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Marine Not Allowed to Wear Uniform at Graduation

I have heard about similar stories around the country, but Bob Owens is blogging about a case in my area of the state where the principal of a high school is not allowing a Marine to wear his uniform to receive his diploma. I doubt the principal is anti-military, but rather guess he is just a "by the book" type who doesn't want to make an exception for one lest he have to make exceptions for others in the future. I agree with Bob, though, that the principal should grant an exception in this case to allow the young man to wear the uniform.

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I agree, it does not seem t... (Below threshold)

I agree, it does not seem that the principal is anti-military. It also seems that the school has a dress code for tasteful attire under the graduation gowns - not flip-flops, boardshorts, t-shirts, etc. I think it is terrific this young man is a marine and serving his country. If I were his father I would be very proud of him. I also think, however, it does not accord him a special exception in this particular circumstance.

if the young man is indeed ... (Below threshold)

if the young man is indeed a Marine, he is entitled to wear his Dress uniform with pride anywhere he wants to. If the dress code calls for suits his military uniform is appropriate. I can see themnot allowing him to wear his battle dress uniform. But to prohibit him from wearing his blues is wrong, and the Principal needs to be called on the carpet about this.

ok i spoke too soon (have t... (Below threshold)

ok i spoke too soon (have to make sure i read all the links first), the graduation dress code called for a specific uniform so the principal is fully justified in his restrictions.

Sure, he should be allowed ... (Below threshold)

Sure, he should be allowed to wear his uniform. I mean, it's not like a protest or anything.

drew: "the graduation dr... (Below threshold)

drew: "the graduation dress code called for a specific uniform so the principal is fully justified in his restrictions."

As a former Marine I am outaged. This Principal is PAID to use his judgement...and his judgement should have been: "you're putting your life on the line for this country...we should HONOR that committment and allow you to wear your uniform"

No protest was intended...simply a Marine wanting to show the community their committment.

Dress blues under a gown? W... (Below threshold)

Dress blues under a gown? With a watchamiggie on his head?

Out of uniform. They'll bust you for that. Office Hours at least.

Properly-worn dress blues (or Alphas, in my book) should be fine. White cover to spit shined shoes.
No modifications.

PS. Beware of Confederate Yankee takes on anything.

watchamiggie should have be... (Below threshold)

watchamiggie should have been watchamajiggie.

Important difference.

PS. Beware of bryanD[elusio... (Below threshold)

PS. Beware of bryanD[elusional]s takes on anything.

Not sure why I felt like co... (Below threshold)

Not sure why I felt like commenting, but here goes anyway.......
I think it has previously been common practice to allow dress military uniforms in lieu of more formal civies such as tuxes or even hat and tails. I don't see why the dress code for a graduation should be different. Only the pants cuffs and collar would show anyway. Several ceremonies I have been to lately have allowed African themed collars and even Scottish tarten "thingies", so why not dress blues? I don't think this is a big deal as long as the dress code is applied (bad pun alert) uniformly.
In keeping with a comment above, it does seem a bit weird to put a MARINE uniform under a gown.

ah justrand..how about this... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah justrand..how about this marine..who had his discharge changed AFTER he completed his service?

Notice "The military has a policy prohibiting troops from wearing uniforms without authorization."

Seriously..are we in a place in America where a marine cannot wear his uniform at graduation..and where a decorated marine can have his Discharge Changed because of dissent?
Both are terribly wrong..

Nogo:and where... (Below threshold)


and where a decorated marine can have his Discharge Changed because of dissent?

Knee-jerked your way into looking very stupid didn't you?

This from your own link:

"The Iraq war veteran had already received an honorable discharge from active duty before the protest in March, but he still could be discharged from the service altogether."

What is it about that passage you ignore or fail to understand?

He's still part of the reserve force and still must abide by the UCMJ.

justrand,i understan... (Below threshold)

i understand the pride of wearing the uniform, i have 24 years (so far) of Air Force service, My son is Air Force, my other son is already signed up and my best friend was a Marine before he became a firefighter and was killed rescuing someone. I would support the wearing of the uniform except that the school has issued a dress code for the graduation ceremony. You of all people should know the importance of following regulations. You wear the uniform of the day. if it is Dress Blues or BDU's or Khacki slacks and a blue polo shirt. I do think the principal should do like they did at my sons graduation and ask those who have volunteered to serve to stand up and be recognized. My son and about 15 other students stood at his graduation and received applause and a standing ovation from the crowd.

The principal should have m... (Below threshold)

The principal should have made an exception for this young man because HE is an exception to the graduating class. His service already speaks volumes of his commitment, selflessness, and unique character and virtue. Let the young man wear his uniform.






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