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Around The Horn

Some headlines from the other Wizbang sites worth checking in on over night...

Poll: McCain, Clinton lead in Iowa, SC, NH - [Wizbang Politics]
Zogby: Obama Leads All Major Republican Candidates - [Wizbang Blue]
Paul supporters aren't Republicans - [Wizbang Politics]
Hastert About to Throw in the Towel - [Wizbang Blue]
Salma Hayek Is Really Pregnant - [Wizbang Pop!]
Lohan Chauffeured by Lawyer to Rehab - [Wizbang Pop!]

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Seriously: how could Obama ... (Below threshold)

Seriously: how could Obama not be at the top of the polling right now, considering practically every major newspaper, broadcast and cable network, and nearly every Labor Union is pushing him 24/7? He also hasn't shared much lately, with the exception of a pep rally for his barely fleshed-out Universal Heathcare plan, so no one knows much about him beyond the orchestrated PR of the Dem Convention speech, his autobiographies, etc.

Captain Kidd Bond is boardi... (Below threshold)

Captain Kidd Bond is boarding the SS Yellow Cake. He's going after Val Plame for her inconsistencies about why and how her husband went to Africa.

They were up to something there that I'll bet they didn't tell their Democratic sponsors about. When the truth outs, the Dems will have to throw them under the bus.

Aren't Paul supporters simp... (Below threshold)

Aren't Paul supporters simply morons? This, of course, would qualify them as Dimocraps as well.






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