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Happy birthday to Rob...

Today is Rob Port's birthday. Rob, in addition to being a Guest Wizbanger Emeritus, has been a good online friend of mine for some time.

I wanted to get Rob a present, but what do you get a guy like him? Season tickets to the Cleveland Indians or Washington Redskins would seem appropriate, but I'm flat broke.

So, instead, I got him the perfect gift for a blogger -- a link to a photo he just HAD to post.

I found the photo over here, a site I heartily recommend for anyone who has ever served, or just has a bit of affection and respect for the armed services.

Head on over and wish him a happy birthday.


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Hahahahaha...Here's ... (Below threshold)

Here's hoping the 'mouse' gets the cheese, and that it's frosty.

What was the joke? "Early bird gets the worm but second mouse gets the cheese"?






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