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Quote of the Day - Hubris On Parade Edition

"There has been no rebounding back. The ice just hasn't had a chance to bounce back, to grow during the winter, during the cold season of the year. Essentially what's happening is there's been so much warm weather, week after week, month after month, season after season, the environment is just not behaving the way it should,"

Environment Canada's David Phillips who is actually egotistical enough to think he knows how the planet should behave and that's it's not living up to his expectations.

"Bad planet. Bad. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you're done."

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Not one of these alarmists ... (Below threshold)

Not one of these alarmists have stated what they think the optimal temperature of the Earth should be. Not one. All we hear is how things are changing, but where is the zero point? Where is the standard that we are supposed to base these assertions on? Or are we supposed to assume that the climate from 20 years ago was the most perfect this world has ever sustained?

I think this represents the... (Below threshold)

I think this represents the breakdown of the "every kind of weather --hot, cold, normal, above-normal, below-normal equals Global Warming" strategy. "Global Warming" became "Climate Change" as soon as it became clear that the variety of weather/climate patterns contra-indicated the global warming diagnosis, and this is just the death throes of a pseudo-scientific disinformation campaign.

Do I have to google CERN my... (Below threshold)

Do I have to google CERN myself?

Kim, if you're speaking to ... (Below threshold)

Kim, if you're speaking to me, Mac is in charge of CERN ;-)

Not to pick at nits... but.... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

Not to pick at nits... but...

"Bad planet. Bad. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you've done."

Where's the planetary therm... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Where's the planetary thermostat? I know there's that ball of fire about 93 million miles away...

You guys aren't going to ma... (Below threshold)

You guys aren't going to make it in the comedy world. Not enough M F's scattered around. I know what's wrong with the climate. My heat pump went south (actually boom) and won't come back until I pay a $3,000 ransom.

OK, Mac, what's the latest?... (Below threshold)

OK, Mac, what's the latest? My google machine couldn't find the latest results from CERN on the cosmic ray cloud forming particles and the earth's magnetic field. I suspect there has been no news.

Thanks, P.

Oops, missed last night's d... (Below threshold)

Oops, missed last night's discussion on the previous thread. Still at it, apparently.

Kim and Paul,This ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Kim and Paul,

This is the newest press release from CERN about the CLOUD experiment. Here is the press release page.

CLOUD stands for "Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets". When doing searches on the web it best to try the expanded form as you get more relevant hits.

Excellent, and thanks. I d... (Below threshold)

Excellent, and thanks. I didn't know that Herschel noted a correlation between sunspots and the price of wheat.






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