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National Cancer Survivor Day

Today is National Cancer Survivor Day. The odds are high that you know one, or your life has been touched in some way by Cancer.

Please think about it, and let someone with Cancer know you have not forgotten them.


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In 1993 my ex and I moved i... (Below threshold)

In 1993 my ex and I moved in with one of his brothers and that brother's wife in their large home. Then we moved in with us the brothers' oldest brother, who was dying of lung cancer that had metastasized. For six months my sister-in-law and I continued to work at our jobs to support us all while our husbands cared for their brother during the slow process of his dying.

We did it because we didn't want him to die in some cold, sanitary nursing home, essentially alone. We wanted him to have his last days among people who cared for him and loved him deeply.

He isn't the only cancer victim I've personally known. I wish there'd been a few survivors among the quite a few lost that I've known.

But there are those cancer survivors that I don't know personally but who I admire greatly for their tremedous strength of character and determination to live, and live honorably. They are:

Laura Ingraham
Tony Snow
DJ Drummond

You are in my thoughts and prayers, DJ, as are Tony and Laura. You are the brightest examples we have today of people who have the qualities it takes to fight to live, live well, and live honorably.

Thank you all for having the courage to be our modern day role models.

This cancer thing is palpab... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

This cancer thing is palpable. It is almost as if we are all waiting for the day when we will be told we have it. I was recently diagnosed and treated for melanoma. I have had several in my family die from cancer in its various forms. It gives one a more philosophical outlook on life. Many have died before me at a more tender age. I consider myself fortunate to live as long as I have, though I am only in my forties. I too will remember you in my prayers. I can only encourage people to be prepared by knowing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else will work for good in the end.

It also reminds us we are h... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

It also reminds us we are human. I was impressed, for example, that Molly Ivins never made a big deal about having cancer. She fought hard, set her affairs in order, loved her friends and family, and fought the damn thing to her last breath. In that situation, Politics are not worth what I flushed down the toilet this morning. The people are priceless, and I say again, that anyone who fights their cancer with everything they've got, is someone whose courage and spirit I applaud.

And every day past the one predicted is a treasure.

Posted by: DJ Drummond at J... (Below threshold)

Posted by: DJ Drummond at June 3, 2007 08:01 PM

"And every day past the one predicted is a treasure."

Indeed it is. I have a rare disease, and those who have it live, on average, live only 5 to 7 years. I'm into my 8th year now. :-B

It's survivors like you and Tony and Laura who I look to for how to live life fully despite a devastating health malady. And I hang around positive, upbeat people, because I prefer to live life, and not the disease.

The only thing I miss is being able to have a grog now and then. On top of the meds I take, it'd knock me out silly! Got that T-shirt awhile back.

Laugh a lot and move beyond the rough spells fast, is the best approach I know.

Of course, People Magazi... (Below threshold)

Of course, People Magazine celebrates the day by featuring Elisabeth Edwards. Of course, it's a very thinly-vieled plug for her husband's presidential campaign.

I hate it when people use diesase for opportunistic purposes, ones that primarilly benefit their own ambitions. Makes me really cynical about anything whose goal is labelled as "raising awareness".

Seriously: who exactly is unaware of cancer and its impact on individuals and families?






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