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War Protesting Marine Loses Discharge Appeal

An Iraq war veteran who was recommended for general discharge because he wore his uniform to [an anti-war] protest lost his appeal Wednesday for a new hearing.

An attorney for Cpl. Adam Kokesh appealed after a military panel Monday recommended kicking him out of the Marines for the uniform infraction and using an obscenity in an e-mail to superior officers.

Kokesh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was pictured in uniform attending [an anti-war] protest in a photograph that appeared in The Washington Post.

Hmm, let me guess:

In about 30 years that guy will run for president, win the media/Democrat nomination, and will stride to the dais to begin his acceptance speech with the words: "Reporting for duty!"

Then a whole bunch of barking Moonbats -- many of whom not even born until well after the end of the conflict in Iraq -- reflexively will vote for Kerry F'n Kokesh and thus against whomever is nominated to be the eeevil 'Repugnathug' candidate.


Deja vu . . . all over again . . .

Comments (13)

I happen to have the honor ... (Below threshold)

I happen to have the honor of knowing a Marine sergeant very well.

Let's just say that his comments about this particular Marine aren't printable on a family website.

In other words, Jayson, if any Marine ever catches this person in a dark alley, your fears will never be realized.

Ooh, I hope someone kills h... (Below threshold)
Crazy Killah:

Ooh, I hope someone kills him too!

Is someone who gets kicked ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Is someone who gets kicked out of the military able to claim to be a veteran or is that designation only for those honorably discharged. Just wondering. I never thought about it before.

A general discharge still a... (Below threshold)

A general discharge still allows the "veteran" designation as far as eligibility for benefits earned in service, I believe. However, it was always considered suspect by employers (who often read the military service portion of resumes in years gone by).

General discharges cover a wide variety of circumstances, though, from a "general" unfitness to discipline problems which were minor but frequent and a host of other reasons. Up through the '80s, general discharges were also routinely issued to homosexuals who were somehow "outed."

The soldier wore his camouf... (Below threshold)

The soldier wore his camouflage uniform, but with the insignia removed; and also, he had apparently already been honorably discharged from active duty.

So it does seem odd that his honorable discharge would be changed; I would think that discharged is discharged.

Jim, and I would think you ... (Below threshold)

Jim, and I would think you didn't have a clue about military discharges and what can or can't be done concerning them.

Guess what?

And Honorable discharge from active duty doesn't negate his status while he was part of the Individual Ready Reserve forces.

And note if he hadn't been an a**hole about the problem he would have been sent on his merry way.

Cuss out a Marine officer, or any other Military officer, and they tend to take legal measures to put your dumb ass in its place.

That's about as inane a pos... (Below threshold)

That's about as inane a post as one can imagine. It takes right wing whining to a new level. Congatulations Javitz.

Also, some future democrati... (Below threshold)

Also, some future democratic president will change this veterans discharge to honorable, like Carter did for Kerry. ww

Get him his section 8! The... (Below threshold)

Get him his section 8! Then maybe when Carter can get it revised for him too.

OBGyns:At the ... (Below threshold)


At the rate that your Bush fool is f**king up the entire world, there won't be anyone born this century well after the end of the Iraqi 100 Years War.

Interesting comment... not that it is anywhere near accurate, just interesting.

So tell me... is this ("Iraqi 100 Years War") an admission the Dems if in the WH won't pull out of Iraq either?

And BTW the EU seems to be doing just fine f**king up all on their own without too much help

When reporting for duty as ... (Below threshold)

When reporting for duty as Chelsey Clinton's running mate will he have the 'secret hat' he wore while swimming into Iran to destroy nuclear weapons. Actually the section 8, if still used, seems like the right thing to do.

I was in the Navy YEARS ago... (Below threshold)

I was in the Navy YEARS ago and it was made explicitly clear to us that uniform items were not to be worn in a manner other than according to military code.

This asswipe is an attention whore.

He may have been honorably ... (Below threshold)

He may have been honorably discharged from active duty, but one suspects his discharge from the reserves will be "other than honorable."

And of course, we have all these electronic records of just what kind of person he is... so if he does try to run for office, he'll have to explain all of it. Of course, the remnants of the leftymedia will help him... the NY Slimes will print lots of editorials for its 2 dozen remaining readers, all but 3 of whom will be working for said paper.






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