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Did Hillary Clinton Get Work Done?


That's the big question everyone's whispering about but, apparently, no one has the nerve to ask out loud. From the Boston Herald:

So I'm in New Hampshire for the Democrats' debate Sunday, watching on two huge screens. The instant Hillary appears, the woman behind me whispers, "Oh look at Hillary. She's had work done!"

I put the question to WBZ's political guru Jon Keller: Notice anything about Hillary? "Botox," he replied, not missing a beat. "But it's time for Botox to win one."

He was referring to John Kerry and Botox. And elaborate dental work. And chin reduction. Google our senator, before and after.

Hillary's new glow was all the talk on "The View." This was when we needed Rosie O'Donnell to cut to the chase and bellow, "Did she get an eye job? A face lift?" Sadly, Rosie's gone and nobody else dared admit what they were thinking.

It's about time for Botox to win one? That comment is about as superficial as it gets. But it's not a bad idea for her if you think about it. She has to compete with Silky Pony for the Democratic nomination, so who can blame her for wanting to get a touch up? Really, John Edwards should not be the prettiest candidate on the stage.

Update: The ever so kind and unbelievably diplomatic Lee Ward and jp2 kindly brought it to my attention that the Boston Herald updated its piece about Hillary with this photo and caption:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's 'flawless, almost dewy' appearance at Sunday's televised Dem debate, left, and her less dewy complexion the next day, right. (AP)

Thank you so much Lee and jp2. You are such gentlemen for so kindly pointing out the update on the Herald's website for me.


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Comments (41)

I don't think it's a big de... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

I don't think it's a big deal, really. It's showbiz, after all.

You folks love to make fun ... (Below threshold)

You folks love to make fun of Edwards. Have you taken a good look at "Flipper" Romney and his JFK wanna-be look and his Barbie Doll wife? LOL

Its just one more false fro... (Below threshold)

Its just one more false front in the effort to become the next maximum leader by a politician that has to much to hide from her past already.

Now there's two good lookin... (Below threshold)

Now there's two good looking babes running for the Dem nomination - gc

This is a typical Wizass at... (Below threshold)
Is our children learning?:

This is a typical Wizass attack w/ no relevant merit from a one-dimensional hack.

A few years ago she dissapp... (Below threshold)

A few years ago she dissappeared from all public view for about 6 months. Towards the end of that period you could see a few pics where she had an extremely puffy face.

My assumption she had a jack-hammer taken to her face. A more than courteous media helped hide it.

Who cares? Hillary's cosmet... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Who cares? Hillary's cosmetics is the last thing about her that worries me.

Yes, she's had cosmetic and... (Below threshold)

Yes, she's had cosmetic and probable plastic work done (Cosmetic is my first guess).

First, I believe she's had her teeth capped which explains her "corrected" and realigned facial skin to a great degree (more pronounced, corrected, capped teeth will realign the jaw, the lips appear more protruded ["youthful"], the nose doesn't look as long [or excessive, again, "younger"]...

And the cheek line/jowls issue...that's modifiable by working inside the cheeks and removing fat, among a few other activities.

She's certainly had her facial skin modified (most in the Senate have, just look at them, no one spends all their time indoors in central air/heating and escapes a dried, and thus, wrinkled, face UNLESS you get ongoing skin treatments to counter the drying effects of artificial -- and drying -- environments).

You can ALWAYS identify face (especially brow) lifts (which Hillary looks likely to have had, too) by examining the hairline and area between the eyes and hairline [and eyes and brows] in photos from one time period to a more current one.

The only way that's disguised or manipulated in the perceptions of others about someone who's had a brow lift (and/or a scalp lift which is what most men have when they have plastic surgery done -- certainly nearly all male actors and many females ones, too), is to realign the hair line in the front (usually they "add hair" to the front top of the new front scalp line to repopulate the skin area now exposed when the scalp is lifted up and backward).

I can tell as most people can that Hillary's had a lot of cosmetic and probable plastic work done (but I believe it's largely cosmetic along with dental improvements).

Another thing/advantage with dental cosmetics is that you get a higher bite line in the back teeth and it lifts the lower jaw in appearance and function...women lose that "downward droop" to their mouths (men do, too but it seems to be more a problem with women as to appearance) and the jowls are less "droopy" as is the jaw line more defined afterward.

She's also not being photographed in near proximity. The very few photos of Hillary I've seen for some years now show that she has intensely wrinkled facial skin so that's not going to be changed by mere creams and potions. One has to have cosmetic work to reduce that and when someone has reduced facial wrinkles, it can't be explained away by mere cremes or potions -- you start with resurfacing the skin and then move onward from there if it's really, really a problem).

In Hillary's case, yes, she's had work done. Cosmetic work, certainly, on her facial skin and my best guess is a scalp or brown lift, too, along with dental cosmetics done.

Oh, I meant to also add tha... (Below threshold)

Oh, I meant to also add that she appears to have had the skin over her eyes reduced (that'd be an outpatient plastic surgery procedure, done by many optomologists, very common for women).

