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It takes two to tangle

News flash: George W. Bush is not the sole source of evil and conflict in the world -- despite what a lot of people would like you to believe.

For example, the deteriorating status of our relationship with Russia. We have numerous people discussing how Bush is "bringing back the Cold War," how he's "turning Russia into our enemy," and the like.

I just don't see it.

I thought Bush was a bit loopy when he talked about seeing into Vladimir Putin's "soul," but that struck me as a bit of excessive optimism than signs that he had been completely and utterly taken in by the former KGB master. And I have a hard time imagining Putin gleefully rubbing his hands together and pronouncing "I have fooled the Amerikanski President! Now I can carry out my evil plans!"

The simple fact is that Putin is flirting with the idea of reviving the Soviet Union, reasserting Russia's place as a military superpower and regaining the influence and power it held during the Cold War. He apparently sees that as the best way to rescue Russia from its economic, social, and political doldrums. I'm not sure what is the best way to deal with that, but of one thing I am certain: it is in no way purely a reaction to George W. Bush and his policies.

Another example is the civilian death count in Iraq. To listen to some of the commentators, one would think that a vast majority of those killed are dying at the hands of Americans -- either through deliberate action or gross negligence. ("Oops, kinda missed the target on that last bomb run. Sorry about the school.")

If one just went by the coverage of Bush's detractors, one would have a hard time discovering that the vast majority of the civilians being killed are dying at the hands of the "insurgents," who deliberately target the innocent, and act to maximize the carnage. And one would not know that the major preoccupation of US forces in Iraq is finding and stopping those killing civilians.

Instead, the body count is constantly recited and updated, with no attribution of who is doing the killing -- "another 300 killed since the US invasion."

It's a variant of the "big lie" theory. If you commit enough lies of omission, sooner or later the part that is constantly omitted goes down the collective memory hole, and people will fill in the details themselves. In this case, that Vladimir Putin and the terrorists in Iraq aren't really responsible for their actions, it's all George W. Bush's fault.

And that's just plain wrong.

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I think that everything inc... (Below threshold)

I think that everything including my bad hair cut is George Bush's fault.

It always amazes me how much the Left can't stand Bush, treat him like a moron, then give him superhuman abilities...hurricane Katrina, Global warming, sinking of the Titanic, murdering Jon-Benet Ramsey,and selling Lindsey Lohan alcohol.

When will the Left learn that Bush is a patsy for Dick Cheney?

Oh well, I have had my fun...now lets see how close I am to the mark!

George W. Bush has made thr... (Below threshold)

George W. Bush has made three disastrous foreign policy mistakes since taking office. The third was his embrace and subsequent ignoring of Putin.

The top two blunders were his signal to the Venezuelan military men who briefly deposed Hugo Chavez in 2002 that they should not execute him, and the decision in 2003 not to arrest al-Sadr for the murder charges he faced in Iraq.

Bush calls Iraq, Iran, and ... (Below threshold)

Bush calls Iraq, Iran, and North Korea an Axis of Evil: Libtards whine he is being too aggressive

Bush tries to be nice to Putin in 2001: Libtards whine he is not aggressive enough

Putin reminds me of Andropo... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Putin reminds me of Andropov more and more every day.

In actions he is close to Chavez, both have:

1) Nationalized oil and other industry.

2) Sanctioned murder at the hands of the secret police.

3) Eliminated critical media.

4) Worked hard to (re)create a sphere of influence with nearby countries using, at times, very heavy-handed tactics.

How this differs from Andropov is, I guess, only a matter of scale and degree.

Bush would get a massive sm... (Below threshold)

Bush would get a massive smacking from the media if he tried to get tough with Putin. But it doesn't excuse Bush from failing to do so. Whether Bush doesn't see the threat or feels he's politically paralyzed by a Media siege doesn't matter.

Robert is right, Putin has ... (Below threshold)

Robert is right, Putin has slowly reverted back to the old ways. Here's another example of Putin's power grab. I'm pretty sure that's George Bush's fault too.

Ah, poor Russia; immense ri... (Below threshold)

Ah, poor Russia; immense riches, without the will to work it.

Do you know that when World War I broke out, the Czar, realizing his nation was vodka polluted and unable to help the allies, banned the sale of booze. Government revenues dropped by one third from not taking in alcohol taxes.

They are slaves, not because they are slavic, but because they put up with tyranny.

