we have all long since recognized, however, things look pretty bad for most of the folks associated with the Duke lacrosse fiasco. Houston Baker Jr., a professional Mau-Mau artist, has been exposed as the race-baiting charlatan he is. William Chafe, a deeply radical American history professor, comes across as a mindless twit without the slightest concern for the presumption of innocence. And the aptly named Dick Brodhead, president of Duke University, seems like a craven coward.

Yet the Duke lacrosse brouhaha, like herpes, appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. For some reason, many of the folks who made complete fools of themselves whilst the fiasco played out simply can't shut their mouths. They resolutely refuse to make amends for their missteps, and thus they dig deeper and deeper holes for themselves.

For those opposed to the media and academic nutters from the start, the results are simply delicious.

Take, for example, Wendy Murphy, an adjunct professor at the New England School of Law. Ms. Murphy made regular rounds on the chat-show circuit during the brouhaha, and generally made Nancy Grace seem like a beacon of moderation and care. A vitriolic denouncer of the accused students, she has more than her fair share of egg on her face.

And yet she appears to have learned absolutely nothing from the case. In fact, she recently penned a letter to The Boston Globe asserting that the three exonerated students could still be guilty as sin. Someone needs to learn how to quit whilst she's behind.

Let us not forget a Duke student called Shadee Malaklou, who routinely used her columns in Duke's Chronicle to castigate the accused. In her swan song column, Ms. Malaklou asserted that it didn't really matter whether the lacrosse players were guilty or innocent; what really mattered was that it was conceivable that they could have been guilty of the offense.

Does an argument get any weaker than that? We can imagine lots of stuff: A strong Kansas City Royals team; a heterosexual Ryan Seacrest; an intelligent Shadee Malaklou. But this doesn't mean that any of these things exist, which strikes us as more than a bit important--at least to those folks who had their lives forever altered by the affair.

One thing we must say we dislike, however, is the perpetual ultra-focus granted to Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's machinations. To be sure, Nifong was the prime malefactor in the case; he well deserves the opprobrium he has received.

And yet we, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," think that pouring contumely on Mr. Nifong has served to exonerate others who also deserve blame. Generally, the media have portrayed the black community in Durham as the witless pawns of an evil Nifong. According to this rationale, Mr. Nifong simply used these poor sods.

There is, we think, a hint of racism in this line of argument. In addition, we seem to recall a meeting in Durham during the early days of the fiasco in which some members of the black community berated Mr. Nifong for going too easy on the players. They screamed and screeched, implicitly berating Mr. Nifong as a racist.

If you ask us, it is unfair to see these particular members of the Durham community as misled pawns. They, along with the national media, egged Mr. Nifong on. It may make some feel better to point the finger solely at Mr. Nifong, but that doesn't make it fair.

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently wondering whether Larry Summers and Dick Brodhead were separated at birth. If not, how did they both grow up without backbones?)

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The Pine Tar Baby is crying... (Below threshold)

The Pine Tar Baby is crying.

There are any number of acc... (Below threshold)

There are any number of accessories to Nifong's crime, from the national media flacks to the local "community activists" who reflexively assume some racial motive in everything to the leftist faculty members who signed the infamous letter days after the alleged incident.

To my mind, however, the most complicit in this fraudulent prosecution is the Durham Police. They had the same obligations to truth Nifong had, and they cannot hide behind him for their own dereliction of duty.

The activists, the reporters, and the professors were cheerleaders and instigators, but they can be moronic liars if they wish. The police have a duty to the facts. Participating in a frame job should end some careers at Durham PD.

If the laws of the country ... (Below threshold)

If the laws of the country were fair there would be a great increase in the prison population of N.C. Several professors that can't teach but can sign petitions, hundreds of NEWS (joke) reporters and most of the Durham legal community would be the new inmates. But since, like the media, the justice system in this country is a joke (and democrat tool) don't look for anything but cover up from now on.

King George is royally blue... (Below threshold)

King George is royally blue.

If the left had any sense they would take this Duke thing as an object lesson and learn that when they hoist the petard of racism, sometimes what's hanging out looks pretty pathetically limp.

I agree with Jim that the p... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

I agree with Jim that the police were a real source of the problem, not the solution. Nobody on the force has been reprimanded, much less fired.

I agree with the post that it is not just Nifong:

The rape nurse (SANE) lied and distorted facts and the extent of her own involvement to try and make the case for rape better. A former women's studies major, this strident feminist apparently has never met a woman who was not raped and she is still employed at the same Duke rape investigation job, ready to pounce anew.

Linwood Wilson, the investigator who conducted an unrecorded, unwitnessed "interview" with the accuser in December - and who coincidentally got a 66% raise during this case - violated all sorts of procedures and ethics to help coach the accuser to "fix" many parts of her story. He is still employed in the same job.

The police conducted illegal interviews and searches on the Duke campus, another event in their apparent serial mistreatment of Duke students and treatment with a double standard.

Members of Nifong's staff attempted to intimidate the cab driver and key alibi witness using threats from an old charge. They are still employed.

Kangaroo lineups, witness tampering, lies, failure to interview the accuser or key witnesses, election based soap-box false statements, withholding evidence, violation of almost every standard and procedure...

It is about as bad as it gets. The Durham police and DA's office need to be completely cleared out and old cases reinvestigated. Nothing has happened so far,

The fact that the Duke Lacr... (Below threshold)

The fact that the Duke Lacrosse team is back and doing great is just icing on the cake. Those liberal professors who had already pronounced them guilty must just toss and turn at night in fury.

Anything that makes liberals look like the liars and dirtbags they are makes me extremely happy.

But you guys already knew that, didn't cha? lol.

Jo,Anythi... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Anything that makes liberals look like the liars and dirtbags they are makes me extremely happy.

You must enjoy sending mirrors to liberals then.

Robert the Original,

Good post, but nothing will happen because men in general and conservative men in particularly don't take to the streets and demand justice. If a large number of such men marched and picketed and threatened boycotts then justice could be done. As it is, no one else cares if men don't care enough to loudly demand an honest and fair system when rape is accused.

George Brett wouldn't take ... (Below threshold)

George Brett wouldn't take thet a settin' on the bench. Even if it took hitting and stealing, he'd get 'er done.

me hate hatemonger post...h... (Below threshold)

me hate hatemonger post...hatemonger need go boom.

More articulate than usual,... (Below threshold)

More articulate than usual, BD.

That's the bullpup mouthing... (Below threshold)

That's the bullpup mouthing hardballs in the bullpen.






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