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Head case

Starting the day with a headache is, for me, a pretty good indicator that the day is going to be unpleasant. And I have two types of headaches that I sometimes get upon waking.

The first is a "headboard headache." I get that when I sleep too "high" on the bed and have my head pushed up against a pillow, which is pressed against the headboard. The pressure on the top of my head (which, I must confess, has considerably less "padding" than in my younger days) gives me an unpleasant headache.

The second I call "light headedness." It comes from falling asleep while reading, so I sleep -- and then wake -- with a light shining in my eyes. It's a distinct form of headache.

It's worse when I get both.

Like today.

They both tend to pass within a half an hour or so of waking, but they're usually a bad omen for the day to come.

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I figured this would mentio... (Below threshold)

I figured this would mention pollen and sinuses. He says, typing this while hanging out for a bit while his head clears before trying to get a little more sleep.

Ibuprofen with large glass... (Below threshold)

Ibuprofen with large glass of water....

I live with a headache. It... (Below threshold)

I live with a headache. It's the days I don't have one that are special.

Put a timer on your light a... (Below threshold)

Put a timer on your light and try one of those pillows that is butterfly shaped.

Other than migraines, which... (Below threshold)

Other than migraines, which I thankfully haven't had since I had a grade 4 concussion in 5th grade, sinus headaches are the worst. Then, of course, there is the dreaded brain freeze.

Oyster: You live with a hea... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Oyster: You live with a headache? Did Lee move in?

A small dog at the head of ... (Below threshold)

A small dog at the head of your bed might help and walk while you read or would this lead to a new headache from sleepwalking?
Ted Wallace

Old Coot: lol!... (Below threshold)

Old Coot: lol!

You know what gave me a hea... (Below threshold)

You know what gave me a headache this morning? Oak Leaf linked to Lee's baloney about the Flappy Eagle, and to No Quarter, Larry Johnson's disinformation.

If he doesn't straighten out, I may stoop to ridicule. Oak Leaf needs an intervention.

Complete cure for it J'--pu... (Below threshold)

Complete cure for it J'--pull a "Rosie".

I got it. You read propped... (Below threshold)

I got it. You read propped against the head of the bed, so when you fall asleep you are too high up in the bed. Set up several pillows or a bolster behind you so that when you fall asleep you have more room. Alternatively read curled up on your side. Also, a timer for the light.

Those are unusual headaches, uncommon but not rare causes.

Wow, all the trolls went no... (Below threshold)

Wow, all the trolls went north and ignored this one. Maybe they were afraid of being recognized for the headaches they are.

Headaches are also a symptom of sleep apnea. If you snore, wake up feeling poorly rested, with a headache, you should ask for a referral for a sleep study if one hasn't been done. Let's hope the CPAP machine is not the cure you need.

If it's the cure, CPAP is a... (Below threshold)

If it's the cure, CPAP is a blessing, a relief, and a wonder. Not unlikely DX, Doc, if he's pushed against the head of the bed on awaking. But then, a change of positioning on reading in bed would be the cure.

Kinda personal, but with a ... (Below threshold)

Kinda personal, but with a webcam, epador and I might be able to figure you out. Sort of an internet sleep study. Hey, patent it epador. You only have to be smart once in your life.






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