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Fred Thompson's Website Goes Live

If you want to help Fred run for president, be sure to check out his new website: I'mWithFred.com.

Hat tip: Freepers

Update: Allahpundit posted the video of Fred on Hannity and Colmes tonight.


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Comments (36)

Safari is not identifying t... (Below threshold)

Safari is not identifying the website. Is it legit?

Well, the website is there,... (Below threshold)

Well, the website is there, but the 'contact' at the bottom is not.

The site looks fine in Fire... (Below threshold)

The site looks fine in Firefox.

Just donated $100...... (Below threshold)

Just donated $100...more to come once Fred gets IN!

I also volunteered to work the phones, go door-to-door and do lots of other community stuff!

Go Fred!!

Post-Bush, I don't think Am... (Below threshold)

Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another actor/politician. He looks, walks and talks like what many would consider to be an idealized, stylized version of a president, but scratch the veneer and he's just more of the same. We need a leader with a true vision. Don't see one yet, on either side.

groucho: "Post-Bush</... (Below threshold)

groucho: "Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another actor/politician."

Bush was an ACTOR?

Can you at least TRY and make sense?

Don't worry Justrand, some ... (Below threshold)

Don't worry Justrand, some people are only capable of making it up as they go along in their drug induced trance. Truth and fact are far above their capability.

I still like the idea of Fr... (Below threshold)

I still like the idea of Fred and Rudy together.

Ah, 'contact' works now. M... (Below threshold)

Ah, 'contact' works now. Maybe they were still setting it up. I'm pretty sure that Thompson will be P or VP candidate with Giuliani or Romney as the other. Fred is too media savvy not to use against Hillary and the media, and either of the other two are competent enough for the job. I prefer Romney to Giuliani because Rudy is an out of control prosecutor from the Southern District of New York, no really, look at his tactics. Almost as bad as Fitz.

And if Romney can fake running Massachusetts, he can do the same for the US, either as CEO(P) or COO(VP).

I really think it will be R... (Below threshold)

I really think it will be Romney/Thompson. Mitt can outmoney Soros. And like I say, if he can win in Massachusetts,.....how did he do that, anyway?

Mitt will get the American ... (Below threshold)

Mitt will get the American people to understand how competent and honest he is, Fred will thrust his cigar at Hillary, and she will get excited and shrill. What a smoke filled room we have.

Hoowee! Give that man a dec... (Below threshold)

Hoowee! Give that man a decent script! Hemming and hawing and liver-colored as well.

One sick puppy. Don't waste your Federal Reserve Notes on this deluded bozo.

PS: I stole the "bozo" line fron Fred's interview. His "bozo" mention was the highpoint of the session. (Ask Hannity. He woke up then)

PPS: What are you folks smoking? As much as I can't stand Giuliani, Giuliani would eat this guy for breakfast. That's bad.

I think after Bush's diffic... (Below threshold)

I think after Bush's difficulties with the English language, we can use someone who can communicate clearly.

Giuliani has a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

McCain has McCain-Feingold and now McCain-Kennedy to trip him up.

Romney might give Fred a run for his money, tho.

bryan is still [D]elusional... (Below threshold)

bryan is still [D]elusional, I see.

Check the latest polling figures, bryanD[imwit].

And then go crawl back into your hole.

G-D! Fred's using "moving f... (Below threshold)

G-D! Fred's using "moving forward" as a catch phrase on his website! WHAT A HOCKEY PUCK!



Groucho -You haven... (Below threshold)

Groucho -

You haven't realized that ALL politicians are actors? They'll tell you anything at all to get elected, and figure (rightly in most cases) you'll forget the promises made shortly after the election and they can do what they damn well please.

A pox on all of them.

Post-Bush, I don't... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:
Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another actor/politician.

What are you smoking, dude?

If the past 27 years (Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush) have taught us anything, it's that the presidency is as much a media job as anything else. Reagan and Clinton were both actors (OK, Clinton wasn't an actor by profession, but he could turn it on in front of a camera), and the two Bush's are not.

I'm not especially pleased with this state of affairs, mind you. I don't trust charisma, because it has nothing to do with the character of the people who have it. But the president needs to be a leader, and in the media age, that means he has to come through well on TV. Being able to act is a must.

bryanD-irtbag is at it agai... (Below threshold)

bryanD-irtbag is at it again-as in making no sense whatso ever in what he posts. Par for the coarse from a person(?) that visits Area 51 each day.

I was referencing the Gippe... (Below threshold)

I was referencing the Gipper in regards to Thompson, sorry that was so tough to understand. Lawson, unfortunately you're right. We've tolerated a decline in the level of public discourse in politics and most of us know at some level that much less will be delivered than was promised, but we elect the scoundrels anyway. Whether I agree with them or not, I find candidates like Ron Paul and Mike Gravel refreshing in their candor. They speak their mind clearly because their chance of winning the nomination is virtually nonexistent due to the reality that it comes down to money in the end. We should be ashamed that in our system it's the person with the most $ to not only sell himself but to tear down his opponent as well that we're most likely to elect. We can, and should, demand more from our leaders, instead of the collection of three-dollar bills we've seen the last few nights struggling to say the right thing and, above all, look presidential.

