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Iraqis Rise Up Against Al Qaeda

Via the Associated Press (h/t Instapundit):

A battle raged in west Baghdad on Thursday after residents rose up against al-Qaida and called for U.S. military help to end random gunfire that forced people to huddle indoors and threats that kept students from final exams, a member of the district council said.

Elsewhere, a suicide bomber hit a police recruiting center in Fallujah, killing as many as 25 people, police said. The U.S. military said only one policeman was killed and eight were wounded.

The American military also reported the deaths of three more soldiers, two killed Wednesday in a roadside bombing in Baghdad and one who died of wounds from a roadside bomb attack northwest of the capital Tuesday. At least 122 American forces have died in May, the third- deadliest month of the Iraq conflict.

Read the whole thing, which includes details on the news items listed above -- both good and bad. Bill Roggio and Michael Yon have been reporting this story for a while now. Not the specific incident, of course, that just happened, but the shift that was taking place in which Iraqis were beginning to fight against the terrorist groups. I found this report relevant not only because it confirms the things Roggio and others have noted, but because they got the lede right. It isn't right because they gave good news top priority, with the suicide bombing and the death of three soldiers following. In this case that is just the most newsworthy development. In all my complaining about recent war reporting I never asked that good news get top priority or even equal attention every time, but that it be reported at all, and when reported that it be in context. As long as that happens you will hear no complaining from me. (At least none about reporting.)


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Comments (15)

This is definitely good new... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

This is definitely good news. We need more of this on larger scale. These Iraqui people, and not the terrorists, should get the encouragement.

Where are the nay sayers (L... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Where are the nay sayers (L. Ward and his ilk) to deny or detract from this success? They will be here soon enough, trying to change the subject. It seems the Iraqis are getting tired of being blown up by al Qaeda, even though al Qaeda would have nothing to do with Iraq. After all, the real fight against AQ is in Afghanistan. Once they kill or capture Moqtada al Sadr, and the Shieks kill off al Qaeda in Anbar, this thing will rachet down.

Where are the nay sayers... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

Where are the nay sayers (L. Ward and his ilk) to deny or detract from this success?

Check him on 'Blue'. He says this has nothing to do with the surge. http://wizbangblue.com/2007/05/31/iraqi-residents-stand-up-to-alqaeda.php

It doesn't. Since day one, ... (Below threshold)

It doesn't. Since day one, Iraqis have been 95% against AQ. These incidents have happened before, even before the surge. Nice to see, yes. Game changing, no.

Brian simply cannot stop sp... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Brian simply cannot stop spinning for the terrorists. Given historical hindsight: the communists only called for cease-fire when they were weak or close to being wiped out. Hamas terrorists only agreed to a ceasefire when they were beaten enough. Maybe AlQ is in the same shape or they are trying to send a message to their democratic allies in the US.

RUSH: Folks, there is another possibility for this cease-fire, a little float that the terrorists are engaging in here in Iraq, and it could simply be this. It could be something totally unrelated to our analysis up to this point. The terrorists suggesting that they're interested in talking cease-fire could simply be their way of telling the Democrats in this country that they're unhappy with the Democrats providing more funding without a withdrawal timetable. The terrorists might have looked at the latest vote in the House where the Democrats retreated from retreat and surrendered from surrender and said, "Well, my gosh, we've lost our allies in Washington. As long as we're going to support 'em, we're going to hang tough over here. We're going to try to beat Bush for them," and so forth, as long as they come up with a definite withdrawal date to get the army outta here. But now the Democrats have caved, and so the terrorists are saying, "Well, we don't know where bin Laden is. Zawahiri is a nonfactor. We're all over the place in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Jihad is not the organized thing it used to be. Now we've lost our big allies, the Democrats, what are we going to do?" It could be that, ladies and gentlemen.

Brian, most of the time I b... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Brian, most of the time I believe your are misinformed, now it appears you are uninformed. You probably have not noticed. Possibly because Wizbang Blue, DU and thedailykos will never post information about the Sunni Shieks turning against al Qaeda. It is happening in Anbar and surrounding Sunni areas. If all you get are one sided lies about the effort in Iraq, you will never know about nor understand what is going on their. Widen your horizons. Yeah, like that will happen. You better go check in and see what your bud Lee has to say.

Brian, most of the time ... (Below threshold)

Brian, most of the time I believe your are misinformed, now it appears you are uninformed.... It is happening in Anbar and surrounding Sunni areas.

Umm, if I'm mis/uninformed, then so are you, since you just supported exactly what I said.

I did a double-take when I ... (Below threshold)

I did a double-take when I initially read "Iraqis" as "Iriquois."

Something about the font, apparently.

What Brian said. It's grea... (Below threshold)

What Brian said. It's great that Iraqis are trying to take their country back, but it doesn't seem it's tied to our efforts. And this is pretty much where we don't want to be: relying on the efforts of the Iraqis while our actions don't seem to do much.

Brian, unless you change 18... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Brian, unless you change 180 degrees, we will never be on the same page. It will take you years of hard work to get to where I am. I wonder where you get the idea 95% of Iraq was anti al Qaeda? Seems that up until very very recently, the Shieks of Anbar supported AQ. Seems as thought it was because of concerns about Shia domination in the government, Shia militias like Sadr's, and Coalition occupation, Sunnis were, as a group supporting AQ. Seems they gor tired of Shira law, enforcement of strick Ilamsic rules and the indescriminate killing AQ is famous for. See, Brian, once again you are just full of shit. But that is no shock to anyone who regularly visits here.

I wonder where you get t... (Below threshold)

I wonder where you get the idea 95% of Iraq was anti al Qaeda?... See, Brian, once again you are just full of shit.

You're right, I was mistaken. It was actually 94%, you putz.

Whatever support for al qae... (Below threshold)

Whatever support for al qaeda was two or three years ago and what it is now is not what's really important. The fact is, support for the tactics all terror groups use is waning and has continued to do so for some time.

The rats are scrambling bac... (Below threshold)

The rats are scrambling back up the hawsers.

According to Omar at iraqth... (Below threshold)

According to Omar at iraqthemodel, the fighting is between insurgent groups, not insurgents and civilians - and the civilians are asking for help to stop them.

Hello! Good Site! Thanks yo... (Below threshold)

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