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News from the Fallujah Front

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has an exclusive report from embed Matt Sanchez in Fallujah. He has an interesting report on how really inaccurate the media are in their reports from Iraq:

If the press is the eyes, ears and voice of a nation, we in the United States, are currently deaf, dumb and blind. Like most Americans, I wasn't sure about the reporting coming from Iraq, but after spending much time in the Green Zone before transitioning to Fallujah, I realize the press out here is about as credible as an unsolicited e-mail from your bank requesting a social security number to update their records. There's a semblance of legitimacy, but if you enter your personal data, you're going to get ripped off.

Last week, I was witness to one of those media con jobs. The 5/10 Marine civil affair unit out of Camp Lejeune, works with the local police and Iraqi army. It's a tough job, lots of danger, but the word across the board is that the strategy of getting the Iraqis to stand up and defend themselves is working here in Fallujah. Officers have referred to the Anbar Awakening with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I interviewed bored Marine infantry men, many on their second tour, who told me they were in less danger because the Fallujan police and Iraqi Army were picking up the slack, responding to tips from locals and responding to attacks. In fact, that day, the police was so effective they even prevented a suicide bomber from entering the building. We heard the boom, and as if on cue, RPG and small arms fire. The Marines of the 2/6 infantry unit grinned as they pulled on their equipment and took positions, but in reality, the Iraqi police had prevented a major suicide attack. There was, however, one victim--the suicide bomber.

So, how did the death of a sole suicide bomber become the Wall Street Journal headline of "Suicide Bombing in Fallujah Leaves 25 Dead, 50 Wounded"? To be fair, NPR, CBS, Sky News, and CNN all parroted the same numbers, as they rushed to report something--anything! The answer is a 20-minute helicopter away in Baghdad. Where the majority of "reporting" is done from the Green Zone.

There is a lot more interesting information in Matt's post. I recommend you read all of it.


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Comments (9)

Isn't it just amazing how r... (Below threshold)

Isn't it just amazing how reporters inside the Green Zone gather information and then diseminate it as the gospel truth when they didn't bother to check it first?

Its the primary reason I don't trust the MSM's Iraq coverage and get the information about there from Mil Blog sites. If you want the unvarnished facts about whats happening on the ground the last place you want to get that information from is people that aren't on the scene.

*note to some of the less cognative readers: "on the scene" and "in the same country" do not equal the same thing when it comes to reporting the facts.

"So, how did the death o... (Below threshold)
Is our children learning?:

"So, how did the death of a sole suicide bomber become the Wall Street Journal headline of "Suicide Bombing in Fallujah Leaves 25 Dead, 50 Wounded"? To be fair, NPR, CBS, Sky News, and CNN all parroted the same numbers,"

So how does Matt, the porn star, explain all the other reports from a google search of his cited headline?

Taking the explanation of one lone blogger versus the innumerable reports of the incident reflecting the WSJ headline is just bat-shit crazy. But then, the RW blogosphere is always sticking there fingers in there ears when they refuse to hear what is actually occurring in Iraq.

I haven't figured out if th... (Below threshold)

I haven't figured out if the antique MSM is providing all of the phony reports to support their masters in the democrat party or the democrat party is eating the BS to support their masters in the antique MSM.

Is our children learning?--The post stated the phony story was picked up by a majority of the antique MSM. Google is a joke and only gives you what the antique MSM reports. In this case you got what they wanted you to get, the phony reports. If a dozen outlets of MSM hype reported that the ocean developed a hole and all of the water drained out, Google would give you the same report, only a dozen times. Dial 911, the shrink is in.

Is our children learning?: ... (Below threshold)

Is our children learning?: "So how does Matt, the porn star, explain all the other reports from a google search of his cited headline?"

hmmm..."all the other reports", as is often the case over there, are in reality the SAME REPORT...just being rebranded by those picking it up. At worst this is ONE report versus ONE report.

This happens routinely.

Slightly different example of "news laundering". During the 2004 campaign John Kerry made a statement (I'll Google it when I have a minute) that was reported by the NY Times. In a speech later that week he referenced the NY Times saying "according to the NY Times..." in order to bolster a statement he was making at that moment. He left out the FACT that the NY Times "information" he was referencing came FROM him in the first place!!

ROFLMAOYou think y... (Below threshold)


You think you know what's going on in Iraq? DO you? You're a freaking retard. You think the media is accurate? Get a clue. You have no idea what is going on in Iraq.

I guess you think you got the real story of Katrina too right? The media got 90% of what they reported dead freaking wrong. And almost 2 years later, the media still has no clue what happened during Katrina and it was in their own freaking country!!!

And you think they are giving you the whole story on something as complex as a war in a country where they don't speak the language(s)???

I guess you believe in the the tooth fairy too.

Yeah, I'd believe a single eye witness over the entire freaking media any day of the week. You're a fool if you think otherwise.

I was with you for a while ... (Below threshold)

I was with you for a while Paul, but seriously, are you saying the coverage of Katrina was overwrought?

No, Paul is saying the medi... (Below threshold)

No, Paul is saying the media was flat-out wrong in too many cases to count.

Overwrought and wrong aren't synonymous no matter how much you care too believe it.

Whoever's telling the truth... (Below threshold)

Whoever's telling the truth, we still need to do what we can for our troops over there; if you take this short quiz


a prepaid calling card will be sent to one of our soldiers.

Ummm, marc? If you're still... (Below threshold)

Ummm, marc? If you're still here, try clicking my link. That should explain my comment a little better.

The Katrina coverage was both overwrought and flat out wrong.
Where are the raped babies? Where is the cannibalism? Where are the shootings and murders in the SuperDome?
I'll tell you where, they aren't. The reports are down the memory hole and the press are still patting themselves on the back for their excellent Katrina coverage.
Jeff Goldsteing had the best take, I read that link every now and then and, like the Exorcist, it gets funnier and funnier each and every time.






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