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Who are the "real" terrorists?

In my column at Townhall today I help those confused about who the real terrorists are by giving them a few hints.

Remarkably there appear to be a growing number of people having trouble identifying who the "real terrorists" are. Here is a hint to help them. The real terrorists are the ones intentionally targeting innocent women and children, beheading as many Americans (and Jews) as they can get their hands on, and strapping bombs to their own small kids' bodies sending them out to blow themselves up for the cause.
In the months, and even for a few years, following September 11, the horror of the attacks was still fresh and the importance of strongly addressing the threat of Islamic jihadism was understood. Today a growing number of Americans entertain wild theories that it was not 19 jihadists that brought down the Twin Towers, but rather was forces within our own government. Almost six years later, with no additional attacks on U.S. soil, many have grown weary of the fight. Some now even refuse to recognize the threat. In 2003, Michael Moore famously denounced George Bush's "fictitious war." Four years later, John Edwards, a major candidate in the Democrat's presidential primary, said there was no war on terrorism - that it was just a "bumper sticker slogan."

Those in the government who have to review the daily threat assessments know that there is nothing fictitious, or "bumper sticker," about the terrorist threat. Those in Iraq discovering torture manuals in al Qaeda safe houses, or finding the mutilated bodies of their fellow soldiers tied to bombs, know that the terrorist threat is real. Hopefully it won't take another September 11 style attack on U.S. soil to remind those who have forgotten who the real terrorists are.

You can read the rest of the column at Townhall.com.

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Ironically, it has been the... (Below threshold)

Ironically, it has been the success of the US in preventing additional terrorist attacks which has given the wack jobs out there the opportunity to be heard. During most of WWII there was always the possibility that Axis spies could commit acts of sabotage, or even another sneak attack on the mainland.

The Administration, in its effort to ask Americans to continue living their lives and not to give in to the fear, has inadvertently given life to the conspiracy nuts and far Left wackos because the public has been insulated from the danger of Islamic terrorists. The public sees no danger and thus, concludes the danger 'doesn't exist'.

Careful, Lorie, you'll make... (Below threshold)

Careful, Lorie, you'll make people uncomfortable. And that would spoil all the hard work the media, here and abroad, has done in trying to convince everyone that everything is "OK".

The worldwide media has actually been successful in convincing a huge percentage of the world that if there IS a "terrorist threat" it is AMERICA that poses it!

The Democrat Party is totally invested in lulling America back to sleep, and the MSM continues to turn a blind eye to any possible hint of IslamoFascist terrorism. Thus the American public is much more concerned with Lyndsey Lohan than alQueda.

I just finished reading the first book in Newt Gingrich's new history series: "Pearl Harbor". The parallels between the 1930s and today are truly frightening.

just watching the release o... (Below threshold)

just watching the release of Jack Kevorkian gave me a thought. Why not send the "euthanizer" as an Ambassador to the al-queda in Iraq? Who would care if they (the terrorist) don't exist?

Of course the answer to tha... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Of course the answer to that question is obious, but those who ask that question really need to ask themselves:

Who is really being used as a tool (weapon) of terrorism?

Who is actually emboldening and encouraging (and thus supporting) the terrorists?

Of course most of the left and espcially leftist members of the media need look no further than the nearest mirror to see who it obviously is.

Lorie, the main reason for ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, the main reason for the apathetic response to a foreign existential threat, is that Bushco is keeping the border frontier wide open as policy. HE doesn't take the threat seriously. Obviously.

Also, the generic term "terrorists" has been applied to so many opposing factions, that it's clear: educating America to the threat is not the goal of our leadership. Americans are being treated like children, with tales of the Boogieman. It has become laughable. Especially with the infantile "here OR there" paradigm.

Bush's epitath will read:


Heh, heh, you mean non exis... (Below threshold)

Heh, heh, you mean non existing threat, don't you?

Idiots like bryand and the ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Idiots like bryand and the rest of the fops here want all to believe there is no threat because most of America knows they (the Dems) have no viable record of dealing with outside threats. They are very good at dealing with internal ones, Ref: Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City. By the way Bryandf, where were those automatic weapons the people at Waco were supposed to possess?

bryanD[elusional]<... (Below threshold)


Lorie, the main reason for the apathetic response to a foreign existential threat, is that Bushco is keeping the border frontier wide open as policy. HE doesn't take the threat seriously. Obviously.

Porous borders leads to the misguided expression "freedom fighters?"


Now go play where you have a chance to win something, maybe. (my bets on the opposition)

Zelsdoof: I've linked to it... (Below threshold)

Zelsdoof: I've linked to it before and I'll link to it again: Waco: Rules of Engagement ****/****


I know all about Ruby Ridge. It was a government "hit". Horiuchi was the sniper, etc, etc.

OKC? A government false flag operation like that on 9/11. They still haven't released the surveillance tapes. Parallel ATF exercise.

You seem to want to learn (that's good), but your mental file cabinet is not preventing important "documents" from falling behind the drawers and getting lost down were the mice and roaches co-habitate (that's bad).

marcia, saw your link. That site will make you sterile, man. No kidding. Your milk line will flood with estrogenized tissue. It's like buying a pregant woman a baby rabbit.

Guys like Michael Moore are... (Below threshold)

Guys like Michael Moore are real insignificant. The big problem is huge pool of poor alienated Muslims with no hope who find comfort in extremist religion and politics. They won't be going away very easy. In Lebanon, there have been Palestinian refugee camps since the 1948 establishment of Israel. Poverty and ignorance florishes in such camps, fueling new Al Qaeda fighters by the truckload.

In roughly the same time frame, China went from their 1949 Communist revolution to becoming the world's best capitalists today. Maybe China needs to send "Peace Corps" types to teach poor Muslims how to build businesses and become enterprising.

They say that teaching a man how to fish is far better than simply giving him a fish.

Paul Hooson:Gu... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson:

Guys like Michael Moore are real insignificant.


That explains it.

It also may explain why Moore's hosts allowed him a front row balcony seat next to Jimmy Carter at their convention.

Marc, Michael Moore had a s... (Below threshold)

Marc, Michael Moore had a seat at both conventions as a sort of reporter. Moore only smirked as John McCain tore into him to gain points in own party. Moore is largely insignificant.

Hey, Paul, rest assured, Ch... (Below threshold)

Hey, Paul, rest assured, China is busy spreading capitalism. They, pre-eminent in labor, are going to substitute energy for labor in all the old equations.

Fortunately, since America will always be the brain magnet, we'll be able to frolic on the froth.






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