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Blogger Poll on Immigration Bill

John Hawkins has just posted the results of a special blogger poll on the Senate immigration bill at Right Wing News.

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YOu know, John Hawkins and ... (Below threshold)

YOu know, John Hawkins and his like has actually driven me AWAY from his position with the frothing at the mouth insistence that NOTHING except total capitulation in every detail to his views on the matter is acceptable. Same reason I had to stop reading Polipundit.

When republicans start sounding like Democrats in their arguing methods, it bugs me.

2) Do you thi... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

2) Do you think the Republican party would be better off politically
if the bill passes the Senate or better off if it fails?

Passes: 3 (6%)
Fails: 45 (94%)

You left out Question 2.A

2.A) Since it is possible that the Republican Party would be harmed by the passage of the Immigration bill as it now stands, would you say or do anything, including mislead and intentionally misinform your readers, in an effort to defeat this measure?

Yes: 3 (6%)
No: 45 (94%)

btw - Question 2.A is fake but accurate, in my view.

I absoultely don't buy it t... (Below threshold)

I absoultely don't buy it that Bush seriously believes in, or that, this Immigration Bill will pass. Parts of it he certainly is very sympathetic to (he would even like but he KNOWS it would hurt the GOP, the USA and will not pass), however, this is clearly a larger version of his Harriet Miers and Dubai Ports maneuvering. (Think back, had Bush not first nominated the woman, Miers, he NEVER would have gotten through Alito, the second-in-a row male Alito after Roberts; and had he opposed Dubai Ports he would have incurred problems from his and crucial USA Arab allies in the middle east as well as been open to attack by the Dems. He made sure Dubai Ports would not happen when he threatened Veto on the eve of the vote just to make sure Congress would pass it veto-proof, so he wouldn't be able to veto it.)

All I can say is look back when this is all over. There will be NO immigration bill AND the Dems have been stymied in what otherwise would have been successful attacks on Bush and the GOP for being nativist. He can say, well, he tried to be nice to the Mexicans -- but the USA has spoken and Dems won't be able to play (or are minimized in their playing) the Hispanic card in the next elections.

Pundits remain puzzled on Bush's pronouncements and "positions" on this bill. I would suggest, this IS the answer to that puzzle. This is all consistent with the way Bush operates, known to be a formidable poker player throughout his college career.

(I'm surprised no one else has picked this up yet; I certainly can't be the only one who sees this -- or perhaps, this is all a tribute to the success of Bush's maneuvering/bluffing to secure objectives not achievable through direct straightforwardness.)

I agree with Ryan. And what... (Below threshold)

I agree with Ryan. And what's the point of "polling" a group whose position you already know? Frankly, I'm surprised any of the responses weren't 100%.

(And the Lie-Alleger-in-Chief is hale and hearty, isn't he!)

Lee, I'll bet you eat up th... (Below threshold)

Lee, I'll bet you eat up the antique MSM polls and every one of them only ask questions they already know the answer to, and worse they only poll those that they know will answer exactly the way they want them to answer. I know thousands of people, all ordinary Americans. I know no one that 'gets' to answer the MSM polls. Does anyone actually know anyone?

Yes I know democrats and 99% of them are willing to have their offspring murdered by terrorists to 'make themselves' feel good today. Sort of like a drug addict taking drugs they know will eventually kill them. That is an accurate description of every BDS infected person that votes democrat these days. Willing to kill someone else to feed the wounded ego from 2000. Brainwashing has been 100% effective on 50% of the people.

All polls are the result of what the pollster wants to hear, no actually get the result they want to support their lies. Ask people who support your opinion and ask only questions they will answer in support your opinion.

"Lee Ward" (snicker snicker... (Below threshold)

"Lee Ward" (snicker snicker ) blue needs you.

Absolutly positivly no amne... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Absolutly positivly no amnesty for illegal aleins its treason of our imperial senate

President Bush should have ... (Below threshold)

President Bush should have stuck to his former bravado of "Bring 'em on" instead of turning into the fidgeting politically correct sap he's become. If he had he would commend far more respect even from his enemies than he does now.

It is sad to see how with all his cronyism(unqualified goody-two-shoes Harriet Miers, incompetent fumbling Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez - from the "Mexican" Justice Department, and corrupt sell-out U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton - also from the "Mexican" Justice department - amongst others), political correctness ("...Islam is a religion of peace" - yeah, right!), "bipartisanship" (grovelling conciliatorily to the Democrats even in the face of the most vicious and heinous unrelenting attacks), unrealistic, delusiional "pipe dream" of establishing a well-ordered "American styled democracy" in Iraq (a backward, barbaric, Islamic, tribal society, fraught with internecine savagery and 1000-year-old sectarian feuds), and open borders, pro-unfettered illegal Mexican immigration, pro-amnesty, "beholden unto Mexico" stance ("El Presidente" Bush has to be the greatest Mexican president Mexico has ever had since that uncouth, resented, half-breed indian of Benito Juarez. Hell, he looks after Mexico's interest, and that of the Mexican people hell-bent on invading our country, far more than he does for that of his fellow Americans!), he has made of his legacy a mockery.

To think of all Bush could have accomplished, with a Republican majority for eight years in both the Congress and the Senate, had he had a bit more of a backbone, and been a man of greater vision!

It is sad to say it, but for all the "John Wayne styled" cowboy bluster and bravado with which President Bush began his administration, it seems that he will end up his tenure in the White House a la T.S. Eliot - "not with a bang but a whimper"...

What waste.


And what a waste that we wi... (Below threshold)

And what a waste that we will never again have a good president, because it appears that if any presidential candidate veers from he party line in even the slightest manner, you and yours will eviscerate him.

I hope you enjoy the long string of Democratic presidents you'll bring about.






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