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This makes me really want to read the Shrum book

I have been critical of John Edwards for some time now, although not in the very beginning. Because he started out in the Senate expressing a desire to cross party lines and cooperate to get things accomplished, I thought he might actually be a good senator. I soon learned he was not terribly interested in being a senator for North Carolina, but had his sights set on higher office. Even though I have been a critic for quite a few years now, I almost felt sorry for Edwards when reading the Time Magazine excerpt from Bob Shrum's new book. I said almost because I was mostly just creeped out. The Time excerpt's behind the scenes look at the campaign is pretty fascinating and makes me wonder what the rest of the book might reveal.

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ah Lori..why don't you read... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah Lori..why don't you read the whole book?
Of course whether it is a Hillery book..Edwards book..Gore Book..Ann Coulter book..
Making a value judgement on a book you don't read based upon a review..is like giving an opinion on a movie based upon a 2 minute trailer.
Either dismiss the book as something you would never read..or read it and give your own opinion.
What was the last book you read cover to cover and what is your opinion of it?
..or do you simply save of the time of reading a whole book and depend on others to decide its strengths and weaknesses for you?

This is his campaign manage... (Below threshold)

This is his campaign manager form 2004 for Pete's sake, nogo. Put down the crack pipe.

We in NC have seen him for years, and your current assessment of the scheming, unprincipled trial lawyer is correct. After shaking hands, count your fingers.

The account of Edwards recycling a story to Kerry that he had previously told Kerry he "had never told anyone" is creepy, and confirms the man is a snake oil salesman. If you're going to lie, don't repeat it to the same person, for crying out loud.

This guy is like the story of the emperor with no clothes. It won't get any better, either. He didn't get into politics for people, he got in because his lucrative personal injury career was boring him, and well, where else can an ego-driven narcissist trial lawyer go for adulation.

Politics, naturally.

Nogo with the against-bot r... (Below threshold)

Nogo with the against-bot response. Classy. They don't pay you enough.

Edwards is totally that shyster lawyer. The "I've never told anyone this" story that Kerry was told the year before, for example. Creepy. Calculated. Acting. That's why he won't win the Dem nomination, let alone the presidency, I believe.

Nogo, She clearly stated th... (Below threshold)

Nogo, She clearly stated that she read an excerpt...not a review. Get a clue. Or don't and stay blinded by hate.

Judging by how the Left rea... (Below threshold)

Judging by how the Left reacted to that Kitty Kelley book a few years back, our appropriate response should be to believe every word Shrum says about Edwards

LMAO!.. If there was ANY DO... (Below threshold)

LMAO!.. If there was ANY DOUBT about Nogo being an idiot, please return to his post above!..*rolling!*

nogo,I read an excer... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I read an excerpt and said it made me want to read the entire book, so what is your point? The excerpt was interesting and made me wonder what was in the rest of the book.

The last book I read cover to cover was One Door Away from Heaven and it was excellent. I finished it this weekend and immediately wanted to read another Koontz book, but am loathe to start one because if I do I won't put it down until it is done and nothing else will get accomplished until the book has been finished.

Life is short. How many Di... (Below threshold)

Life is short. How many Dick Morris books have you read, Nogo? Or any Rep. strategist?

Now, go back to your hole.

I left one thing out of my ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I left one thing out of my comment nogo, you accused me of basing my opinion on a review. I have not read a review of the book. I read an actual excerpt of the book, as Brian noted above. (If you don't know the difference between that and a review I am sure someone can explain it to you). Big difference. Anyway, I was clear that I was basing my desire to read more on the fact that I read an excerpt printed in Time and I even linked it. Maybe the next time you comment you should actually take about a half second to click on the link first so that you don't sound foolish.

nogo...Maybe ... (Below threshold)
wave man:

Maybe the next time you comment you should actually take about a half second to click on the link first so that you don't sound foolish.

Posted by: Lorie Byrd at May 31, 2007 08:25 PM

Wow. That would be something new. Nogo not looking foolish.

Edwards is a genuinely cree... (Below threshold)

Edwards is a genuinely creepy character. I knew it from reading the account of his closing statement in the birth defect case, a totally fictional acting-out as if he were the child being born. Utterly tasteless and irrelevant to any actual fact of the case, he nonetheless won a huge verdict from a jury of gullible yahoos.

As for nogo, she can't help looking the fool, any more than the sun can help rising in the east. However, her unwarranted nastiness is becoming ever more tedious to bear.

Where is Jay with the mallet when you need him?

After reading Shrum's excer... (Below threshold)

After reading Shrum's excerpt, not only am I left with a deepened sense of "Thank heavens we missed that (Kerry/Edwards) bullet!", but I am bored senseless. Could anyone ectually read an entire book filled with Shrum's 'prose', which makes pedantic writing read like Shakespeare. He must not have had a ghost writer!

nogo is a she?So K... (Below threshold)

nogo is a she?

So Kerry went "against his better judgement" when selecting a running mate and Edwards went "against his better judgement" when voting for the war. It appears they are both more willing to be led than they are willing to lead.

And I'm sure Kerry never considered the oodles of contributions he would get from lawyers when selecting Edwards.

Not much "judgment" in this... (Below threshold)

Not much "judgment" in this crowd.

Plus, he invoked his son, Wade, in closing arguments of a PI case. Contemptable.

Children are supposed to bu... (Below threshold)

Children are supposed to bury their parents. T'othah way roun' ain't natural. John and his wife deserve our pity more than anything, but oh my God, how demeaning that is.

This whole two Americas bit... (Below threshold)

This whole two Americas bit is just him externalizing guilt at his acquisitiveness, which may have contributed to the death of his son. Or not. Jeez, it's fun speculating in a vacuum.

I contend, however, that the 'unnaturalness' everyone senses in him as a candidate is from a grief reaction. I'd call it bizarre, but I'm not sure that adjective applies to grief.

Someday, his other children will break it all down for their parents. Sooner, rather than later, I hope.






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