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I got you, babe (theory)

One of my proudest contributions to the blogosphere has to be the time I took an idea from a book P. J. O'Rourke wrote almost 20 years ago, dusted it off, and applied it to more contemporary issues. It was no great magnum opus, but it catalyzed something in the mind of another blogger, one much younger, much better educated, and much more devoted to the topic than I -- a guy named Will Franklin.

Will initially tossed the notion in a longer posting, about the blogosphere in general, but he knew he was on to something bigger. Much bigger. And from those humble roots grew a magnum opus, a legend among the blogosphere, The Babe Theory Of Political Movements.

Whether beautiful women are drawn to successful political movements, or political movements are driven to success by beautiful women, is a "chicken or the egg" argument worthy of the ages. But there is certainly enough anecdotal evidence to seriously challenge the "post hoc ergo propter hoc" fallacy. When one side of a political dispute has a serious babe-vantage over the other, victory is pretty much in their hands.

Publius Pundit has been providing superb documentation of the anti-Chavez movement in Venezuela -- more specifically, the movement against some of Chavez' more thuggish actions. And in his latest, the shutting down of a very popular television network, he's angered the most dangerous segment of the Venezuelan people -- the babes.

If history is any indicator, Hugo better have a division of the Swedish Bikini Team or beach volleyball players or something up his sleeve -- or he's toast.

And it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

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Women are attracted to powe... (Below threshold)

Women are attracted to power - it is the ultimate aphrodisiac, according to Kissinger. That is why D.C. has always had plenty of attractive single women.

Not a big mystery and well known since, well, forever. Sure, evolutionary psychologists can come up with a longer and more detailed explanations, but common sense tells you that women are always on the look out for the man who is heading for the top of the heap.

The "babe" influence over g... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The "babe" influence over group think has been known for a long time and 1,400 years ago some old men found an effective solution that mostly eliminates this influence. The solution is known as "hijab". We see Iran has started to impose hijab again to quell political opposition to mullah rule. Too many babes wanted too much of that nasty thing we in the west call freedom.

Well, we know with Joe Wils... (Below threshold)

Well, we know with Joe Wilson it wasn't 'Cherchez la bombe'.

The Left here loves to impl... (Below threshold)

The Left here loves to imply ownership of the 'babes'.

Its why they go wild with the venom when an even half-way attractive girl is conservative. If she's good looking, its a total meltdown.

The babe theory is nothing ... (Below threshold)

The babe theory is nothing new, nor can it be refuted, because everyone with a half a brain knows that the attractiveness of a book's cover is more often than not the reason you decide to read the book. However, how many books have you opened with an attractive cover did you not like because the interior was filled with pure dribble? Hence, a perfect example of Hollywood.

Trying to link babes and po... (Below threshold)

Trying to link babes and political ideas? If you live in Bowzerville, you'll have Bowzers on both sides; if you live in Lolitaland, you'll have Lolitas on both sides. (Except for the Ba'athist babes versus Burqua mysterios in Syria, in which case, the Left wins).

Also, the good-looking ones are just looking for an excuse to show off their chassis. Complimentary attention is a drug to a pretty girl. They'll switch sides in the bat of an eye.

One of the big problems wit... (Below threshold)

One of the big problems with the BTOPM in Venezuela is that such a high proportion of Venezuelan women are hotties.

I agree with you Jay...sure... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

I agree with you Jay...sure on one point Chavez has not forgotten all the money the CIA pured into the stuff of a few years ago...however..he claims to be of the people...sometimes the "people" need simple escapes...A thug is a thug...and most leaders of most nations could give a rat's ass about the average person...
...and it is not just the "babes" ...it is when any nation led by a man takes women for granted..trouble is right around the corner...
Screw Chavez and all like him...

bryanD said mghjkto;l m;hfi... (Below threshold)

bryanD said mghjkto;l m;hfimkf n;;lgrtiun -.......

Does Chavez even know what ... (Below threshold)

Does Chavez even know what a beautiful woman is? From the look of things, he's limited in scope to Castro, various male Leftists in the U.S. entertainment industry and a plethora of soldiers wearing doctor and nurse uniforms.

Chavez is a badly -- if at all -- treated (or not) manic depressive. Once I read that about him, everything else made "sense" about Chavez' Venezuela, his relationship with Castro, with Mexico, with "his" oil, with his alleged Catholicm (I do not believe he understands what that actually means and moreorless assigns it to something ethnic, thus, he "does it").

It's the tragedy of Latin countries (and some Northern ones, too, not naming names today) that they tend to overwhelming find appealing this grandiose macho type who INEVITABLY turns around and goes, "presto, I am the ruler of all that I survey." Something about their culture just can't resist the crazy dictator with various mental disorders, and with very few exceptions.






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