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Something to think about over the weekend

The Anchoress has a couple of posts I have been thinking about a great deal today. The posts have to do with the debate that has taken place on the right over the issue of immigration and the President. I am currently writing a piece on the topic, but it is still in draft and not finished, but I wanted to go ahead and link the Anchoress posts (here, here and here). They are somewhat lengthy and have many links (and trackbacks) that are worth following so by posting them now anyone interested will be able to get a head start reading them. I will try to finish my piece tonight and get it up for the weekend.

Update: I got about half way through the post I mentioned above and then got sidetracked by family activities this weekend. I apologize for not getting it done this weekend, but will finish it up and post next week. In the meantime, Sister Toldjah has plenty to say on the subject.


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Comments (12)

Please!Bush has ne... (Below threshold)
Kausper Hauser:


Bush has never "enforced the law in rationale ways."

He has ignored the law and simply left the borders unprotected.

We listened to the Republican leadership when they gave out Amnesty in 1986 and promised to "seal the borders". We listened to the government in 1996 when they extended amnesty in 1996 and promised to seal the borders. And remember the 700-mile "fence" of 2005? How much was built? 2 miles?

No we've been lied to over and over again. It would irrational to believe Bush or the current nomanklatura in DC will ever enforce the rules.

The Democrats want indentured votes and the Republican's want indentured servitude.

So to hell with you Slavers! The center, which wants freedom and rule of law, held!

Ah, the measured mind of th... (Below threshold)

Ah, the measured mind of the Bush-hater.

Kos would be proud.

"So to hell with you Slaver... (Below threshold)

"So to hell with you Slavers! The center, which wants freedom and rule of law, held!"

If that's the center, I'm heading back to the left.

So Liee which is the left g... (Below threshold)

So Liee which is the left going to protect you from freedom or the rule of law? On second thought, their actions show they are willing to do away with both.
Although I disagree with Kausper's method of recording his thoughts, I do agree with the premise. What other motivation explains our electead officials reticence about enforcing our immigration policy. Laws they swear to uphold are instead ignored.
My only difference is that I believe the representatives of both sides are in agreement. They both want voters and cheap labor for business.
Gotta keep those dollars flowing.

Lorie, DJ...this bill would... (Below threshold)
Colorado KnightOwl:

Lorie, DJ...this bill would grant millions of people the right to come here. Every "Z" visa holder would have the right to bring a spouse, children, parents. If there 12 to 20 million here illegally now, we could be looking at 40 to 80 million new people in this country within a very short period of time...as if our schools, hospitals, and roads weren't crowded enough. Nor is there ANY belief (by the right) that these laws will ever be enforced. They won't enforce the laws already on the books! The Senate defeated the Cornyn ammendment to enforce existing law. You have McCain/Graham asking Ted Kennedy which way to vote on certain ammendments.
We on the right, do not trust our government will ever enforce laws already on the books. We do not want millions of new people coming here until you prove to us that they will actually SECURE the border...Do that without calling us names or telling us we are stupid and we will sit down and rationally debate how those here should be treated...Until that is done, we are going to go with 20 years of experience where NO administration has enforced laws already on the books.
This issue is very important, it should not be rammed down the throats of Americans with back room deals and secret negotiations...
Last year a fence was approved...they've built what? 11 miles out of 800? Get this administration to show us they are SERIOUS about securing the border and stopping the hundreds of thousands coming over the border each and every year and we can have some rational debates...
Tell Lindsey Graham that when he speaks to groups like La Raza (The Race) and calls us "bigots" that he is a hypocrite. When those of us with legitimate concerns are told by the president "that we don't want what's right for America", he goes too far.
He lets Ted Kennedy call him a "liar" and then invites him into the White House to co-write the immigration bill. Harry Reid can call GWB a "loser" and he gets praise from the president...Us, we get the door...So the people who vote for him, campaign for him, contribute to him and the RNC don't want what's right for the country...But Teddy, Harry and Nancy get invited to the WH...gee with friends like that, I and many others won't bother...

C.K., it's not about the bi... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

C.K., it's not about the bill. It's about the tone of conduct, and the course of discourse.

I'd like to make a point an... (Below threshold)

I'd like to make a point and need an illustration of sorts to do so, so allow me:

Regarding attitudes to and about people in elected office (that includes Presidents and Vice Presidents -- I state that here because once the Executive is won, it's been my voting experience through many Presidencies of both Parties that once they're in the White House, the stories change, the guys and their wives become something and someone else, and it becomes apparent over time once voters start paying evaluative, critical attention again to the reality of what they hear and read).

Anyway, illustration:

As many know, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D/CA) was/is among the "Gang of 12" in the Senate who "met beind closed doors" and "participated in writing" S.B.1348.