Thompson is as fake as any of them. A lot of people will give him a pass though, because he has a drawling, walking tall, stare 'em down kind of demeanor which, for some odd reason, Americans find reassuring. After the last six years, we should know better. Where's Thompson's money coming from? Nobody jumps in at his level without a whole lot of financial support. Could he be the "moving forward" candidate of the current administration and the Christo-fascist base? I think the fix will be in when he picks either Condi, Jeb or maybe even Darth Cheney as his VP.

I was referencing the Gi... (Below threshold)

I was referencing the Gipper in regards to Thompson, sorry that was so tough to understand.

Riiiiiight. Using the name Bush in a sentence is clearly a reference to Reagan. That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. [sarcasm] very lefty knows using the name Bush is a reference to Hitler, and vice versa.[/sarcasm]*

The rest of your screed is so mind-numbingly inane that I refuse to comment further on it.

*[sarcasm] tags added for the humor impaired.

groucho: "I was referenc... (Below threshold)

groucho: "I was referencing the Gipper in regards to Thompson, sorry that was so tough to understand."

well golly...here was the original statement: "Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another actor/politician."

By saying: "Post-BUSH" you are saying that some aspect of HIS life is relevant to THOMPSON not having a shot. You cite: "ACTOR" as the connection.


In trying to downplay Thomson's chances you might as well (and as accurately) said:

"Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another politician from Tennessee."
[note Bush isn't from Tennessee either]

"Post-Bush, I don't think Americans are going for another man who is 6 foot 4".
[Bush doesn't even TALK tall anymore]

and so on...get it, Groucho?

the Christo-fascist base?<b... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

the Christo-fascist base?
Are you using ad-hominen attack on behalf of the dem phonies and their iberal communist base?

I think Fred is pretty refr... (Below threshold)

I think Fred is pretty refreshing himself in his candor. I like him so far because of his no-nonsense approach, but I don't kow enough about him yet. I do think he's right about Iran. I don't think we'll have to get physical with Iran.

He's going to get hit with some hard ball questions. Let's wait and see how he handles them. Some people are just pissed off because he had bad things to say about Castro and made fun of their icon, Micheal Moore.

He's going to get hit wi... (Below threshold)

He's going to get hit with some hard ball questions. Let's wait and see how he handles them.

Agreed, but so far he's got my attention and interest, which is more than I can say about Giuliani or McCain, neither of which has my interest.

Thompson is as fak... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:
Thompson is as fake as any of them.

I think that remains to be seen. The only level of "fake" that I think matters in politician is whether or not his actions match up with his rhetoric.

(Well, OK, there is the sense in which a politician can be "fake" in that his rhetoric can be so "politicianly" that it could potentially match up with ANY action, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Fred.)

We've already got a Republi... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

We've already got a Republican president and yet Fred is saying that he's going to change things? And yet the same people who still support Bush are the ones supporting Fred.

Do you guys get dizzy from your heads spinning like that?

We already had corrupt Dems... (Below threshold)

We already had corrupt Dems in Congress and the same people who voted for them are also voting for more Dems.

Then replace Dem for Rep. Rinse/repeat.

As if they're all equally the same in every regard.

Is your head spinning now?

Note, please, that to a lef... (Below threshold)

Note, please, that to a lefty there's only one "flavor" of Republican. No such thing, in their feverish minds, a Republican is a Republican is a Republican, and they're all eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil wanna-be Hitlers. No "nuance" of moderate vs. conservative, no Goldwater or Rockefeller or Reagan Republicans, just "Republican."

A valuable insight into the mind of a lefty, there. Thank you, Paul.

But Rudy said the Libby pro... (Below threshold)

But Rudy said the Libby prosecution was 'incomprehensible' and the sentence an injustice. What, not all former Southern District of New York attorneys are in Schumer's pocket?

Let me translate 'Christofa... (Below threshold)

Let me translate 'Christofacsist base': people who have faith in free markets and God.

Let me translate 'Christ... (Below threshold)

Let me translate 'Christofacsist base': people who have faith in free markets and God.

And here I thought it was anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

That's def. 2 in the Progre... (Below threshold)

That's def. 2 in the Progressive Pictionary.

Fred...you da man. You foun... (Below threshold)
ken bohnert:

Fred...you da man. You found your calling. Keep your conservate views front and center. America needs you...Gods speed Mr President.

I'M WITH FRED! THE MAN GET... (Below threshold)


i would like to see fred th... (Below threshold)

i would like to see fred thomson stand up for america. i would ask him to commit to know one crosses our border. Next close the borders completely even if we have to hir thosands of pepole to do it. It will take guts to be the next president and I hope you have them. I would be glad to campaingn for you and or work the phones I can raise money if you give me the go ahead. I just ask that you be your own man. you will owe your election to yourself and those who believe in you don't let us down. even if you are only their onterm make it count and the second term will follow Gog bless and I am here just ask me and I'll serve the campaing well . Sincerely Gary W. Boring






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