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The Traveling Wilburys CDs to be Reissued

I was a Traveling Wilbury's fan as soon as "Handle with Care" was released. Now, the two CDs are being re-released:

It was a rock album conceived by accident that no one thought would succeed even though it was made by Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.

And it was the rock album plus a successor that disappeared for a decade despite the fame it achieved.

Now the two volumes of the "The Traveling Wilburys" are being reissued thanks to efforts made by Harrison's widow Olivia, bringing back to public notice what had started as a fantasy camp for rock stars.

Old friends Harrison, Dylan, Orbison, Petty and Lynne bumped into each other in Los Angeles two decades ago, and ended up in a home recording studio where they sat around a microphone singing and playing guitar.

Over late-night beers and joints, they dubbed themselves the Traveling Wilburys and released the fruits of their labors on a 1988 album titled "Traveling Wilburys Volume 1."

It was a worldwide smash, yielding two hit singles, "Handle with Care" and "End of the Line," and a Grammy. The Wilburys had such a blast that they got together -- without Orbison, who died a few weeks after the release of the first album -- for a 1990 follow-up, jokingly titled "Volume 3."

"It was terrific fun," Petty said in a recent interview. "It's just hard to describe how much fun it was. No laboring over it."

Both discs have been out of print for a decade, a situation that will be remedied next week when they return to shelves through archival label Rhino Records, accompanied by a new DVD documentary, bonus tracks and other goodies.


For anyone who's unfamiliar with the Traveling Wilburys, here's their video "Handle with Care."

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Are you going to address yo... (Below threshold)

Are you going to address your erroneous post below Kim?

I ordered a CD from Amazon ... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:

I ordered a CD from Amazon 2 years ago. It includes albums 1 and 3. It showed up wrapped in brown paper, tied with string. The return address was in Russia and the credits are in what looks like Cyrillic.

I love them. It's honestly... (Below threshold)

I love them. It's honestly my favorite thing George Harrison did. And Jeff Lynne is crazy talented (who doesn't love ELO???)

In dreams, Roy, in my dream... (Below threshold)

In dreams, Roy, in my dreams. I had tickets to an Orbison concert, which he cancelled from ill health, not long before he died.

That was a really great gro... (Below threshold)

That was a really great group. I was sad when Orbison died. It seemed they were all having so much genuine fun with the gig.

She still hasn't seen it, j... (Below threshold)

She still hasn't seen it, jp2 - she's been busy looking for traveling Willbury stories... honest. Really! She hasn't read the comment threads or opened her email.

By the way - FYI all - each Wizbang (and Wizbang Blue) comment is emailed to that particular post's author, so by now she's received several emails that have flagged her error. She's just been really, really busy - really!

Maybe in a day or two... after the right wing blogosphere has convinced their readers that Hillary really did get plastic surgery, maybe then Kim will issue a correction, but don't hold your breath.

Lee, you are, again, so kin... (Below threshold)

Lee, you are, again, so kind to point out the update on the Herald's piece since I don't get emails of comments and never have since I've been writing at Wizbang.

Odd, it's a feature at Wizb... (Below threshold)

Odd, it's a feature at Wizbang Blue, and since we share the same blogging softwre all writers can receive them. My apologies, Kim, if I was incorrect.

Most of all it was the fun.... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Most of all it was the fun...you could tell they were goofin' but the talent was so immense...
in the music and various interviews it is clear the respect they held for Roy O...
Our PBS stations always run the Roy O show with Elvis Costello and Springsteen(among others) backing him up...
When I first heard "Cryin" I was only 10..like it but did not understand...when I was sixteen and lost my first real love..I went out and bought Roy's greatest Hits..and played it over and over until my Dad came in and broke it....
another TW vid..

(don't worry..poor sound is only 1st 15 secs)
R.I.P. Roy and George

Lee, it's not a big deal. I... (Below threshold)

Lee, it's not a big deal. It's an easy assumption to make since everyone is supposed to get the emails, but I never did, so just check comments often. I saw jp2's comment about the update at this post and then updated the Hillary post with the new picture and caption.

Trolling a fellow Wizbanger... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Trolling a fellow Wizbangers unrelated post. That's pretty juvenile. Try to show some class, Lee.

Here is some class...... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:
I'm trying to find some lef... (Below threshold)

I'm trying to find some left around here, Les, and its getting harder and harder.

Yesterday we have Lorie "fibbing" about Jefferson and Pelosi, this morning Paul goes into one of his childish rants about Global Warming. Later, DJ declares liberals and Democrats "the enemy", and then Kim links to a bogus story based on gross errors.

Show me "class" and I'll attempt to emulate it....

I sold my Traveling Wilbury... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

I sold my Traveling Wilburys Gretsch at a garage sale for $75. What can I say? I needed the money. Hey, does anyone remember the video for "End of the Line"? The tribute to Roy takes place on a train. The four surviving Wilburys take turns singing their parts and when Roy's turn comes up (after Tom sings "maybe somewhere when somebody plays Purple Haze") the train enters a tunnel and the lights dim. If you remember the video, next to Tom is a picture frame with Roy's photo in it from a photo shoot for his "Mystery Girl" album and a rocking chair with his guitar is between Jeff and Bob. It brought tears to my eyes. The good they do die young.

