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Quote Of The Day - Pillow Talk Edition

"Take notes, and keep this in mind in the future. Just because no girl has complained before does not mean you are a good kisser. We don't complain -- to you."

New blogger Cassy Fiano, from her informative Kissing for Men 101. If you're guilty of any of the moves she and her girlfriends list you may already have been secretly tagged as a bad kisser...


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Comments (7)

Cassy's new . . . and she's... (Below threshold)

Cassy's new . . . and she's gonna make a whole lotta new "friends" on the internet . . .

Hope she doesn't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from hitting that "delete" key on her inbox. Switch clicking fingers from time to time, dear, and don't miss your ADT payments, either.

Hey! This is a very import... (Below threshold)

Hey! This is a very important topic! I urge all you single guys to read it :) Oh wait ... and some married ones too.

If you're married and get s... (Below threshold)

If you're married and get something out of that post, it's waaaay too late.

If you're anybody and get a... (Below threshold)

If you're anybody and get anything out of that post, you're beyond help. Oh well, she's cute, I guess that'll get her a couple hits.

Not being sexist but speaki... (Below threshold)

Not being sexist but speaking from experience. Today is my 32nd anniverary. We love our lives, son and grandson. But, typical of a woman, she lists what they don't want, not what they do. They took the easier path, or they really don't know what they want. I agree on the saliva though. I had that experience with a female way back in the day. ww

Bad kissing is not just the... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Bad kissing is not just the purview of men. I have certainly dated some women that were horrible kissers and just as guilty of the infractions listed. I think much of it has to do with the degree of attraction in the first place. Two people can do the same act which for one person can be sexy, for another repulsive - like wearing a thong for instance.

My advice is to let the woman lead in the kissing department. Don't rush. She will send small signals about what she wants. The reserved approach is best. I noticed that they didn't say, "Don't you hate it when he won't stick his tongue in your mouth?"

Interestingly enough, I've ... (Below threshold)

Interestingly enough, I've noticed her list applies directly back to females as well. I think this is more a universal "don't" list than a male oriented one, because I've been on the receiving end of some of those and it aint good. *shiver*






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