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I guess someone didn't get the memo...

This morning I read a terrible, sad, tragic story in the Boston Globe. It was about a bunch of Palestinian refugees who were driven out of the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp by the fighting between the Lebanese Army and the terrorist group, Fatah al-Islam.

This has me terribly confused.

You see, the refugee camp is run by the United Nations, through its subsidiary, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). And under the very strict rules of UNRWA, weapons are completely forbidden in the camp.

Don't the men of Fatah al-Islam know that what they're doing is illegal? Why didn't the UNRWA rules stop them?

There are so many lessons to be drawn from this incident.

The first is that, to terrorists, there are no innocents. Fatah al-Islam set up base in the camp because 38 years ago, the Lebanese government agreed that it would not allow its troops to enter the camp. That de facto concession of Lebanese sovereignty -- a term that is almost an oxymoron -- laid the groundworks for the problems of today.

The second is that the UN is about as good at controlling weapons by passing rules as is pretty much any other body -- like, say, the city governments of Washington, DC and New York City. In all such cases, those who are most likely to obey such rules are also the ones least likely to cause problems with weapons. Conversely, those most likely to want weapons to cause mischief are not in the least inclined to let themselves be checked by rules and regulations and laws.

The third is that only an idiot or a suicidal fool would ever entrust their physical safety to the UN, or any agency of the UN. We've seen it far, far too many times -- the scandals of UN "peacekeepers" extorting money and sex from those they're pledged to protect, the utter impotence of the Blue Helmets in doing their sworn duty.

The only time I can recall them even talking tough was when they moved into southern Lebanon following last summer's fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. They've openly threatened Israel to stay on their side of the border, while scrupulously ignoring the other half of their mandate and allowed Hezbollah to move right back in among them and re-arm to the point where they claim to be even better equipped than a year ago -- and I don't doubt them in the least.

The fourth is that the Palestinians really ought to be disgusted with their "brothers." What kind of people let their brothers live in "camps" (a better term would be "cities" and "towns") for sixty years, forbidden form obtaining citizenship, their rights to move and work freely strictly curtailed, and used purely as political footballs? I know they blame Israel for the "original sin" of their displacement, but since then no one -- especially not those who have appointed themselves the Palestinians' champions -- have done a single thing of substance to ameliorate their suffering.

The fifth is that I know a hell of a lot more about the Palestinians of northern Lebanon than I do about the Israelis of Sderot, who've been under similar (but less efficient) attack for far longer. Gee, I wonder why there is such in-depth coverage of the Palestinians, but the Israelis of Sderot often don't get their names mentioned even when they are killed?

I'd like to thank the Boston Globe and the Associated Press for bringing us this story out of Lebanon. I, personally, learned a hell of a lot from it.

I just don't think that I learned the sorts of things they were trying to tell me.


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Comments (22)

Jay, that is your best piec... (Below threshold)

Jay, that is your best piece in a while. That's not to knock your other stuff. This one just nails it.

The fourth is that the P... (Below threshold)

The fourth is that the Palestinians really ought to be disgusted with their "brothers." What kind of people let their brothers live in "camps" (a better term would be "cities" and "towns") for sixty years, forbidden form obtaining citizenship, their rights to move and work freely strictly curtailed, and used purely as political footballs?

The Lebanese should not be forced to accept hundreds of thousands of people who are not from Lebanon as citizens anymore than we in the US should be forced to accept millions of people who are in our country illegally as citizens.

Jay, your statement only makes sense if you are an "open-borders" Libertarian-type who believes that people should have freedom to move wherever they want. If you do not ascribe to that philosophy then you should support the Lebanese policy which is to send the Palestinians back from where they came.

Lebanon has enough problems as it is without being forced to give permanent residence to 300,000 Palestinians.

This is hot stuff. Fatah al... (Below threshold)

This is hot stuff. Fatah al-Islam's leader is Shakir al-Abssi, recently 2nd in command to Zarqawi and sentenced in absentia to the murder of Africa USAID bigwig Foley in Jordan in 2002. He must have known about the Yellow Cake blackmarket in Africa, and he died at the same time that Val Plame was there. Connected? Qien sabe?

This is likely a cell recen... (Below threshold)

This is likely a cell recently metastatic from al-Qaeda collapsing in Iraq. This is Zarqawi's successor at bay by the Mediterranean. Whether he has been particularly nasty, or the Lebanese are smart enough to target this monster, I'm not sure, but whatever it takes to get him, it's worth it. He is close to the center of the brain of al-Qaeda.

Jay, if your point was that... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Jay, if your point was that the UN is usless one need look no further than the Iranian nuclear situation.

think Ill listen to some of... (Below threshold)

think Ill listen to some of Megadeths latest cd, the appropriately titled "United AbomiNations"

Kin are you suggesting a co... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Kin are you suggesting a connection between Saddam, al Qaeda and Plame-Wilson? That would just be too juicy. It would be interesting to investigate the finances of the former 007 and her ambassador hubby.

Larkin, you make a point bu... (Below threshold)

Larkin, you make a point but take it too far.

