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Who Won The New Hampshire Democratic Debate?

Tonight's debate was on CNN. Have your say about who won below...

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Comments (26)

Who cares? They all are a ... (Below threshold)

Who cares? They all are a bunch of miserable socialist marxists who love spending other peoples money. Some are just kookier than the rest, but the one thing they have in common is their heads are in the sand and they are assclown liars one and all.

Hilary won. She demonstrat... (Below threshold)

Hilary won. She demonstrates the sort of pragmatic realism that is too often in short supply in Washington.

Biden shows he belongs on the stage but he's a bit too excitable. He came in second.

Edwards is too idealistic and unrealistic.

Richardson seems obsessed with the fact that he is the Governor of New Mexico...

Obama doesn't stand out so much when he's on the stage with veterans like Dodd and Biden.

Gravel should drop out.

The right definition of the... (Below threshold)

The right definition of these friendly folks is:

faux-pacifistic marxian totalitarians. e.g., Hugo Clinton, err, Hillary.

To each according to what I think they deserve.

I voted for Gravel since he... (Below threshold)

I voted for Gravel since he's the only one to have enough balls to state English is the national language.

The rest are a bunch of chatter boxes.

Biden is ok. I once snookered Biden into saying something untoward during his 1988 run when he came to WFU law school. Hee, hee. He had to backtrack about his idea to raise taxes on tobacco . . . the head of the Tobacco Institute was sitting just behind him.

The reason Biden won't get elected--foot in mouth disease.

If I had to pick a winner, ... (Below threshold)

If I had to pick a winner, I'd say Obama just because he seemed the least nutty of the bunch. Kucinich, on the other hand, was the big loser as usual for saying he wouldn't kill Bin Laden if we had a tip where he was. Even John Edwards ("There is no War on Terror") said he would do that.

Is there a way to view the ... (Below threshold)

Is there a way to view the results of the poll without voting? I didn't watch it, so I don't want to vote, but I'm curious about who is being voted for.

well, it was pretty much bu... (Below threshold)

well, it was pretty much business as usual. being a republican, there was a lot of tax and spend and usual democratic solutions to the same problems.

i thought kucinich and gravel were breaths of fresh air ... although gravel seems a bit old, at least he's going to do the "old way" without all the stuff that has come to be politics in washington (on both sides of the political fence).

i though kucinich was the only one with real alternatives to business as usual from either party. i would say he won the debate because i'm going to look more at what he is about ... the rest said absolutely nothing new.

It was clear tonight..as it... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

It was clear tonight..as it will be in the Republican debates..too many candidates..

Also..finally candidates said no to silly/far reaching hypothetical questions..and and also to the silly raising your hand like it is a grade school class..
I hope the Republicans do this from the get go..

Crap, that was a boring "de... (Below threshold)

Crap, that was a boring "debate".

CNN did a horrible job right down to the pre-arranged audience questions.

I learned that Richardson is a very boring fellow.
(I knew it about the rest.)

Dems need a popular Gravel.

Al Gore has 100 new messages on his answering machine.

Hey at least Charles includ... (Below threshold)

Hey at least Charles included the REAL Dem candidate in LGF's poll: Ron Paul!

I think the cartoon channel... (Below threshold)

I think the cartoon channel was the big winner. Millions of viewers switched to watch a real animated cartoon. Actually there wan't anything on that could match that bunch of clowns for comedy. Hold up your hand if you agree...ROFLMAO Kindergarden moderators.

Dennis Kucinich will be a p... (Below threshold)

Dennis Kucinich will be a people's President.
He's got my vote.

Mitchell:The r... (Below threshold)


The reason Biden won't get elected--foot in mouth disease.

You mean like declaring a U.S. run no-fly zone over Darfor would cure the problem of jihadist-cut-throats killing and raping indiscriminately?

Nevermind they don't operate from planes that need to remain grounded.

But at least he offered something, Richardson only offered "it's Bush's fault for contributing to the lack of respect the US gets from the world.

And oh yeah... he's close Gitmo first thing as president to restore that trust THEN Darfor would be all peachy and keen!

Dennis Kucinich will be a people's President.
He's got my vote.Kathy

So... YOU'RE the one!

I didn't watch very much of... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I didn't watch very much of the debate (?) as I wanted to yell at them "Bush is not running". I loved Hillary wanting to go back to the days of yore, when the Lincoln bedroom rented for 50K or so. I wished someone would have asked how much they were going to charge for a Presidential pardon this time around? Did they plan to return the "W" computer keys? What technology were they planning to sell to red China? Did Hillary really intend to appoint Bill gigalo at large.