To "isourchildrenlearning?"... (Below threshold)

To "isourchildrenlearning?"...actually, it's more a Liberal thing, whether many admit it or not, as to physical appearance and "attractiveness" of people as acceptable if attractive ("enough") and not attractive, not "popular" if not attractive ("enough").

If not, then, there's no explanation for the massive popularity madness that characterises all of entertainment and especially Liberal enthusiasm for entertainment as foundation of socio-political representation. All the bigger, "most popular" Liberal websites (also Democrats) all tend to gravitate as to issues upon the same founding principle, even when it's never stated directly: who is more popular than whom and what they look like, what they buy, what they wear, who they know, who they refuse (because they're "not popular/attractive enough")...

I don't object to physical attractiveness (hardly) but I do find the obsession about physical appeal to be vain. It's fine when people admit that it is, but it's another thing when the vanity masqueredes as glorious goal -- which is, in fact, the essence of vanity.

children, its a commentary ... (Below threshold)

children, its a commentary on a Boston Globe article, idiot.

And note that many Liberals... (Below threshold)

And note that many Liberals/Democrats denigrate the "rightwing" (Republicans mostly) as being "hillbillies" or "toothless" or "beer bellied" or similar insults. The methodology is, in essence, to try to eliminate others from social circles/social interactions because they're alleged to be (or at least labelled as being) physically unappealing.

That's a Liberal thing, part of the Liberal mentality, in my experience.

To try to suggest that this doesn't exist is to, n fact, confirm my allegations...that vanity is active among mostly the vain and that mostly the vain can be found among Liberals.

All the face work in the wo... (Below threshold)
John in CA:

All the face work in the world won't correct her cackling laugh, nor will it eliminate her socialist tendencies.

Getting the skin smoothed o... (Below threshold)

Getting the skin smoothed over a wrinkled criminals face only makes a smooth skinned criminal.

Did she get both her... (Below threshold)

Did she get both her faces lifted...or just one?

You do know that there is a... (Below threshold)

You do know that there is a limit to "lifting"? To much and your lower half can replace your upper half.

It is too simplistic to thi... (Below threshold)

It is too simplistic to think that this is just a cosmetic change (and no one has mentioned that they think she hasn't had work done -- the question is how much she had done).

Hillary camp has even changed in general her manner of dress and her overall appearance. It is to try to dissociate her previous association with feminism, Whitewater, earning probably 20 times her investment within a year on cow futures, her claiming tax deductions on donations of used underwear (I'm not kidding -- this is public record), etc.

While this is the typical f... (Below threshold)

While this is the typical friend-of-a-friend word-of-mouth stuff, I've been told that Hillary definitely went in for work before the Dem convention in Los Angeles in 2000.

The source is a family friend in Los Angeles whose family is in the medical community. Their office complex was pretty much shut down by the Secret Service temporarily so that Mrs. Clinton could get certain work done in peace.

(The guess was that she was getting collagen treatments or something else that is a quick fix rather than something more extensive like a facelift.)

Shame this wasn't a caption... (Below threshold)

Shame this wasn't a caption contenst, Justrand...you would have won it with that one.

At the end of the day I could care less really. Charisma, some amount, is a required asset for a god leader. Some may have more a physical balance, some more a social, and yet others a good balance between the two.

Her husband is very charismaic, her...not so much.

Yeah, it's Botox allright. ... (Below threshold)
Bill Clinton:

Yeah, it's Botox allright. We borrowed Gupta's jet for the ride to the clinic where the work was done for free (well, we'll have to do something for them under the table as usual).

Still, it's like putting a dress on a pig. You still have a pig.

No matter how much botox and liposuction (her ass isa mile wide) I still wouldn't do her, but I'm sure Rosie would. I feel her pain.

No no no ... she just twist... (Below threshold)

No no no ... she just twisted and tightened the knob on the top of her head... that new chin dimple? her belly button!... (don't even ask about her recent development of chin hair)

Your Boston Globe link seem... (Below threshold)

Your Boston Globe link seems to go to a Boston Herald column. There is quite a difference.

My immediate thought was Bl... (Below threshold)

My immediate thought was Blepharoplasty (fat removal from the upper and lower eyelids), but that involves actual incisions around the fatty deposits surrounding the eye socket. Then again, there are some amazing products out there that firm facial tissues: look at the use of Preparation-H by beauty pageant contestants! Botox is also more likely here than actual, recent surgery.

BrandoninBR is correct. Clinton definitely went under the knife just prior to the Vogue magazine layout she did in 2000.

Great analysis, clearly Wiz... (Below threshold)

Great analysis, clearly Wizbang is popular with doctors and facial surgeons.

Oh except one thing...

The pictures are switched. Yes, that's right. All of your expert analysis is completely bogus. It's a misleading hit piece, fooling you and several of the experts in the comments.


