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New York Times to Trash Hillary Book

Not a big surprise in and of itself; however, what is surprising is that the book was written by two New York Times reporters. Drudge has the story:

Editors of the NEW YORK TIMES are set to publish a highly-critical review of a book written by famed NEW YORK TIMES reporters, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In 'HER WAY', Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. have written what will become mandatory reading for Clinton's opponents.

"The book is almost uniformly negative and overly focused on what they consider the Clintons' scandalous past and the darker aspects of Hillary Clinton's personality... The evidence of such a pact -- interviews that have already been challenged in the press -- is less than convincing," writes Robert Dallek in a review set for the paper.

"Carl Bernstein, the veteran journalist of Woodward-and-Bernstein Watergate fame, presents a more balanced and convincing picture of Clinton in his competing biography."

Dallek slams: "Gerth and Van Natta seem to detect no angels in Clinton's nature whatsoever, much less better ones, and the result is a one-sided figure who never quite springs to life or feels truly authentic."

So, the New York Times would rather you purchase the competing book written by Carl Bernstein. There must be some pretty bad information about Hillary in Her Way that the Times is trying to steer readers clear of it.


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Comments (27)

I hope it's better than tha... (Below threshold)

I hope it's better than that Swift Boat book - only about 90% of it was discredited. Cheesy ending too.

I hope it's just like Un... (Below threshold)

I hope it's just like Unfit for Command.

Great book.

Those guys never flip-flopped, unlike some idiot junior senators from Massachusetts.

It's too bad O'Neill didn't write a book about Hillary.

That's what I love about le... (Below threshold)

That's what I love about lefties.

They all think that saying something makes it so.


Hm. Looks like I'll have t... (Below threshold)

Hm. Looks like I'll have to read both.

Well, the NY Times w... (Below threshold)

Well, the NY Times wants bury its head in the sand when it comes to terrorism...so they have to do something when they're not getting classified information that could harm this country.

I hope it's better than... (Below threshold)

I hope it's better than that Swift Boat book - only about 90% of it was discredited. Cheesy ending too.

You forgot to put the words "I wish" in front of the discredited part, because it wasn't.

But nice try.

Uh jp2 even if it were so, ... (Below threshold)

Uh jp2 even if it were so, that "10%" left shore did kick old chief horseface's ass didn't it. he he

Dallek has been all over th... (Below threshold)

Dallek has been all over the place lately trying to stay relevant. He's a partisan hack-- nothing more, nothing less.

Yeah, 1% is an "ass kicking... (Below threshold)

Yeah, 1% is an "ass kicking" as much as it is a mandate.

I'm glad you are happy with the direction our country has taken. You can take solace in the fact that 28/100 people can relate to your deficiencies.

"You forgot to put the words "I wish" in front "

Yeah, I forget to tell "not jokes" and use the word "hip" as well. Are you still listening to MC Hammer?

JP2, Bush still polls highe... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

JP2, Bush still polls higher than the democrats that run comgress. Besides bozo, the only poll that counted is the one in which he whipped Kerrys swiftboat ass. I have a friend who served with the same outfit Kerry served in, in Viet Nam in swift boats. He told me Kerry was a coward. You can discredit that all you want to, but this is from a man who serve along side the coward.

jp2, Now list the parts tha... (Below threshold)

jp2, Now list the parts that were discredited. I have the book right here and followed the Sham of Traitor Hanoi John since 1970 (I am a full tour + a couple of years around but not incountry Vietnam Vet). He should have been tried and shot in 1975 instead of giving him a dishonorable discharge. Want to dispute the dishonorable discharge, get him to sign the SF180. Still waiting and I have a copy saved on my computer, sent him a half dozen copies, no reply. Maybe you'll have better luck. It's real easy, I signed a SF180 that allowed my oldest daughter to get her medical records. No problem.

The problem is that any book that points out Shrillary's criminal history will be correct. There is enough crime and corruption to fill several large books.

Scrappy, libs always say so... (Below threshold)

Scrappy, libs always say something is discredited or debunked....just because they want it to be.

It's always cracked me up.

I have UNFIT FOR COMMAND it... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I have UNFIT FOR COMMAND its all about JOHN KERRY and i trsut the swiftboat vets more then i trust the liberal left-wing news media

I have just a couple of que... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I have just a couple of questions for Ms Clinton. If she should attain the whitehouse, are they going to bring back the "W's" they stole? Next I want to know how much a Presidential pardon will cost this time? The Clintons are criminals. Only democrats would want them back in the Whitehouse. They have used the power of public office to cover criminal activities. It is hard to fathom any rationale for returning this pair to power. I don't care who the Republican candidate is, Hillary Clinton must meet defeat. We cannot afford another Clinton in the Whitehouse. Particularly this one.

