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Terrorists Next Door

Following up on the JFK bomb plot story, this article on an informant's role in breaking up that particular terror ring contains other nuggets of info worth considering (or re-considering, as the case may be):

Last year, informants played a major role in two other terror cases. In June 2006, an informant posing as an al-Qaida operative helped bring down a plot to blow up the Sears Tower. Five of the seven men arrested in that . . . terrorist group were U.S. citizens.

In May 2006, an NYPD informant's testimony led to the conviction of a man plotting to blow up the busy Herald Square subway station in midtown Manhattan.

There's also this story from Saturday concerning another, ongoing terrorism case:

A federal judge ordered a man held without bail while he awaits trial on charges that he provided al-Qaida fighters with equipment to attack U.S. soldiers [in Afghanistan].

Syed Hashmi, a 27-year-old former New York resident, was arrested in England last spring after one of his . . . collaborators began cooperating with British authorities.....

Those and other recent items should place various aspects of the war on terror into their proper perspectives, e.g., stepped-up law enforcement powers, wiretaps, surveillance, FISA warrants, warrantless searches, etc.

On the other hand, said perspectives will be unobtainable if, well, you know, you've been snortin' whiskey and drinkin' cocaine....

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