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Three news items which for obvious reasons had no chance in hell of being featured by the national liberal Democrat media:

Net worth of all U.S. households reaches $56.18 trillion

U.S. households' total net worth continued to climb in the first quarter of 2007, advancing 1.1 percent to a record $56.18 trillion, the Federal Reserve said Thursday.

Go figure.

There's more:

The federal government's debt grew at a 6.6 percent rate in the first quarter, up from the fourth quarter's pace but down from the 8.0 percent growth rate in the first quarter of 2006.

Go figure.

Feds OK natural gas wells on Colo. plateau

Federal land managers on Friday authorized up to 1,570 new natural gas wells over the next 20 years on a mountain plateau . . . .

* * *
The Colorado Oil and Gas Assocation trade group says the plateau could provide enough natural gas for 4 million homes for the next 20 years . . . . It also generates an estimated $5 million a year for the local economy from hunting, fishing and wildlife watching, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Speaking of natural gas, now that Mr. Putin seems to be getting in touch with his inner-KGB, and in light of ongoing price pressures in the energy markets, it seems to me the obvious, no-brainer approach to the Russian (baby) Bear is to endeavor to cut a broad energy/security treaty.

Think about it.

Russia has vast reserves of natural gas. We've got a voracious need for energy products.

Russia deeply is concerned about our anti-missile capabilities. Deep down we still believe it's better to be dead than red -- but not literally! so.

It's the perfect stage for a mutually-beneficial bargain.

Russia agrees to sell us huge amounts of natural gas at below-market prices. We agree not to build any systems that would make their missiles as *useful* as that 12-step program was useful to Lindsay Lohan.

Win-win, baby.

Jurors hear Padilla's voice on wiretap

Jurors in the terrorism support and conspiracy trial of Jose Padilla heard his voice on an FBI wiretap for the first time on Friday, in a conversation that prosecutors say proves he was getting ready to [engage in] jihad overseas.

Wow, who knew the federal government even investigated people like that, much less prosecuted them in courts of law???

On a serious note, there eventually will come a time at which the various lunatic fringes will have no choice but to come to grips with the fact expansive national government powers -- e.g., Patriot Act, FISA warrants, etc. -- are necessary in this ongoing and decades-old global war against terrorism.

That's because:

Academic theory/naked ideology = wine and brie at the country club.
Reality = psycho-bots trying to blow up you and your family.

Yes, of course, we all want to get in touch with our inner Ayn Rand. Agreed. No doubt.

Alas that won't help you, Chomsky, if some jihadi-bot severs your head and displays it on a stick.

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Do you remember in the midd... (Below threshold)

Do you remember in the middle of the Ukrainian debacle Putin threatened to cut off gas? It is bad enough being held hostage by Seventh Century barbarians, but it is preferable to Twentieth Century ones.

That said, someday Russia will be supplying us with gas. It is a natural market.






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