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Hillary's Cell Phone Monitoring

Yesterday I wrote about some disturbing revelations about John Edwards in Bob Shrum's new book. Now Mickey Kaus has news of some revelations about Hillary in an upcoming book. I wonder how the idea of Hillary sitting around listening to political opponents' recorded cell phone calls will play. I have a feeling her primary opponents will not let this one slide -- unless this is something they all do. Remember that innocent couple driving around Florida who just happened to record Newt Gingrich's intercepted cell phone call and then turn it over to Gingrich's political opponents? I am sensing a pattern. Hat tip Lucianne.

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It's funny that the left is... (Below threshold)

It's funny that the left is obsessed with Bush tapping their phones, but it's the left who actually does it.

It's okay for them to do it... (Below threshold)

It's okay for them to do it, Mike. They are, after all, on the side of the angels.

True. Shoulda realized tha... (Below threshold)

True. Shoulda realized that.

It's why they are so certai... (Below threshold)

It's why they are so certain Bush is doing it when he isn't. A guilty conscience is a terrible thing to waste.

What she meant by 'vast' wa... (Below threshold)

What she meant by 'vast' was that there were more phone calls than they could tape.

Sister, computers are better, now. It won't be so vast once you actually take a look at it.

Gosh, if ONLY cell phone ma... (Below threshold)

Gosh, if ONLY cell phone manufacturers could build handsets that allow the owner to set up their own encryption and keys on the voice channels, huh? Some nice public-key algorithms out there, if only there were SOME way of putting them into a phone.

Ok, enough snark.

Oh, Lori, you can't just dr... (Below threshold)

Oh, Lori, you can't just drop the Clintons, can you, it's their private life, it's old news, blah, blah, blah.

/sarcasm off

I wonder what security issu... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I wonder what security issues are at stake for Hillary that the patriot act, section II, Senators of the Democrat influence need to know what others are saying, that she would use this little known loophole in the law?

The trolls must all be scan... (Below threshold)

The trolls must all be scanning their cell phones for monitors, how else to explain their absence thus far.

It's okay for them to do... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

It's okay for them to do it, Mike. They are, after all, on the side of the angels.

No, you have that wrong. They are on the side the angels would be on if there were angels -- but the existence of angels would imply the existence of God. That's no longer a core belief of the Democratic party, and it would be an impermissible intrusion of religion into the public sphere to admit the possibility.

There might be a Goddess, however.

The shearing forces from th... (Below threshold)

The shearing forces from the cognitive dissonance on the left about their heroes embracing sharia is just one of the Cat 5 natural wonders working its way through the left's belief system. Another one is the CIA; look how they leap to its defense.






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