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My New Addiction

Blogging has been light this week due to end of year ceremonies and activities at my kids' school. It will continue to be light tonight because I am addicted to the new show Starter Wife on USA Network. The third hour (the first night was a two hour premiere) airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. and midnight EDT. It looked like a chick show, but it is much too funny for just women to enjoy. It skewers the shallow and snobby and it is incredibly funny, but with a great deal of heart as well. My husband even likes it and he is definitely not the chick flick type. If you aren't doing anything at 9 or midnight you might want to check it out.

Update: I just checked the site and I had the wrong start time. (It is 9, not 8.) I have now corrected it. I also saw that they reran the two hour premiere at 5 p.m. EDT, so those in the Pacific coast time zones may still be able to catch it.

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What, serial monogamy on pa... (Below threshold)

What, serial monogamy on parade?

Heck, it's got Debra Messin... (Below threshold)

Heck, it's got Debra Messing in it, so it can't be too bad.

This new show was a big hit... (Below threshold)

This new show was a big hit in our family too, gender not withstanding.

Like your husband, I was al... (Below threshold)

Like your husband, I was also subjected to the premier, and it was pretty funny.

I mean, it wasn't the Stooges or anything, but it was pretty funny.


Wow lots of Aussies in it..... (Below threshold)

Wow lots of Aussies in it...
5 so far and counting

My comments and postings on... (Below threshold)

My comments and postings on various blogs have been slower recently as well. I have two sick parents. My main obligation right now. Days spent at a hospital and figuring how to handle two parents in wheelchairs has become my main concern recently.

haha, I'm glad to see someo... (Below threshold)
Miss Jackson:

haha, I'm glad to see someone else is addicted to this show! I think it's so funny, especially Molly's alcoholic friend, Joan (played brilliantly by Judy Davis). How funny was it when Molly put on the blonde wig and pretended to be "Bambi??" Can't wait for this week's ep!






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