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Who won the GOP Debate last night?

According to Wizbang's poll, Rudy Giuliani won. But according to Frank Luntz' focus group that watched the debate and offered reactions in real time, Mitt Romney won and McCain lost. I watched this segment on Fox and Friends this morning and thought it was really interesting:


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The clip of Romney's discus... (Below threshold)

The clip of Romney's discussion of his faith (without the interactive response charting) was the "most popular" debate clip at at the CNN website for a good 6-8 hours after the debate was over.

Clearly, Romney's faith is concern to voters, and clearly, from the response seen in the interactive responses, they liked what they heard.

Lee Ward,I see you... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward,

I see you're not addressing any previous topics today. Kinda like Bill on the day of the blue dress. Embarrassed?

I won't paste here what happpened on the other thread. But good idea to stick to just the newer topics. Hopefully Kim and Jay will keep putting up new ones so that the other thread will keep getting pushed down.

Voters are concerned Romney... (Below threshold)

Voters are concerned Romney's faith????? Noooooo Lee, I'd say the MSM is concerned about Romney's faith. Everytime he's discussed by the pundits one of the first points made is "his faith".

Doh! why does everyone love... (Below threshold)

Doh! why does everyone love linking YouTube? Websense blocks access at work.

I thought the top three all did well, but I thought Romney was more substantive. He tried to steer the debate away from the boilerplate rehearsed sound-bite stuff that the others were engaged in. However, with Wolf constantly interupting after one or two sentances, it was hard to get away from the blah blah blah. I wish we could cull the field to top 5.

The more I see of Romney, t... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

The more I see of Romney, the more I like him. Of course, he's very popular here in Utah.

Not embarrassed nehemiah - ... (Below threshold)

Not embarrassed nehemiah - new day, new thread, life goes on. Chin up - your party will be back in power someday I'm sure - just don't hold your breath.

I think Romney is the strongest candidate your side has, and if he isn't on the ticket in 2008 it will be prime example of the conservative christian right shooting themselves in the foot because of their pious principles.

Romney is a white as the rest of the 11 Republicans men, but he's not the correct shade of white. He's "Mormom White" and not "Protestant White"...

Wow, watching this trainwreck unfold it tons of fun..

"Train wreck"....you must b... (Below threshold)

"Train wreck"....you must be referring to HillBillary and Obama, and the rest of the democrat clowns.

Romney? Who is Romney?... (Below threshold)
Pope Benedict XVI:

Romney? Who is Romney?

In February, Pew found 3... (Below threshold)
Polls mean nothing:

In February, Pew found 30% of the public to be less likely to support a presidential candidate who is Mormon. More than twice as many (64%) said it wouldn't matter; only 2% said they would be more likely to support a candidate who is Mormon.

Public Views of Presidential Politics and Mormon Faith

Lee,It was disappo... (Below threshold)


It was disappointing to be wrong for the 2006 elections. You had it closer to right.

You probably know that I'm firmly in the Christian Right (and one of those that still strongly support President Bush even while disagreeing with him on immigration), but I do not support Romney for the reason that he is a Mormon. It is because he is too much of a lightweight.

Issues wise, I would probably like someone like Senator Tom Coburn (I'm well aware he is not running). But I am a realist. And for that I have to support the strongest general election candidate, even if I disagree strongly with his usual social stances -- and I think our strongest candidate for that is Giuliani (many Christians will not agree). I'm watching Thompson, though I think we (the conservatives) are overestimating him due to our desperation.

2008 will be tough for us. Too bad someone like Reagan is so very rare.

Lee-- the majority of peopl... (Below threshold)

Lee-- the majority of people I've seen who are bothered by Romney's faith are Democrats. I agree some very conservative christians have issue with his faith but the vast majority of people are those who think anyone with faith is a whackjob ("It's bad enough having a Christian President, but a Mormon?!?!") I'm a member of an online community where one of the "hot topics" today was the question of whether people should vote for someone who believes in creationism vs. evolution. The mostly liberal group equated voting for someone who believes God is the creator of life to voting for someone who thinks the world is flat.