George W. Bush is a figureh... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

George W. Bush is a figurehead and when someone says "George W. Bush is responsible for (fill in the disaster)" they don't necessarily mean that "George W. Bush is literally PERSONALLY responsible for (fill in the disaster)." It is a short-hand way of saying "The Bush Administration, or Bush Administration Policies, or Bush Administration supporters, etc. is responsible for (fill in the disaster)."

Additionally, when someone says that "George W. Bush is responsible for (fill in the disaster)" they might not necessarily mean that "George W. Bush is ALONE in bearing responsibility for (fill in the disaster)" but are merely saying that "George W. Bush has SOME PART in (fill in the disaster)."

Wow, AD, that was not profo... (Below threshold)

Wow, AD, that was not profound but moronic. Such nuaces. The dimmers hate GW and pound on him at any chance. To deny this is delusional.

Putin is the villian to watch. His ties to IRAN with nuclear and arms selling is counter productive to the worlds efforts in stopping IRAN. ww

I have to admit, Jay Tea, ... (Below threshold)

I have to admit, Jay Tea, using the quote, "if you commit enough lies of omission, sooner or later the part that is constantly omitted goes down the collective memory hole, and people will fill in the details themselves." in defense of the war in Iraq takes huge balls. If Bush would use this line in a press conference tomorrow, I think some of the heads of those in attendance might simply explode.

Per the Left, GWB has "rest... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Per the Left, GWB has "restarted" the Cold War by - defending ourselves! Solution; stop defending ourselves. What a brilliant foreign policy stroke. A pity the Democrats are not in power...

Now Adrienne is speaking fo... (Below threshold)

Now Adrienne is speaking for everyone who says "George Bush is responsible for (fill in the disaster)" by clarifying what they really mean is "the administration". Do they know this? Nevermind that the President nominates them and they are confirmed by people we vote for, which makes us responsible too, doesn't it?

Oyster,I qualified m... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I qualified my statement with the word "necessarily" and I agree with you that we're all responsible for George W. Bush's disasters no matter who we voted for and especially if we did not vote.

And please, please, please don't mock the pseudonym I chose out of thin air to use. You called my Adrienne (feminine) not Adrian (masculine)-- surely that wasn't meant to be a sexist insult (although I can't think what else it might have meant).

Of course GWB never takes r... (Below threshold)

Of course GWB never takes responsibility for any of his poor decisions.

Colin said it best (on invading Iraq) "you break it, you own it".

It was a 'fill in the blank... (Below threshold)

It was a 'fill in the blank' insult.

Read Dan Senor in the OpinionJournal, today, for why withdrawal now is foolish.

Fine, so Bush is to blame f... (Below threshold)

Fine, so Bush is to blame for (everything) - and you're going to do (everything) you can to keep him from doing (anything) no matter how appropriate it is, because (nothing) Bush will ever do will be perfect in your eyes, and the minimum tolerable level of accomplishment for him is complete perfection. Since he cannot do (anything) pefectly, it's completely okay to kick, fight, carp, moan, complain, and make it very apparent that no matter what's done it's the wrong thing.

If Bush weren't working on a defense, you'd be bitching about that. Without (qualifiers), either.

Let's see now:1) t... (Below threshold)

Let's see now:

1) the Iranians don't have a nuclear weapons

2) they don't have ICBMs with which to deliver weapons that they don't have to Europe

3) they don't have any particular reason to attack Europe which has normalized trade relations with them.

So why put a missile shield into Czech Republic and Poland?

I'm all in favor of missile defense technology but the Europeans should develop and deploy their own. Then, it becomes their problem to deal with the impact of that on their relations with Russia.

As for Putin wanting to rebuild the Soviet Union, I'm sure given his experience in Chechnya that he is just chomping at the bit to reabsorb the central Asian republics (Uzbekistan, Kyrzyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkemistan, Kazakhstan) that are no doubt swarming with Al-Qaeda inspired Muslim fanatics who want to burn Moscow to the ground. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Adrian,Thank you f... (Below threshold)


Thank you for the clarification. I don't buy it though, here's why: The left has been viciously and relentlessly attacking Bush, personally, for 7 years now.

It's no mystery as to why it seems many on the left blame Bush for everything, it's because they do.

Excellent editorial.<... (Below threshold)

Excellent editorial.

I'm sure there's some national pride going on with the former Soviet Union. To go from super-power to France-status in a few years has to be a hit to the ego.

It would probably take WWII-proportions of defeat to turn that around.

In case you misssed it at D... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

In case you misssed it at DK........

"I am absolutely convinced that America has a crisis in leadership at this time and we've got to do whatever we can to help the next generation of leaders do better than we have done over the past five years," Sanchez said, "better than what this cohort of political and military leaders have done."