"are they going to bring... (Below threshold)

"are they going to bring back the "W's" they stole?"

Maybe its time you dock your tinfoil ark and turn down the dueling banjos:

As per a formal review by the General Accounting Office, the investigative agency "had found no damage to the offices of the White House's East or West Wings or EOB" and that Bush's own representatives had reported "there is no record of damage that may have been deliberately caused by the employees of the Clinton administration."

But why let facts get in the way? That makes residing in the 30% swamp so uncool.

Imagine what Hillary would ... (Below threshold)

Imagine what Hillary would have done to Kerry if she'd wanted the nomination last time. Remember how hard she campaigned for him?

I once followed a link post... (Below threshold)

I once followed a link posted by one of the resident Wiz-crew and was led to a site based on the people the Clintons are supposed to have had killed. You just can't penetrate that kind of willful ignorance and paranoid fog. I'm not really much of a a Hillary fan, but I'm pretty sure she and Bill are not the spawn of Satan, as many here would have you believe. It's kind of fun to watch the darker side of human nature rear its ugly head every time there's a post about her or Bill. You can almost hear the spittle hitting the monitor screens.

Maybe there should be more revealing biographies about a young scion of a globally connected power-hungry family that spends his early life as an arrested adolescent substance abuser/ failed businessman, then finds Jesus, is installed as president, and subsequently, along with his dark master, seeks to plunge the world into a race for Armageddon.

That alcoholic in recovery ... (Below threshold)

That alcoholic in recovery is running the world and adding stakeholder value daily, even for the sullen. You'll miss him when he's gone. We don't miss Bill.

Groucho, the post has nothi... (Below threshold)

Groucho, the post has nothing to do about John Kennedy, stay on topic.

The problem with the dimmers is what their candidates think of their electorate. All show, no substance. Examples:

Dukakis riding a tank with his silly head sticking out with the helmet. "Look how tough I can pretend to be."

Al Gore: " We will put it in a lockbox", and "Dingle Norwood, Dingle Norwood" he said condenscendingly.

John Kerry: " John Kerry reporting for duty", he said with a sharp salute. And I also remember the joke at the time: " Have you heard Kerry served in Vietnam?".

Now you have: Shrillary, empty suit O'Bama, Bumpersticker Edwards or Two America Edwards, Plagarism Joe, I am hispanic Richardson (at a time when a majority of americans are grappling with the illegal question), and believe it or not, the rest of them are even more insane.

Now a book comes out to slam Hillary, written by democrats, and it is reviled. The dems are eating their own. ww

It's all just a lead up to ... (Below threshold)

It's all just a lead up to the NYT's soon-to-come endorsement of Obama.

Not a chance, O, otherwise ... (Below threshold)

Not a chance, O, otherwise the published review would have supported the book. Pinch, Schumer, Clinton, the axes of political evil.

Obama is stalking horse. I... (Below threshold)

Obama is stalking horse. I wonder what they have to nobble him with; so does he.

Obama is stalking ... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:
Obama is stalking horse. I wonder what they have to nobble him with; so does he.

Yeah, so do I. I was visiting a friend of mine out in LA a couple of months back. He's a lefty, but a reasonably sensible one, and when the subject of Hillary came up, he said, "I will NOT vote for Lady McBeth."

Which seemed to me to be a perfect description. And Lady McBeth has a plan for disposing of Obama. Count on it.

I have yet to see any of Wi... (Below threshold)

I have yet to see any of Wizbang's resident lefties provide evidence that the Swiftboat vet charges were "discredited."

So how about it? jp2? Anyone? Bueller?

The shame is that "Unfit fo... (Below threshold)

The shame is that "Unfit for Command" needed anything between the covers to explain (I guess some people need explanations even for "truisms").

The title is enough in and of itself. It is a truism.

If a book was titled, "Michael Moore is an Ass", I wouldn't have to read it to see if it were so. Would you?

Another dispatch from the s... (Below threshold)

Another dispatch from the sticks and stones school of political commentary. Thanks, ww!

No, I most certainly will NOT miss Chancellor Bush when he's gone. 19 more months! I just flipped the page on my countdown calendar.

Say it with me now..."President Al Gore"...

Any of the top four Republi... (Below threshold)

Any of the top four Republicans can beat Gore. The media will support Hillary and it will take all the money and smarts Thompson/Romney or vice versa can garner to beat her.






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