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Israeli News Editor Admits Slanting the News to Encourage Withdrawal from Lebanon

A former editor of an Israeli radio station admits that he intentionally slanted the news to promote an anti-war agenda.

A former Israel Broadcasting Authority news editor admits: "We slanted the news towards a withdrawal from Lebanon - because we had sons there."

Speaking at the Haifa Radio Conference on Monday, several former and current news broadcasters on Voice of Israel and Army Radio discussed the tremendous influence they nearly all agreed they had on Israel's national agenda.

Dr. Chanan Naveh, who edited the Israel Broadcasting Authority radio's news desk in late 1990's and early 2000's, was particularly bombastic about his pervasive reach: "The morning audience, stuck in traffic jams or at work, is simply captive - they're ours." He also mentioned, with no regrets, two examples in which he and his colleagues made a concerted effort to change public opinion:

"Three broadcasters - Carmela Menashe, Shelly Yechimovich [now a Labor party Knesset Member - ed.], and I - pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000. In our newsroom, three of the editors had sons in Lebanon, and we took it upon ourselves as a mission - possibly not stated - to get the IDF out of Lebanon... I have no doubt that we promoted an agenda of withdrawal that was a matter of public dispute."

At this point, Army Radio broadcaster Golan Yochpaz interrupted, "In my opinion, that is just super-problematic - super-problematic." Naveh did not miss a beat and said, "Correct, I'm admitting it, I'm not apologizing, I'm just saying this is what happened. It came from our guts because of the boys in Lebanon, this is what we did and I'm not sorry... I am very proud that we had a part in getting of our sons out of Lebanon."

This story unfortunately illustrates that any event can be spun to meet an editor's own purposes. In this case, editors wanted their sons out of the war in Lebanon. When the media, American or foreign, use mass communication for the purpose of influencing the public on a particular issue, they have made themselves useless. The reporting of news simply becomes a vehicle to meet a political or personal agenda and the information provided can't be trusted.

Matthew Sheffield at NewsBusters comments on this as well:

Publicly, American media elites often deny that they attempt to influence the national agenda. They're professionals, so the story goes, and completely capable of not letting their personal viewpoints intrude accidentally into their stories. It's laughable given the mountain of evidence to the contrary and the fact that journalists support affirmative action on the grounds that white reporters can't cover minority issues as fairly.

Every so often, however, you hear journalists privately say the complete opposite--that not only do they have the ability to influence news, they also choose to influence it. Such statements are usually more common among the non-American press where the sham of "objectivity" is not perpetrated on the public.

Allahpundit quips: "Don't worry. It can't happen here."

Update: It seems the New York Times is guilty of trying to influence public opinion on the war on terror by dismissing the JFK bomb plot. The New York Post takes the Times to task:

Terror plot? What terror plot?

That's what The New York Times seems to be asking, even as most news outlets are giving front-page coverage to the recently foiled scheme to blow up JFK Airport's fuel pipeline.

The paper's goal seems to be getting America to lower its guard - which can only lead to disaster.

The suspects were "Short on Cash / And a Long Way From Realizing Goals," one Times headline insisted yesterday. Regarding two of the men arrested, a second headline asserted that "Neither Seemed an Extremist."

Indeed, on Sunday the paper barely covered the arrests of three suspects behind the plot: Its main story appeared 37 pages back. A second piece undermined the significance of that story: "Plot Was Unlikely To Work, Experts Say, Citing Safeguards and Pipeline Structure."

Update II: Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch puts this story into a larger perspective:

How many others have done and do this, in connection with all sorts of conflicts, and never admit it? But Chanan Naveh has no idea how he has aided the global jihad, and probably never will.

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To steal from myself:... (Below threshold)

To steal from myself:

what if on the front page (or buried on pg 37) 6 years ago there were stories about a dozen wannabe hijackers taken into custody, some with very limited flight training, that were planning to hijack a handful of passenger jets with, get this, boxcutters!, and then use their limited training and laptop flight sim experience to fly these jets into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, Congress...yeah, like they could ever pull that off!

Pinch is nuts; unless he's ... (Below threshold)

Pinch is nuts; unless he's deliberately destroying value to make it cheap to take private, in which case he's a crook.

This is the 'real' comedy o... (Below threshold)

This is the 'real' comedy of the anti-war crowd, including millions of idiots in the U.S. They want their son out of the war so they invite the enemy to hit them at home and kill they're entire family. Rockets kill whoever is close and these idiots should know they are endangering their entire family and neighbors. Like John Bolton and his mustache said, they can't think, 'they're brain is empty'

Hey Scrap.. with all... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Hey Scrap.. with all due respect..unless you have a son or daughter serving in the middle east at this time..would you please refrain on telling those that do how they should freakin feel! No one has the right to tell anyone how they should feel!

When our son-in-law was in Iraq we did what we could to support our daughter...but we never presumed to even think we knew how she felt and what her fears were...when he was shot.. came home and was discharged..My wife(who was a nurse in Nam and I (discharged due ti firefight) never pretended to know how our daughter felt..
When our son-in-law came home..we exchanged stories of different firefights separated by 35 years..
But we never presumed our firefights or our disability discharge allowed us to presume how we should feel about it..

So please express how your feel about things..but when you presume how others should feel..speaks volumes..

and scrap...Your use of the... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

and scrap...Your use of the word "comedy"? There is nothing funny about combat...as you should know...

Yeah I am on a rant but wil... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Yeah I am on a rant but will leave after this...

These folks are a part of the anti-war crowd


I wonder why any of those w... (Below threshold)

I wonder why any of those who think a newspaper giving little coverage to this specific foiled plot on the basis that it had little chance of success have had no complaints about this before.

After all this is one newspaper on this one plot, not all major media outlets on most plots.

If the idea is that domestic terrorism plots should be given front page attention and treated as serious threats by blogs then you're a little late to the game.
How about:

The previous plot to bomb a mass fuel storage facility to kill thousands?
Various shooting sprees and bombing plots that were actually motivated by race hate instead of mere suggestions that they were.
WMD on US soil + 100 other bombs + 1000s rounds of ammo = no coverage
The majority of domestic terrorism plots foiled in the last decade

Same complaints ?

Tanner, you see, JFK is in ... (Below threshold)

Tanner, you see, JFK is in NYC, and the newspaper is called the NY Times.

Notice the two "NY"s in there? They both mean "New York" and they're both in New York City.
So yeah, a NY paper might want to cover a terrorist plot in their own city.

But I can see how Indians making bricks is of much more interest to people living in NYC. After all, hardly any of them fly out of JFK, but many to most of them go into buildings with bricks. Especially in the Bronx.

So that's a 'no' then.... (Below threshold)

So that's a 'no' then.






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