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Only in Massachusetts?

Transsexual cop killer breaks probation, flees.

Here's a guy who used a bomb, killing one cop and maimed another, and he's out on probation. And then he runs anyway. In Massachusetts, it seems that sexual identity is a mitigating factor in committing crimes. Charles "Ebony" Horton kidnapped a teenage boy and threatened to stab his throat with a screwdriver unless the boy performed oral sex on the transvestite, and was sentenced to probation and house arrest.

That does it. The next time I feel the urge to commit a felony, I'm putting on a miniskirt and heading for the Bay State.

(Update: P. Bunyan is probably right; "transvestite" might be more appropriate. But I happened to have left the original article on my computer while at work, and the headline when I wrote the story read:

"Transsexual cop killer hunted in Bay State"

The article doesn't reflect that headline, but damn it made a great story. The only better one I've ever seen was in the New York Post. Police broke up a fight on a subway between a 300-lb pre-op transsexual and a one-legged bicycle messenger.)

Comments (16)

Make sure you have matching... (Below threshold)

Make sure you have matching shoes and a trendy handbag!

You go there Girlfriend!!!!... (Below threshold)

You go there Girlfriend!!!!! :)

Jay, you in a mini skirt wo... (Below threshold)

Jay, you in a mini skirt would be a crime all by itself. Wait until you cross the state line to cross dress.

Will we have to take up a c... (Below threshold)

Will we have to take up a collection so you can afford an "Edwards Hairstyle?"

Perhaps your donning a mini... (Below threshold)

Perhaps your donning a miniskirt should be a felody.

Judging by the last few mov... (Below threshold)

Judging by the last few moves made by the "NH" legislature, you won't have to cross the line...MA is coming to you.

So Jay, considering that yo... (Below threshold)

So Jay, considering that you have mentioned before that you are single and have no kids and didn't mention that you were going to buy a miniskirt. I find it disturbing that you would already have one to put on!!

The mental image of you in ... (Below threshold)

The mental image of you in a mini is going to haunt me all the way up to the second Crown on the rocks this evening.

Thinks that make you go hmm... (Below threshold)

Thinks that make you go hmmmm:

Another Massachusetts governor running for president and another unrepentant criminal coddled by the state named Horton.

Don't bother, I know the difference (Willie Horton was let out by Dukakis' furlough program and this Horton was given probation in court). I just find the coincidences funny.

Make sure it's a a violent ... (Below threshold)

Make sure it's a a violent felony. It probably wouldn't mitigate a white collar crime or "crime" resulting from an overzealous prosecutor applying creativity to get you on something.

The tag you put on your top... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The tag you put on your top link is wrong and offensive Jay. The man in question could be called a transvestite, crossdresser, or even transgendered perhaps, but he is not a transsexual. There is a big difference.

I've seen Jay's legs, they ... (Below threshold)

I've seen Jay's legs, they are nicer than some women's ......I think he would look great in a mini....

Horton? Any relation to 'wi... (Below threshold)

Horton? Any relation to 'willie'?

The transexual cop killer i... (Below threshold)

The transexual cop killer industry will never be the same.

How many of those do you think there are?

Hate to be a stick in the m... (Below threshold)

Hate to be a stick in the mud.... but let's get back to the sicko. Jay, I want first dibs on him, and I'm bringing my shotgun.

This story made me feel MUC... (Below threshold)

This story made me feel MUCH better about ol' Paris getting sprung after five excruiating days in the celeb wing.






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