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Who Has our Missing Soldiers?

Iraqi terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq, affiliated with al Qaeda, says they do and that they're dead. From SITE Institute:

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella insurgent group comprised of al-Qaeda in Iraq and others, and its official distributor and producer of multimedia, al-Furqan Foundation for Media Production, produced a 10:41 minute video of the planning and attack of an operation in southern Baghdad where three American soldiers were captured. As yet the video has not been released by the group; however it was obtained by the SITE Institute. Titled, "Clash and Capturing Three Americans in the Governorate of Baghdad", the video presents itself as a propaganda piece aimed at showing the failure and alleged refusal of the American military and U.S. President George W. Bush to care for the blood of its soldiers. Three American soldiers, Pvt. Byron Wayne Fouty, Spc. Alex Ramon Jimenez, and Pfc. Joseph Anzack, were captured following a clash between the Mujahideen of the Islamic State and an American patrol in al-Mahmoudiya on May 12, 2007; one of the soldiers, Anzack, was confirmed killed when his body was discovered in the Euphrates Rivers.

Narration speaks condescendingly of the American military and its refusal to heed the warnings of the Islamic State of Iraq to cease their search for the soldiers, else they would be killed, and explains that the soldiers conducting the search abused Muslims. Thus, the narrator explains that the soldiers were announced dead to end the search.

Laura Mansfield has heard the video and offers this analysis:

Although the video says that the Islamic State of Iraq is announcing the deaths of the soldiers, it has provided no evidence to verify their claim.

Historically, the Islamic State of Iraq has not hesitated to show executions of captives, so it is doubtful that this omission is out of any sense of decorum.

The video also makes the claim that they will not return the bodies but have buried them. This is also inconsistent with the previous documented behavior of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Just last June, ISI kidnapped two American soldiers. A video showing the desecration of their bodies was later released by the group.

The absence of any photographs of the captive soldiers is curious. Perhaps the soldiers wounded in the attack.

As of now, other than the photos of the ID cards and personal effects of the missing soldiers, ISI hasn't released any footage indicating that they actually ever had these two missing men in their custody.

Let's pray it's all a ruse. Please keep Fouty's and Jimenez's families in your prayers.


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And please keep Pfc. Joseph... (Below threshold)

And please keep Pfc. Joseph Anzack's family in your prayers, as well. I have been to his myspace---linked through Michelle Malkin's site. He was a great son, brother, and friend to so many.

Thank you, Gail.... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Gail.

Thanks, Kim---Keep getting ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Kim---Keep getting the word out there!!! Wizbang is the coolest-- I have been talking it up.

mullah cimoc say usa media ... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say usa media so lying every day for keep ameriki people stupid to support the war of lie.

this not the free press of ameriki revolutionary period. am ameriki now the king george and oppressor and police state?

this all so sad for the once great ameriki.

<a href="http://en.wikipedi... (Below threshold)
Connecting the Dots:


In Judaism

Form and functions

Samuel's father (c. 200) said: "The angel of death said to me, 'Only for the sake of the honor of mankind do I not tear off their necks as is done to slaughtered beasts'" ('Ab. Zarah 20b).

In later representations the knife sometimes replaces the sword, and reference is also made to the cord of the angel of death, which indicates death by throttling. Moses says to God: "I fear the cord of the angel of death" (Grünhut, l.c. v. 103a et seq.).

Of the four Jewish methods of execution three are named in connection with the angel of death: burning (by pouring hot lead down the victim's throat-- similar to the drop of gall), slaughtering (by beheading), and throttling. The angel of death administers the particular punishment which God has ordained for the commission of sin.

The angel of death takes on the particular form which will best serve his purpose; e.g., he appears to a scholar in the form of a beggar imploring pity (M. Ḳ. 28a).

"When pestilence rages in the town, walk not in the middle of the street, because the angel of death [i.e., pestilence] strides there; if peace reigns in the town, walk not on the edges of the road. When pestilence rages in the town, go not alone to the synagogue, because there the angel of death stores his tools.

If the dogs howl, the angel of death has entered the city; if they make sport, the prophet Elijah has come" (B. Ḳ. 60b). The "destroyer" ("saṭan ha-mashḥit") in the daily prayer is the angel of death (Ber. 16b). Midr. Ma'ase Torah (compare Jellinek, "B. H." ii. 98) says:

Who does have our Soldiers???
Who's behind the Ninga Masks?

Radical Islams
or Zoinist Jews

The angel of death takes on the particular form which will best serve his purpose; e.g., he appears to a scholar in the form of a beggar imploring pity (M. Ḳ. 28a).

I thought I saw a picture on the internet, where Pvt. Fouty was holding a dog on the edge of the road in uniform. I also read some where he has a nephew named Isaac?

Samael told Sarah that Abraham had sacrificed Isaac in spite of his wailing, and Sarah died of horror and grief (Pirḳe R. El. xxxii.). It was Moses who most often had dealings with the angel.

I represent Alex Ramon Jime... (Below threshold)

I represent Alex Ramon Jimenez, and his wife in her pending U.S. immigration matter. Army Spc. Alex Jimenez and his wife went to the Immigration office after they were married to find out how he could sponsor his wife for her Green Card. As a result of this visit, the Government instituted deportation proceedings against Mrs. Jimenez.

At the immigration court proceeding I moved the court to administratively close Mrs. Jimenez's case which would prevent the Government from being able to deport her from the United States while her husband is fighting for our country in Iraq. The Hon. Philip J. Montante, Jr., I.J. agreed that Mrs. Jimenez's case should be administratively closed for humanitarian reasons, and the Government did not object to my request.

Unfortunately, administrative closure does not permanently solve Mrs. Jimenez's problem because the immigration law does not permit her to apply for her Green Card inside of the United States, and if she departs the United States to apply for her Green Card she will automatically trigger a ten-year bar to readmission. Furthermore, the government may at any time move to reopen Mrs. Jimenez's case to deport her.

I immediately contacted the Government to determine if they would be willing to assist in finding a resolution to this case without the need for SPC Jimenez's wife to depart the United States to apply for her Green Card, which would immediately trigger a ten year bar to her readmission. All that would be required is for Mrs. Jimenez to leave the United States for 1 day, and have her paroled back into the Country to enable her to apply for her Green Card and a waiver of the ten-year bar. Mrs. Jimenez is otherwise eligible to apply for her Green Card. I was advised that the Government was unwilling to parole her back to the Country to let her apply for her Green Card.

I was personally advised by Office of Chief Counsel, and Citizenship and Immigration Services that Montreal would not accept her visa application because Mrs. Jimenez, does not have lawful status in Canada. If the Consulate would agree to this it would minimize the amount of time that she would need to be out of the United States.

I contacted Senator Clinton's office last March about this problem, but unfortunately, I have yet to receive any response from her.

The effect of the Government's refusal to help is that Mrs. Jimenez is faced with the hardship of not knowing if she will be deported, in addition to having to face her fears that her husband may have died fighting for his country.






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