Sanchez joins retired generals Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, Maj. Gen. John Batiste, Maj. Gen. Mel Montano, Lt Gen Wm. E. Odom, Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, along with retired Gen. Tony McPeak and Henry Kissinger in seeing reality.

Sort of unravels your whole argument of Bush listening to those who were in command in the theater of the current conflagration huh?

Of course it doesn't make mention of the newest assessment that "Three months after the start of the Baghdad security plan that has added thousands of American and Iraqi troops to the capital, they control fewer than one-third of the city's neighborhoods, far short of the initial goal for the operation, according to some commanders and an internal military assessment."

Yes, and I suppose the Defeatocrats are the ones that can't gain control over those miscellaneous 311 neighborhoods that are racked with turmoil.

When are you idiots going to realize that it is our occupation that foments the current state of affairs. Get our kids out of this civl war and let the nation take its natural course which will happen at the point when the thugs in the WH decide the oil isn't worth it. At this point gasoline is costing you alot more than $3 plus a gallon when you factor in the death and destruction taking place.

God curse George Bush for being the worst president ever.

The joke is, Russia have, a... (Below threshold)

The joke is, Russia have, and always will have, nucs aimed at Europe. Nothing has changed, Pootbrain is simply using it as a political tool. Electon time. Just like the democrats in the U.S., when you have nothing to contribute to the welfare/progress of the country, and the other guy does, you have to start blaming/slandering the other guy or you can't get your name in the news. The same thing will happen to Pootbrain as has happened to the democrats. Paranoia will lead to insanity (aka BDS) and they will suffer the rest of their life with the mental health industry the only winner. Buuuush did it. The democrat comedy continues. What's the bet line on 'Cold Cash' going to prison?

"Sort of unravels your w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Sort of unravels your whole argument of Bush listening to those who were in command in the theater of the current conflagration huh?"

Holy cow you're right CB, Bush must not be listening if he's not doing what 0.002% of the generals say.

Of course a sane, non evil, non terrorist supporting, pro victory person would think that maybe he is "listening" to all of them but choosing to do what 99.998% think is right rather than what 0.002% think is right.

The Adrienne, was an honest... (Below threshold)

The Adrienne, was an honest mistake, not an intentional "sexist insult". I didn't intend any offense. I should have looked to be sure.

Larkin,Iran wants an... (Below threshold)

Iran wants and are pursuing # 1 and # 2.
Considering their track record of giving aid to Hezbollah, do you really want them in a position where we or our allies need to wonder if either of them has a # 3?

"Stop supporting the Zionists, or we will bomb you from across the hoizon" - Hezbollah

"That wasn't us. We had nothing to do with that. Maybe you should talk to Lebanon. We only support the civilian aid group Hezbollah, not the militant group called Hezbollah." -Iran

Read Dan Senor, civil behav... (Below threshold)

Read Dan Senor, civil behaviour. Only moonbats think withdrawal now is the right course.

This, the same Dan Senor wh... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

This, the same Dan Senor who was a spokesperson for Paul Bremer the ever so honest disburser of CPA funds that went missing in the billions? The same PR guy who supports the PSA agreeemnts from which his cronies will be sure to pass some of their blood sotted earnings on to him.

That same Dan Senor?

When are you going to realize that this war was prevericated by the industrialists (of which the WSJ has an abundance reading it) to establish a beachhead for the future oil sources that the cartel of Americans "in the flow" need to control? You seem like a smart person, what prevents you from connecting the dots?

Of course Dan Senor is going to bring forth more dissembling. You think he is going to stop his cronies from obtaining the competitive edge when it comes to the oil on your dime and kids blood? Wow, you're more out of the lopp than I could imagine to be given the state of the nation. Do you actually talk to anyone outside of your own circle and listen to what they are saying?

People know full well that the bloodbath will be a bloodbath regardless. Timing it for later isn't going to do anything more than prolong the predictable. The only reason we aren't out yet is that the parliament still hasn't signed the hydrocarbon law.

Read up.

Oh yeah, blood for oil. Ho... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, blood for oil. How come the Iraqis are getting the oil?

Nice ad hom, cb. You didn't address a single point Senor made. How uncivil.

That's right Kim, blood for... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

That's right Kim, blood for oil. Now you're geting it.

How come the Iraqis are get... (Below threshold)

How come the Iraqis are getting the oil?

Do you know that Michael Moore, director of Columbine, hires armed guards?






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