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Surely the Media will make a big deal about this misspelling, right?

Wrong. Hillary Clinton stood in front of this and no one in the media said a word:


Here's a story from the AP with no mention of the prominent misspelling directly above Hillary's head. Also note that the picture shown next to the article is from an angle that leaves out the misspelled word.

The Freepers are having much fun with this, especially this guy who said Hillary found her campaign song:

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tommorrow
There'll be sun!

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I am glad that Tom Morrow h... (Below threshold)

I am glad that Tom Morrow has lots of jobs; good for him.

Democratic gaffes are about... (Below threshold)

Democratic gaffes are about as likely to draw media scrutiny as Democratic corruption - which is to say, darned little.

I'm sure the media has a good reason for this attitude. It's probably for the chil'ren, or to save the planet or something.

Watts the big diel? Shur a... (Below threshold)

Watts the big diel? Shur a word or too is misspellled...but as long as hur massage gets out then wee should be greatful...write?

Bush's fault for cutting ed... (Below threshold)

Bush's fault for cutting education spending.

She certainly is not gettin... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

She certainly is not getting the Dan Quayle treatment.

Someone better be fired tom... (Below threshold)

Someone better be fired tommorrow!

New jobs eh? How 'bout hir... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

New jobs eh? How 'bout hiring some spellcheckers. (obligatory cheap shot!)

In any case, you want more jobs? How about not screwing over people that might actually hire people. Because, believe it or not, when you hire someone, there's a pretty good chance that you just made a job. No, really, I'm not kidding!

My father has been part owner in a company he started for several years now. He'd hire at least 25% more workers if lower taxes gave him the budget to do so. This isn't rocket science.

Democratic gaffes are ab... (Below threshold)

Democratic gaffes are about as likely to draw media scrutiny as Democratic corruption - which is to say, darned little.

Yeah, like that whole Kerry joke thing... you hardly heard about that in the media. Or the "Gore/Internet" thing; barely a peep. Or Howard Dean's scream. Or...

Proofreaders need work too.... (Below threshold)

Proofreaders need work too.

Oh, come on now, Kim - get ... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Oh, come on now, Kim - get serious. I'm sure that elementary school children all over the US will laughing about this tomorrow -- you conservative blogger are just ahead of the curve as usual.

I disagree, the media will ... (Below threshold)

I disagree, the media will report it.

Complete with quotes from Kerry: "The sign was ritten bi the troops."

Do we have to wonder why th... (Below threshold)

Do we have to wonder why the antique MSM is going down the tubes? They have lost the respect of everyone but the freaked out (Brian/Lee) left wingers. A simple mention and a laugh about the misspelled word would have got them off the hook. Massive layoff's continue in the news world, even in the lost world of SF. Soon we will be rid of most of them. Who wants to read or listen to something they already know is wrong or a complete lie? It's a waste of time in your short life, think I'll go fishing.

marc, lololol I th... (Below threshold)

marc, lololol

I think the villege needs spelling lesins before they raise anymore childran

I'm "freaked out"? Oh, heav... (Below threshold)

I'm "freaked out"? Oh, heavens to Betsy!

This story obviously has tw... (Below threshold)

This story obviously has two aspects:

First, Hillary/Hillary's campaign mis-spelling, which is certainly hillariously embarassing.

Second, AP's photograph. This aspect is no laughing matter. If one picture says it all about the MSM, that does it. This aspect needs to be taken up. It says so much. It is the big story here!!!!!

ted:First, Hil... (Below threshold)


First, Hillary/Hillary's campaign mis-spelling, which is certainly hillariously embarassing.

I suspect it was whoever sponsored Shillarys appearance and not anyone connected with her campaign.

That doesn't detract from the shear comedic value of it, I'm just saying is all.

The misspelling will not ge... (Below threshold)

The misspelling will not get any traction in the press. This former newspaper reporter is certain of that. Dan Quayle's "potatoe" got extensive play and repeated references mostly because so many journalists are down-the-line Democrats. You won't find much on al-Qaeda torture, either, since the journalists so badly want to harm this presidency and get a leftist Democrat as President--more important than anti-war sentiment on their part, in my judgment.

I checked The New York Times after Dan Quayle's "potatoe" and listed its misspellings. I spotted 88 misspellings before quitting the paper in 1993 because of its falsehoods and propaganda. I found burgandy, duplicitious, Napolean, Penetentiary, statuatory, supress, and, of course, much more.

