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Who Won The New Hampshire Republican Debate?

Tonight's debate was on CNN - see Kim's post earlier for roundups and reactions.

Now you can have your say about who won...

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Each time there's a televised debate (Democratic or Republican) check back in at Wizbang for a post-debate poll. And before and after the debates don't forget to check Wizbang Politics (Republican) and Wizbang Blue (Democratic) for campaign news and debate reactions.

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Update: The poll embed code was updated to show the *right* poll... Sorry for the confusion.

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Comments (25)

Rudy did very well tonight.... (Below threshold)

Rudy did very well tonight. He had several memorable moments. This format doesn not favor Romney at all. There are too many candidates and they get cut off before they complete their answers. Romney is too wordy. He should do better once the panel isn't so large. McCain loses on the immigration issue and that's all they wanted to ask him. Rudy definitely won tonight.

there was a debate?<p... (Below threshold)

there was a debate?

seriously folks, I'm not watching ANY more Republican debates until Fred Thompson JOINS or Ron Paul LEAVES. Hopefully both will occur simultaneously!

Til then it isn't even good theater!

Did they say anything about... (Below threshold)

Did they say anything about Libby? If not, Fred will tomorrow, and win the debate. Wanta bet?

Oops, that's what I get for... (Below threshold)

Oops, that's what I get for not reading the previous thread. They were mostly wishy-washy enough that Fred still has an opportunity to make a statement. He may not though, waiting on the events of next week, about Libby's potential liberty pending appeal.

What's this 'TV' you all watch the debates on? Something new?

Fred looked really old and ... (Below threshold)

Fred looked really old and tired tonight on Hannity and Colmes. While the others are getting experience with the hostile hosts of Cnn and Msnb, Fred is thinking. It's getting really old. Rudy is already directing his comments against the Democrats while Fred is thinking about entering. Rudy did a great job this evening and stood out from the rest. He gets better each debate-meanwhile, we have Fred thinking.

Osama (the Islamic cleric?)... (Below threshold)

Osama (the Islamic cleric?) says quiet riots are in progress in the U.S. At least we know who the democrat winner will be since they are too cowardly to vote against him. Be prepared to vote for Osama or face riots across the country. Islamic tactics already showing, once a member of Islam, always a member or dead. Told ya so.

ScapironYou are on... (Below threshold)


You are one sick bast***

Fred is smart. It's over 5... (Below threshold)

Fred is smart. It's over 500 days before the next election. People are going to be burned out on the current crop looking for fresh faces.

If anything Fred should hold off a while longer.

So this blogger, Kevin, doe... (Below threshold)

So this blogger, Kevin, doesn't like Ron Paul jokes? wtf ever.

Ed: "This blogger" (Kevin) owns Wizbang and can do whatever he wants. Ron Paul jokes are fine, Ron Paul comment spam is not. If you're trying to be funny try not to double post and look like spam; and of course be recognizable as humor...

I have been neutral about F... (Below threshold)

I have been neutral about Fred since I don't know a lot about him. I find his theatrics very annoying and I am not the only one that feels like this. He needs to get in the race so he can be taken seriously.

Osama (the Islamic... (Below threshold)
The Other JD:
Osama (the Islamic cleric?) says quiet riots are in progress in the U.S.

Islamic Headbangers On The Loose! Film at 11!!

Cum on, feel the noize,
girls, rock your boys,

Julie, I just got off the p... (Below threshold)

Julie, I just got off the phone with Fred. He is sooooooooo sorry to have disappointed you. He wants you to wait just a little longer...please? :)

p.s. you might note that having spent $0.00 he is now in a solid 2nd in virtually every poll. Soon, Julie. Soon.

Ron Paul: It's what'... (Below threshold)
The Other JD:

Ron Paul: It's what's for dinner.

Justrand:Fred is a... (Below threshold)


Fred is a draft-dodging neocon fat-ass with cancer who lobbyed for the Chinese communists.

Make another selection, please.

May I suggest Ron Paul?

Kevin, where's the poll res... (Below threshold)

Kevin, where's the poll results?

Is it an anti-Ron Paul conspiracy afoot?

bryanD...you are one low-cl... (Below threshold)

bryanD...you are one low-class sumbitch, ya know that?

But of course you do.

Kevin, never mind. I voted ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, never mind. I voted again to test access to the next page. It shouldn't have allowed that, but RP is currently #2, so OK!

Thanks.I just figu... (Below threshold)


I just figured you're a wiener.

Who else but a Ding Dong connoisseur would choose Fred?

PS: were you trying to hurt my feelings?

BryanD, do you really want ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

BryanD, do you really want to bring up and put on the table the Chinese Communists? Did you know Bill Clinton has made a great deal of money advocating for the Peoples Republic of China. I believe that is public record. There also the matter of campaign funds from the Chinese Military finding their way into Clinton coffers. How do you suppose the Chinese got 5 Cray Super Computers, which allowed them to develop miniture thermonuclear devices allowing them to MIRV their ICBMs 20 years ahead of where they were at the time. We electocuted the Rosenbergs for doing what a former President with an appetite for greed did. Idiots like you BryanD can deny the truth, but that does not change the truth.

It wasn't even greed, Z, it... (Below threshold)

It wasn't even greed, Z, it was lust for power. He sold out to the Chinese so he could pre-empt Dole. He's greedy, but that ain't his problem.

Zeldork, Phone home.<... (Below threshold)

Zeldork, Phone home.

I didn't vote for Clinton 'cause I'm in the other party.

I think Clinton should have been arrested over the Loral scandal, or upon surrendering the keys to the White House.


While Thompson might have been operating within our screwed-up laws, he is clearly a whore.

Jesus BryanD. put the dope ... (Below threshold)

Jesus BryanD. put the dope down, and take a nap!..

I posted on the debate over... (Below threshold)

I posted on the debate over at Politcs. I saw Giuliani and McCain as the winners. McCain defended his immigration bill as skillfully as could be imagined. He didn't win any converts, but perhaps the same sort of grudging respect we pro-lifers give Giuliani for being forthright about his abortion position.

Ron Paul's in 2nd??? Really? Or do his supporters simply have little else to do than troll the web looking for such things to create an image of acceptability around the nut?

I always vote for Ron Paul.... (Below threshold)

I always vote for Ron Paul.
Sorry, I shouldn't have screwed with the poll.

You can ignore Ron Paul votes, they're usually either people having fun with it or Ron Paul fans.

Saying Ron Paul three times in a thread usually brings hordes of Ron Paul supporters. Sort of like Candyman or Beetle Juice.

I was very unimpressed with... (Below threshold)
Conservative Mike:

I was very unimpressed with McCain. He was rude and arrogant. He was personally attacking Romney all night. And, Huckabee even turned to Romney and attacked him, as did Guliani. I will not vote for any of those three. Ron Paul was an imbecile. Not even in the same class. Thompson did much better than I thought he would. Romney is the only one of them honest and sincere enough to vote for. He may be too wordy, but at least those words make sense. Huckabee quoted the phrase than all are equal. I would like to ask him if that includes Mormons. I have never voted for a Democrat, but I will this year if Huckabee or McCain win or are anywhere near the Republican ticket. I might disagree with the Democrats on almost everything, but at least they are not bigots like Huckabee.






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