Who was the candidate that ... (Below threshold)

Who was the candidate that thought the world was flat? Kucinich?

Who won the GOP Debate l... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Who won the GOP Debate last night?

God and his bolts of lightning.

(Democrats should take notice the next they hold a debate.)

Who won the GOP Debate l... (Below threshold)

Who won the GOP Debate last night?

Those with "Buck Fush" stickers on their Volvos.

What? The "Buck Fush" stick... (Below threshold)

What? The "Buck Fush" sticker on my VW bus isn't good enough for first place? Fine, Ill put one on my Volvo station wagon too...

The real question Wolf shou... (Below threshold)

The real question Wolf should have asked Romney is whether he believes that Joseph Smith (1805-1844) was a latter-day prophet whose purpose was to restore the original Christian Church. And whether he believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God on a level equivalent to the Bible as Mormons do.

As a Mormon, Romney would have to answer yes to both questions. THAT would get the attention of Christian conservatives in this country.

Lee-- the majority of pe... (Below threshold)

Lee-- the majority of people I've seen who are bothered by Romney's faith are Democrats.

Uhhh...Garion...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a Mormon.

I don't care what religion someone follows as long as they are right on the issues and Romney is wrong on every one.

So please nominate the guy. He doesn't stand a prayer (no pun intended) of getting anywhere near the amount of Independent voters that McCain or Guiliani could get. He's guaranteed to lose in the general.

Larkin, Dems are not bother... (Below threshold)

Larkin, Dems are not bothered by Mitt's Mormonism any more than they are bothered by Cheney's lesbian daughter.

The Dems fear Romney the most and so they and their agents are screaming from every rooftop that Romney is a Mormon. The thing is, most Republicans (or people who vote Republican) do not care.

I am a Fred guy at this point, but it is obvious to me what the Dems and the Press are up to.

I watched them do the same thing to Romney when he ran against Kennedy here in Boston.

I don't know what planet yo... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I don't know what planet you live on Lee, but I wish you would end your visit to earth. You really think the demostration the democrats are giving the public as to how not run a government is going to bode them well in 2008? Quit it. Maybe in the days when ABC, CBS and NBC were the only new outlets. Those days are done. I can hardly wait till Romney faces Hillary on the stage and askes her a question like "what are you going to charge to rent the Lincoln Bedroom this time?". That should be enough to show off her dish throwing temper.

Clearly, Romney's faith ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Clearly, Romney's faith is concern to voters, and clearly, from the response seen in the interactive responses, they liked what they heard.

The only people who really care about Romney's faith are the press.

Why should we care are Mitt's religion? What is the big stink anyway? It used to have polygamy? Well, that isn't supported by the church anymore (prohibited, in fact). If anyone has noticed, Mitt has one and only one wife (and has only been married to her).

Hell, Islam STILL allows that, but I don't see many lefties making a big stink about that. Three of our presidents didn't even have a formal denomination. Ike was a Jehovah's Witness, yet he served in the US Military (JW are opposed to militarism).

JFK's Catholism has been addressed previously.

Nixon was a Quaker.

So, what exactly is the point here? I just don't get it.

Clearly, Romney's faith ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Clearly, Romney's faith is concern to voters, and clearly, from the response seen in the interactive responses, they liked what they heard.

Faith is always a concern to the faithless for it challenges their lack of belief....

Larkin points to an interes... (Below threshold)

Larkin points to an interesting divide and that is the fear in his mind of the difference between Mormon theocracy and fundamentalist Christian theocracy. How that dialectic works is going to be pertinent to the middle.

But read the Articles of Faith of the Latter Day Saints. There is little objectionable, there. And the Mormons most people know are not scary people. I think Romney will be able to successfully quadrangulate the religious question. It will be out of the envelope political strategy, though. I hope he has clever people there.

Zeldorf the nazi-wannabe wr... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Zeldorf the nazi-wannabe wrote: "I can hardly wait till Romney faces Hillary on the stage and askes her a question like "what are you going to charge to rent the Lincoln Bedroom this time?"

So you think Romney will beat out Fred Thompson for the Republican nomination?

Or were just writing, and not thinking, as usual, Zelda?






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