I expect a correction for this garbage by the end of the day Kim. The Herald has now reversed the pictures. How about you?

You can put lipstick on a p... (Below threshold)

You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.

These pictures are one day ... (Below threshold)

These pictures are one day apart; it's the lighting. But still, can I make an appointment -S-?

If Hillary wants to make a ... (Below threshold)

If Hillary wants to make a noticeable change, she needs to get some liposuction done on those big ass thighs of hers...

"I expect a correction f... (Below threshold)

"I expect a correction for this garbage by the end of the day Kim. The Herald has now reversed the pictures. How about you?"

You expect a correction? Don't hold your breath - just because Kim got it 100% wrong and the "smooth-faced Hillary photo was ACTUALLY TAKEN BEFORE THE OTHER ONE there will be no correction from Kim --

She's busy walking the dog... or something, and she never saw the update which proves that she's 100% wrong... honest -- really -- no kidding.... Just slipped right past her...

I am brought to tears that ... (Below threshold)

I am brought to tears that our comrade liberals have accepted that facts are important, whether it benefits you or not (just in time in this case where it may appear to benefit them, even though the photos are JUST a day apart).

You have come a long way baby, from libs not caring much about facts when it came to Rather reporting on the forged documents.

Well, Lee Ward was so certa... (Below threshold)

Well, Lee Ward was so certain that Kim wouldn't make a correction. He was being oh so smart and sarcastic.

Will he now say a "thank you for the correction, I was wrong to be sarcastic" type note?

Sorry, he's busy walking his French poodle . . . or something, or waxing the dolphin.

So is Kim suggesting that H... (Below threshold)

So is Kim suggesting that Hillary had a botox REMOVAL the day after the debate?

No, Kim is now silent on the subject - ignoring the fact that the photos, once corrected, do not support the contention that Clinton has "had work" at all - no, just move long to the next smearing opportunity...

Come on, Lee, lighten up. I... (Below threshold)

Come on, Lee, lighten up. I have no idea if Hillary had any work done nor do I care. I just linked to an article that speculated that she did and made fun of it.

Lee, it's the bestest brigh... (Below threshold)

Lee, it's the bestest brightest day of the whole new year. You've brilliantly exposed the utter dishonesty of a wingnut.

"Come on, Lee, lighten u... (Below threshold)

"Come on, Lee, lighten up. I have no idea if Hillary had any work done nor do I care. I just linked to an article that speculated that she did and made fun of it."

Well, I'm happy you did Kim. This is showing the exact pattern that liberals have been complaining about - the right wing blogosmear can't debate the issues, or the merits of their candidates, so they post snide innuendos like this post - based on lies, and then when they're proven to be lying and misleading their readership - OOPs, my bad!

No harm intended, they say and on the go to the next smear based on lies, and the next one, and the one after that.... and the one after that....

I honestly have no problem with it. I think it is contributing to the decline of the Republican party membership. Who wants to be associated with a pack of liars?

There you go again, Lee, ca... (Below threshold)

There you go again, Lee, calling me a liar just as you call Lorie a liar over and over again. There's no being civil with you, is there.

Kim,Why try to be ... (Below threshold)


Why try to be civil with Lee? I'm serious. Don't you know him by now?

He thinks we're the ones who lie. Right, so let him be a lib. Far be it to lie for those guys.

"There you go again, Lee, c... (Below threshold)

"There you go again, Lee, calling me a liar just as you call Lorie a liar over and over again. There's no being civil with you, is there."

If it's not fun being a liar, stop being one. Tell Lorie too.

Why do you think that it's ... (Below threshold)
Bill Clinton:

Why do you think that it's not fun being a liar?

Celebrate a little Lee, it ... (Below threshold)

Celebrate a little Lee, it might be months before you have another such triumph.

Nope it took about 24 hours... (Below threshold)

Nope it took about 24 hours - see Preistap's post on the "ABC LEAK"

I know plastic surgery when... (Below threshold)

I know plastic surgery when I see it. She has had
a ton of surgery done. Now if we could only get
a photo of her without her clothes (like in a bathing suit) you could really see the difference.
People don't realize how expensive good surgery
cost. Bill has had a great deat done also. He always has his hair styled and blowed to make it look fuller. And the lighting (key light) is really important. I am not against plastic surgery only the fact that what you see makes a
huge difference in the way they behave. If you look good you behave better and much more confident. If you could only get her to answer some pertinent questions. Tyson Foods bought her
a commodity contract for a grand and when it went
up they cashed it in and gave her the winnings. Its like gambling except she took no risk. Its called a payoff. Check out all the deals she had going on in the White House and if you can read between the lines you will see what a Liar she is
and will always be. Power is more potent then money. With power you can get all the money you want. God help us. And by the way how many wifes don't know when their husband is fooling around.
In the Oval Office, come on. Right wing conspiracy
my tush. The only conspiracy was the Clinton conspiracy. She is going to protect the United States with what?






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