I know I paid a premium on ... (Below threshold)

I know I paid a premium on ebay a few years ago to get the disc and have played it extensively. Good to see it back in circulation.

No, Lee, a "fib" would be p... (Below threshold)

No, Lee, a "fib" would be promising to run the "most ethical Congress in history," and then rewarding lifelong scumbags like Murtha, Jefferson, Feinstein, and Hastings with plum assignments and other rewards. A "fib" would be promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and then lying your ass off, justifying it "because it was just about sex." A "fib" would be to continually repeat that the "outing" of Valerie Plame was some grand conspiracy, when the overwhelming evidence is that there was no grand plot and no crime committed. A "fib" would be to say that Sandy Berger's actions were no big deal and he's suffered enough, while Scooter Libby's faulty recollections over conversations with reporters (whose own memories were decidedly shoddy) are a high crime.

I had high hopes that your admission into the Wizbang family would have a civilizing effect on you, that you'd develop some modicum of professional courtesy and a sense of collegiality, or at least a hint of couthness.

Instead, you just keep pissing into our gene pool.


LeeShow me "... (Below threshold)


Show me "class" and I'll attempt to emulate it....

Sorry, Lee, but class can't be emulated (if we can agree on the OED definition). "Class" is, to borrow a SCOTUS quote (in the obverse), not something you can define, but you know it when you see it.

Lee, you can chase Kim down this rabbit hole for weeks. I'm not going to attempt to support her point on DOJ; she can do it herself if she chooses to do so (and she will probably do it well)

That said, here is my own opinion of DOJ.

Of all the Federal Offices, the DOJ was more carefully attended to by the Democrats and the Clintons than any other agency. They did so based on experience: Watergate (see Hill's resume')

Clinton literally cleaned house at DOJ upon inauguration. He fired every US Attorney in the nation. He then appointed a figurehead as AG (Reno) and a long time confidant as Asst AG (Hubbell). These weren't casual political favors being reciprocated; these were moves to protect the Clintons given the attacks they experienced during the first campaign.

Now, before you cry foul, let me say that Reagan did the same thing with Ed Meese (with the exception of purging the US Atty's). Reagan knew he would be attacked and he knew he had the Special Prosecutor law still there to deal with should anything go wrong (like Iran Contra).

Controlling DOJ can be accomplished by a number of methods: Executive appointment, Senate over sight (which can survive beyond Executive appointment) or common dissent, the latter being the least effective.

So is it possible that Senator Schumer and some insiders at DOJ are running the show? Certainly. Are they? Given President Bush's weak hand at DOJ (unlike Hill and Bill's micromanagement) I can entertain a theory that claims Schumer et al are running the circus. On the other hand, a lesson for Republicans is to act more like Reagan.

If Gonzales thinks his life is tough, he needs to go talk to Ed Meese right now. Republicans have forgotten the days of the 1980's when their President was regularly, and with little dissent, savaged in the press every night. Tip O'Neil was famous for saying that Reagan couldn't carry on a conversation without a 3X5 note card in his hand.
While Reagan ignored O'Neil, (and history will ignore him also) he remembered what Bill and Hill would later remember...the AG appointment, in the world of Special prosecutors, is the most important appointment a President can make.

That's my speculation on the Schumer theory....

You want class? How about a... (Below threshold)

You want class? How about a group of legendary performers getting together for the sheer joy of creating music, jamming and working together just because they find it fun, and even subsuming their own names and identities for the sake of creating something new. That, people, is true class.

I managed to find an... um... "less than authorized" version of Volume 1, complete with demo versions of some songs, and it's one of my favorite albums. "Last Night," "End Of The Line," "Handle With Care" -- all classics.

Kim, I apologize for my part in allowing the trolls assholes to divert the thread.


Jay, no apology is necessar... (Below threshold)

Jay, no apology is necessary. Thanks, though.

Crap. Now my original CD's... (Below threshold)

Crap. Now my original CD's of Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 are worthless again. I had someone offer me $50 for Vol. 1.

What weirdness hath Wizbang... (Below threshold)

What weirdness hath Wizbang wrought? (say that three times fast) Kim, we couldn't be farther apart politically, but appear to share some musical common ground. The Wilburys' music is some of my favorite stuff ever, mostly for the pure joy and fun these guys had creating it, as others have referred to above. It just pours out of the songs.
I play in a band that covers "Last Night" and it never fails to be extremely well received. It just pours out of the songs. What an unexpected post here. Shame on anyone who attempts to make this anything other than a music-related thread! Ah, the power of music.

Sorry for the bad editing. ... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the bad editing. Jay, kudos to your thoughts as well!

"I asked her to marry me; s... (Below threshold)

"I asked her to marry me; she smiled and pulled out a knife.
'The party's just beginning,' she said. 'It's your money or you life.'"


I already own both CDs, but... (Below threshold)

I already own both CDs, but I'm glad that they're being re-released. Great stuff.

I have both albums too, but... (Below threshold)

I have both albums too, but I'll most likely pick up the re-release set for the added tunes and footage. Long live Otis, Lefty, Lucky, Nelson and Charley T!






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