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Make way for ducklings!

This morning, I took my sad but not fully broken camera out and ruthlessly exploited a little girl in my neighborhood -- and I have photographic proof.

I rushed down to the river bank and found that my ducklings were out and about -- at least, one batch of them, with Momma and Poppa in close attendance. (There's another group of three that are a little older.) There also was the young lady in question. I immediately handed her the bread I had brought to feed the ducks (personal note: I hate the smell and taste of rye bread.) Then, with her handling the feeding of the ducks, I could use both hands on my camera (with the busted LCD screen and crappy quality) and move around the shore to get the best pictures I could.

Those are the best five, suitably cropped and tweaked.

I really like my neighborhood.

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Suitably cropped?!? And no... (Below threshold)

Suitably cropped?!? And no Pitcher of the Rye?

sorry about the OT post...b... (Below threshold)

sorry about the OT post...but I had to post it somewhere (it's too, uh, "something" not to share!)

NY Times Headline:
"Romney's Fortunes Tied to Riches Gained in Business"

You mean he made money in BUSINESS?? As opposed to the tried and true Kennedy method of inheriting it??? (and yes, there are plenty of Republicans who inherit money too...sadly, I'm not one of them).

Next headline on Romney will probably be:
"Romney privately admits having seen wife naked"

ok...back on the duck topic! :)

Ducky looks like he/she wis... (Below threshold)

Ducky looks like he/she wishes to run off with her duck bretheren! Funny photos, and much like what I saw at Chicago's Lincoln Park while on a walk the other day.

What's the matter? Wouldn'... (Below threshold)
Dennis P. Skea:

What's the matter? Wouldn't the little girl sign the release? Otherwise, cute!!!!

lol... (Below threshold)


A truely target rich enviro... (Below threshold)

A truely target rich enviroment...

Nice pictures. Guess you a... (Below threshold)

Nice pictures. Guess you aren't a fan of the Alfred Hitchcock classic "The Birds?"

That two-door Matador stati... (Below threshold)

That two-door Matador station wagon. Now, that's security.

I'm an idiot. I just reali... (Below threshold)

I'm an idiot. I just realized why there is no 'Pitcher'.

Loved the photos!L... (Below threshold)

Loved the photos!

Love the ducks, any ducks, all ducks, too.

I remember a while ago when you were talking about a crow problem near where you lived. Some noise by too many Ravens or Crows yelling in great numbers...

Anyway, there are many groups of Ravens/Crows (I don't know which they are but they're very large Crows so I suspect they're some family of Raven) near where I live and I have been feeding them bread/cracker/nut treats for many years BUT not consistently so they don't become dependent on my food-helps.

Regardless, whenever I take a walk in the neighborhood or even go outside for a short while for any reason, any errand, a few of them will fly along from tree to tree throughout my entire errand (I've seen them, it's not accidental, they do follow me around town because apparently these intelligent birds recognize me as an individual) (ducks do, too, for those who feed them, and in fact, so do all birds).

This morning, I heard a huge racket outside, nearly the bird equivalent of the Crows outside screaming. It was unusual, not the normal early-morning greeting chatter, but a real "complaint" noise from the whole area near my house (tall trees all around, the Crows and other birds live in them).

So I looked outside in the early dim light and saw a Opposum running away across the nearby street, away from the area. It was the Oppossum the Crows/Ravens were 'yelling' about (Opposum predates upon birds and especially their eggs).

Opposum got across the street and scurried into the bushes and then I heard a few lone Crows yelling out in decreasing distance away from me, certainly following the Opposum to make sure it continued to go away from the area.

So, it might have been a predator issue with your Crows/Ravens making all that noise, as it was with the ones near my place. They are certainly very intelligent birds, no doubt about it. I can no more than open my blinds to look outside and a few of the Crows/Ravens here will spy me and fly over to see if I've left them any food. Remarkably vigilent and observant, I'm continually amazed as their abilities to keep an eye out on their neighborhood as they do.

Another reason why I don't feed them consistently but try to surprise them at intervals...otherwise, I'd be overrun with them.

Actually, now that I think about this, I really love birds and always have, all of them. But Ducks are extra special...






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