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Fellow Blogger Needs Some Help

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House, one of the most talented bloggers on the right side of the 'sphere, is asking for a little help to continue what he loves: writing professionally. He has had some success with free-lance writing recently and loves it; however, in order to continue, he really could use a boost.

So that's where we are at the moment - totally and completely dependent on you, my friends, enemies, readers, lurkers, fellow bloggers and all the rest to help keep my hopes alive. I do love writing so. And I would hate to give it up without being able to tell myself I did everything I could - including asking for donations from strangers - to keep doing what I have discovered to be a boundless passion so late in life. Especially since in the last month, I have finally begun to sell some of my writing. It's not much yet. But the promise of more is there.

I donated via PayPal. Stop by his site if you would like to offer a little support as well.

Comments (3)

Pathetic. Was Moran holding... (Below threshold)

Pathetic. Was Moran holding a tin cup during his latest begfest? Here is my contribution....$.01.

What's pathetic is the soph... (Below threshold)

What's pathetic is the sophistical rhetoric Soros underwrites. I truly believe his money is at least partially responsible for the execrable reasoning and rhetoric on the left.

And, coincidentally, and pr... (Below threshold)

And, coincidentally, and probably causally related to the excellent creativity, humour, reasoning, and rhetoric on the right, as exemplified by Rick Moran. I listened to he and Clarice expound on Plame on air together, once. I hope they're not remnants.






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