Frankly I missed the "what ... (Below threshold)

Frankly I missed the "what kind of tree would you be," type of questions from the last debate.

I feel sure Kucinich would have answered "fossilized Redwood."

I briefly paused at CNN for... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I briefly paused at CNN for thier idea of Raw Politics. Richardson what stating the incompetence of the Bush administration has led to problems with dipolmacy in the Middle east and elsewhere. I think incompetence is how one would describe the Clinton adminstrations foreign policy. Chased out of Somilia by al Qaeda, never fully understanding the significance of the first attack on the Twin Towers, thel response to al Qaeda attacks on our embassies, the limp response to Saddams violation of the cease fire agreement, the response to the attack on the USS Cole. Just what was Clintons foreign policy? It sure did not advance the agenda of this nation. What can one expect from the party of liars and cheats?

It amazes me that the dimme... (Below threshold)

It amazes me that the dimmers are so obsessed with how other countries think of us. It is juvenile at best. Like your in high school and instead of being who you are you wonder what other people want me to be like. That is insecure behavior. Total lack of leadership. ww

Kevin, you need a "Damn, th... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you need a "Damn, they all stink button" on that poll.

Willie, you are right. Afte... (Below threshold)

Willie, you are right. After hearing that I told my wife that it sounded like junior high many decades ago where on the only thing these in-crowd kids were worried about was having madras shirts, Weejuns, and being popular. I also found it interesting that the dems are all concerned about the genocide in Darfur, but seem not to be concerned about the consequences to the people of Iraq if we abandon them. I think they don't give a damn, just like they didn't care about the people of South Vietnam when they cut them off.

For a guy who went to Harva... (Below threshold)

For a guy who went to Harvard Law, Barack Obama seems to have a very hard time with distinction and fine detail. When asked about his not raising his hand to affirm that English is the official language of the United States, he whined that the Moderator "was trying to divide us". Well, yeah, dumba**, the point of a debate is to make yourself stand out, to demonstrate what distiguishes you from the other candidates!

Once again, Obama shows nothing more than the ability to evade having to prove himself worthy of the position he currently occupies, which considering that is "Democratic Front-Runner", one should be surprised that he does nothing to raise the bar.

KUCINICH did greathe... (Below threshold)

KUCINICH did great
he really fights for JUSTICE

it seemed CNN tried to twist it in favor of the frontrunners with the time, the camera shots, who they gave the question to

wolf blittzer ignored kucinich alot of the times when he he was raising his hand to get the question, the frontrunners alot of the times got the first answer

I thought CNN gave a twisted view of democracy to the people.

also regarding the the issu... (Below threshold)

also regarding the the issue of assassinating Osama Bin Laden, why would Barack Obama or any of the other of the DEMOCRATIC canadates(exceprt DENNIS KUCINICH) be FOR Assanation of Osama Bin Laden, isnt that against International LAW?

if so then they would be no better than the president himself!!

I think john edwards came o... (Below threshold)
Lee Carlson:

I think john edwards came on strong and showed a lot of gut. But that conflicts his nice guy image. and he got burned by Barack on leadership on the war.

Clinton kind of managed to stay above the fray, but looked a little too much like a polished politician. She didn't hurt her front-runner status too much.

Obama, well... he showed charisma, had a great one-liner against edwards, but failed to defend his health care policy well.

For the rest, they are all losing. But Biden impressed me with his take on The Sudan Genocide. Bill Richardson was a stuttering fool who repeated his resume. Gravel is a nut, but provides entertainment. Kucinich was compassionate and professional, but he didn't impress. Wait i'm forgetting someone, ...Oh, Chris Dodd! Of the two minutes of air time that Wolf gave him, he did not say a thing worth remembering

I think that the one-liner ... (Below threshold)

I think that the one-liner of the night wasn't Obama's shot at Edwards, but Edwards apology.

When John said:You were right, I was wrong.(on voting for the Iraq War) It showed class, and honesty.
In my opinion, his sincerity made Hillary look bad. WHY WON'T SHE SAY SHE'S SORRY?!!


I watched both debates. No... (Below threshold)

I watched both debates. Not one Democratic or Republican candidate said anything that convinced me that they know what is happening in the U.S. They are out of touch with the American people. Perhaps they should spend less time believing Ted Kennedy and President Bush and more time reading their email and letters.

Hillary one. She's a Pragma... (Below threshold)

Hillary one. She's a Pragmatic Idealist. She can bring both parties together.

I used to like Edwards, but when he get's scared he goes on the attack. You don't want that in a President.

Richardson and Obama were also strong.






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