Misspellings occur not because of stupidity. Some are inadvertent. Most reflect bad pedagogy in public schools. Errors like tommorrow ought to increase as people learn less in schools and colleges and read less there or anywhere.

Hill's intelligence exposed... (Below threshold)

Hill's intelligence exposed, Misssion Accomplished.

Potatoe Head... (Below threshold)

Potatoe Head

Shouldn't the line run"... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Shouldn't the line run"

"I'll get your bottom dollar."

The great part is that the ... (Below threshold)

The great part is that the misspelling is noticable 7 more times in the picture, and looks like it is up there dozens of times overall.

I guess that Seagate, Adobe... (Below threshold)

I guess that Seagate, Adobe, Applied Materials, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Hillary's other sponsors do not require their employees to know basic English skills.

That AP link just goes to a... (Below threshold)

That AP link just goes to a google listing of links, none of which show that picture, I can't find that pic anywhere but here.

Here's a link while it last... (Below threshold)
thanks Rodney... (Below threshold)

thanks Rodney

Maybe if I trolled like Lee... (Below threshold)

Maybe if I trolled like Lee Ward, I would get my own WizbangKat.. *bows*

"I promise not to raise you... (Below threshold)

"I promise not to raise your taxxes, todday."

At least give Hilary credit... (Below threshold)

At least give Hilary credit for how professionally she wrote the sign. Can any of us free hand a sign that well?

What you mean that she didn't write the sign with the misspelling, that the local sponsors paid a commercial artist to do it? And that Hilary just showed up, stood in front of it and talked?

So how does that make it her fault?

So how does that make it... (Below threshold)

So how does that make it her fault?

Sort of like the 'Mission Accomplished' sign.

What!!!! what !! wee wee le... (Below threshold)

What!!!! what !! wee wee lee lee ward didn't say someone lied? Much be the load he is under from having to comment on his own threads so it will have at least one.(snicker snort)

Hillary Clinton stood in... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton stood in front of this and no one in the media said a word:




Oh, I know... now you're going to complain that it didn't get enough press.

The misspelling will not get any traction in the press. This former newspaper reporter is certain of that.

Well, I guess now we all know to ignore what "this former newspaper reporter" has to say from now on.

As a techie, I'm mor... (Below threshold)

As a techie,
I'm more upset about the sponsors not catching the problem and doing something about it.

btw - re: Dan Quayle's "potatoe", the flash card had the spelling wrong.

The whole question of wheth... (Below threshold)

The whole question of whether the media will focus on the issue is more complicated than you guys are making it out to be - and by "you guys," I refer both to the conservatives and to the liberals. While bias plays some role, it's more subtle than "the media only cares about Democratic gaffes." In reality, the media only cares about gaffes that play into pre-existing stereotypes/storylines about the candidate in question. This is why Gore "inventing the Internet" and Dean's scream got so much play -- the former played into the pre-existing stereotype of Gore as a overbearing, didactic schoolmarm type, the latter into the pre-existing stereotype of Dean as an unhinged loose cannon. If Dean had claimed to invent the Internet or Gore had screamed bloody murder at a campaign rally, it wouldn't have gotten nearly as much play. Likewise, when Bush or Quayle make this sort of mistake, it plays into the pre-existing stereotype of them being dumb, whereas no such stereotype exists of Hillary, so in their cases it gets more play than in this case.

Now, there may be some bias inherent in the existence of those stereotypes with regard to Bush and Quayle in the first place. But on the other hand, it's not like all Republicans are subject to that particular smear. If there was a misspelling at, say, a McCain rally, I doubt it would get much attention either, because McCain is not viewed as being "dumb." But if McCain makes a "gaffe" that involves him seeming overly hot-tempered, it'll be all over the media in no time. Point being, this is about MSM laziness more than MSM bias. They have their pre-set storylines and they shoehorn anything they can fit into 'em, and ignore anything that doesn't fit. In some ways, that's worse than bias.

(Kerry's "gaffe" was different -- it had substantive content, as he seemed to be insulting the troops -- so I put that in a different category.)

Brendan, I think you are ri... (Below threshold)

Brendan, I think you are right in saying this won't get much substantative play, as Hillary apparently didn't have anything to do with the spelling in this case, I don't buy that she doesn't have a history of gaffes. (missing documents, throwing stuff at Bill, Vince Foster affair, Her tact for pushing HealthCare, Her trying to appear as the 'two-for-one' president with Bill...) Whether something sticks or not has a lot more to do with the media (for either Republican or Democrat) than anything else.






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