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4th Bombing Suspect Surrenders in Trinidad

I could have picked others out of Google News but this headline grabbed me....

'It was a setup': Cowardly suspect
Gives up after begging pal to hide him

An officer escorts fourth suspect Abdel Nur (left) to Trinidad court yesterday after the fugitive turned himself in to face charges in JFK bomb plot.

The elusive fourth suspect in the JFK bomb plot turned himself in yesterday in Trinidad after a long-lost friend refused to shelter him - and warned he was on the front page of papers worldwide.

Looking tired after four days on the run, Abdel Nur turned up without warning at the front gate of the hillside compound of Michael (Abdullah) Campbell, who hadn't seen him in 30 years.

"I told him, 'They're looking for you,'" said Campbell, 65. "The best thing you can do is turn yourself in. If they catch you, they might shoot."

Within a couple of hours, Nur, 57, was led handcuffed into court and blasted authorities for framing him.

"It's a conspiracy, there was a setup," Nur blurted to reporters in the Trinidad capital of Port-of-Spain. "America never did nothing [to me]."

"I love you all," he added.

After a short hearing, Nur was ordered jailed pending a hearing next week and hustled away.

Nur, who converted to Islam in a Canadian prison 25 years ago, is accused of plotting to bomb a pipeline and fuel depot at Kennedy Airport in a terror attack aimed at killing thousands.

But the man said he loved us all... Surely that must mean something right?

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Needs more vinegar.... (Below threshold)
Senor Cardgage:

Needs more vinegar.

"It's a conspiracy.....". ... (Below threshold)

"It's a conspiracy.....". Sounds more like a Dem than a Muslim.

Where he's going, he'll get... (Below threshold)

Where he's going, he'll get a whole lot of lovin'.

Boy, that's a fearsome Al Q... (Below threshold)

Boy, that's a fearsome Al Qaeda fanatic terrorist I tell you! Sends shivers right down your spine!

Larkin, that's what makes t... (Below threshold)

Larkin, that's what makes them so dangerous. Yellow streak down their spine, like the democrats, so they sneak around at night planting bombs to kill women and children.

Noticed one thing normal in the article, 'coverted to Islam while in prison'. Yep, ain't nothing wrong with Islam, just a collection of the worst mass murders in history. More dangerous than the Nazi's, that is the democrats are, along with Islam.

You'd be singing a differen... (Below threshold)

You'd be singing a different tune if a loved one was murdered by one of these harmless puppy dogs, Larkin.

I guess by consistently pointing out that they are not smart and not a threat, you're saying to murder people you need to be a criminal mastermind? Oh, the real threat is Bush, not a bunch of Islamic terrorists planning to blow shit up...I forgot.

Exactly Heralder, one does ... (Below threshold)
Robert the original:

Exactly Heralder, one does not have to show the profile of Blackbeard the pirate to be a threat.

Philby was not very imposing either, but he had the destructive force of a Panzer Division.

At least they caught the guy, we are no longer in Limbo, er, so to speak.

Tobago is jealous.

Larkin, on Sep 10 : "Box c... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Larkin, on Sep 10 : "Box cutters? Ooooh, I'm scared. What are a few guys going to do with box cutters? "

Larkin, back when billybob was President : "McVeigh? Who is he, some harmless whackjob? So what if he has a bunch of fertilizer? What's he gonna do, fertilize the Federal Building in OKC? har de har!"

Sometimes these threads are... (Below threshold)

Sometimes these threads are funny as hell.

So, let's see: a) ... (Below threshold)

So, let's see:

a) these were 4 stooges in their 50's and 60's
b) they had nothing to do with Iraq,
c) they were all here legally
d) they were caught by good ol' law enforcement methods that didn't require warrantless wiretapping, suspension of habeus corpus, or torture.

I hope we're all still terrified enough.

Sorry, what was th... (Below threshold)

Sorry, what was that about Vince Foster?

The Vince Foster comment wa... (Below threshold)

The Vince Foster comment was in response to this:

' "It's a conspiracy.....". Sounds more like a Dem than a Muslim." '






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