The disfunctions from running an apartheid system for 40 years is greater than its value. Lebanon has PAID for having them there, but recieves nothing back.

If you are talking karmic justice of the universe, then yes, SOME of the palestinians should be back in Israel. However, if you are talking about reasonable measures that us mere mortals can actually implement... then your case falls apart.

Particularly because Jay didn't single out Lebanon, but instead said "brothers", which would mean all those surrounding countries who have claimed solidarity with the palestinians but only for the purpose of undermining Israel.

kim, interesting stuff as usual.

Kim," He mus... (Below threshold)


" He must have known about the Yellow Cake blackmarket in Africa, and he died at the same time that Val Plame was there. Connected?"

THAT is intersting. Are you certain of the dates?

BTW, please ignore JOF's request that you vacation yourself.

Kim, got link?Chec... (Below threshold)

Kim, got link?

Checked around on the less lazy side of the warblogosphere. Must be din-din. Hummelgate and Kos-on-the-brain, Islamophobia and self-affirming typing exercises, Ace getting bitchy over another vagina person in that so-not-gay way of "his"; the usual filler material.

Your news should be News. Googled the pertinent sentences from your comment. Sent me to Wizbang. Haha! (Shame!)

Well the U.N. is a joke and... (Below threshold)

Well the U.N. is a joke and will always be one.

The Palestinian situation is never going to have a happy ending for ALL sides. Maybe just some kind of an END to the crap will come soon.

hey!???...........If Teddy Kennedy gets his way, there should be a lot more room in Mexico....maybe Palestinians can move there!!!!!

al-Abssi of Fatah al-Islam ... (Below threshold)

al-Abssi of Fatah al-Islam is at bay north of Beirut, and he wass Zarqawi's lieutenant, and he is sentenced in absentia for the murder of Foley in Jordan at the same time as Val Plame was there. Whether she was connected to al-Abssi or to Foley's murder is unknown, and entirely conjectural on my part. There is that temporal coincidence, though, and others.

Aaw poop. Just when I thou... (Below threshold)

Aaw poop. Just when I thought the UN had our backs. Grrrrr

Yes Kim, and the timely sen... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Yes Kim, and the timely sending of her husband, the former ambassador, Joseph Wilson. Documents showing her offering up his name prior to Chaney asking for information of African yellowcake could lead one to believe someone was trying to nip something in the bud. I personally would like to give her a choice of information gaining techniques, ours or al Qaeda's. That blow torch on the back looks painful. Funny how Amnesy International is not offended by al Qaeda's methods, yet think what happens at Gitmo is inhumane.

Kit Bond, of the SSCI, rele... (Below threshold)

Kit Bond, of the SSCI, released the contents of Val Plame's memo, which starkly contradicts a lot of what she has said. They are going after her for the inconsistencies and Joe's and I think the Dems are going to have to throw them under the bus eventually. They may yet get the blame for the lousy intelligence. Those forgeries sat around in her office for months.

The real question is whethe... (Below threshold)

The real question is whether this Plame fiasco came from Joe Wilson's ambition to be a player in the coming Kerry administration or whether it was something more innocent, like his and Val's vanity and venality, or something more sinister, like a CIA plot. That story is yet untold.

Looks like I am going to ha... (Below threshold)

Looks like I am going to have to translate for poor old bryanD (Area 51 guy) again. Here is what he said:
uo9ntt nkbnf fshbegfj hkllkdghuj ngfs vdhk i am a nutcake igvb,ltem. hfshko nlkdse nipgedb .,phjugfev mplkfebv ;p[ steel does melt mhdhltebn gddytiun Bush caused the........ gtigvesgm kli nnhg dswtjpo ggh679nmnt yellowcake is the same as whitecake just a differant color mlhdtk cstnblophjb? nbnfhkutb Kim is right that I am an idiot nhdebmopm bnfsjmn kos kicked me out because i was more wacko then they jkvfdumn .pojvcrhj!!!!

Hope that helped.
(don't thank me BD', glad to help)

jhow: Thanks for the openin... (Below threshold)

jhow: Thanks for the opening, Dorkasaurus!

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (9/11 backgrounder)****/****:


North American Union slideshow (must see! 20 min.)****/****:


bonus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEkjPkXHSEw

Since when have you needed ... (Below threshold)

Since when have you needed an "opening" to put on a display of asshattery?

marcia,You Funny! ... (Below threshold)


You Funny! My links versus your twinks.

My condolences on the "race" BTW. Perhaps next year they'll come equipped with those newfangled windshield wipers and rain tires they use in Old Europe.

Not to knock your "hobby" too much, but "Nap" is its middle name: "India-NAP-olis 500 (or under)".

PS: Danica has steering wheel arms.

Hey, bD, how about Paul/Nad... (Below threshold)

Hey, bD, how about Paul/Nader; you could kill two thirds with one corvair.

Hey bryanD have you seen 91... (Below threshold)
Jp Rogers:

Hey bryanD have you seen 911 Mysteries? Its excellent. Free download, just google it. Get the whole thing, its about 90 min.

Also: http://www.ae911truth.org/






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