Feinstein is also among those Democrats who voted YAE for cloture, a vote to discontine any discussion of S.B.1348 -- she and her Gang (with the Gang from the White House) have what they wanted, and their attitude is we "must" take what they've huddled and crafted for their own, unexplained reasons and references.

Feinstein goes into print today and announces that she "has never received as much hate mail/messages" as she has about S.B. 1348, so she then announced that it was the comments she'd received criticizing her behavior and positions that was "hate(ful)" (or, ~bad~) as also those who contacted her with an opposition perspective and NOT HER POSITION OR THE BILL ITSELF.

This is the same fixed mentality that Bush exhibits. He is not there to represent people but to tell everyone else what to do in legislative terms, and thus, he's not PRESIDING or providing Executive leadership to the nation, but he's RULING OVER voters, much as Feintein has been allowed to do from and in CA for so long simply because she is never challenged in the state and has an assured career "title." This doesn't represent a republic, it's a reformation of dictatorial methods.

Also, when states such as CA only have two Senators and both happen to be with a party that I'm not a part of nor ever planning on being (D), it leaves my needs as a voter and U.S. citizen utterly abandoned. I see the Senate (and I dare say, too, more often than not, Bush and those who match his positions and intents, like, say, Fred Barnes and the Wall Street Journal editorial board, McCain, Graham, people such as that), anyway, what I see are people who, literally, have no competition so they "rule" accordingly and dismiss oppositional opinions as being "hate" and things of that nature.

To "dare" to "oppose" their "ruling" is to represent "hate" and various odious, loathesome, even enemy positions.

The point of all this is that when politicians (our President is one) assume that because they're in the White House, there is then no reason to listen to voters or worse, not only not listen but to defame and insult anyone who doesn't bow, that's not a Presidency, that's not representation, that's not a republic.

The Party-label and in-grouping was used for only so long with Republicans just as it continues to be used by most Democrats: anyone 'daring' to speak outside the Party-speak and use the same memes (and believe them) is the enemy, is to be disengaged from and even harassed. But among the Republicans, it's not so much a violation of the Reagan "11th Commandment" (thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican), but that by not communicating the seriousness of the disagreement, the President (AND the Party) run roughshod over voters and then....they lose.

That is how elections are lost, not won. That is WHY many of us Republicans are quite so irritated and cross with Bush, AND with the likes of Jeb and McCain and Guiliani and similar. They aren't listening.

If they aren't listening now, at what terrible times would we be during even worse conditions? Bush has a problem, the Republican Party has a problem and the Republican voters (many of us) have a problem and that is we're watching the Party and many of it's "monarchistic electeds" run us into loss. We don't like it, it's not where we think our nation should go.

My final point is as to deportation of illegal aliens. I read (as I did on some of Anchoress' lectures) that it "can't happen" and "won't happen" and similar.

Of course it CAN happen and it COULD happen. Anyone says it can't, that's them admitting that they don't want to do that.

Without a "meaningful penalty" (deportation, lose the White House, go to jail, lose your business, whatever is "meaningful" to whomever), then bad behavior does not change. Illegal aliens are not leaving "on their own" and they continue to arrive here illegally because they face no "meaningful penalty" for their illegal/bad/betraying acts and so, thus, they keep coming and they stay here. Same with the White House and the insults: that indicates that the White House really does not care that it's offending voters, it's like someone allowed to stay in your house for a few years and then telling you you're a vigilante, a racist, kicking your dog, wrecking your car...it's just downright plain old bad behavior.

SOMEbody never had a meaningful penalty applied for bad behavior and inconsideration and so SOMEbody continues on with that because...no meaningful penalty. I betcha that if the GOP loses in '08, Bush and his will be lecturing Republicans on how "we" lost the election.

I'm waiting to hear what new insult he has to "share" when he gets back.

it's not about the bill. I... (Below threshold)
Colorado KnightOwl:

it's not about the bill. It's about the tone of conduct, and the course of discourse.
Posted by: DJ Drummond

For me it is the bill and the attitude that those of us who oppose it are some how "less" than those that support it....
I lived in Southern California for 50 years, according to the census bureau, the population there is now 64% foreign born. All the billboards are in languages I can't read. The people coming here ARE NOT assimilating. They do not want to be American citizens. This cancer is spreading. For me this issue trumps the GWOT and just about everything else. If we let in that many people in such a short period of time, our "superpower" nation will be gone. We will be like those formerely great countries in Europe...Did you know that the #2 name given to baby boys now in Great Britain is Mohammed. Next year it will be the #1 name. If this bill passes, the same thing will happen here in about 5 years time.

To me this issue trumps all others...I get mad, very mad when they try and ram this through without debate. When they just ignore those of us with another opinion.

I fell asleep early last ni... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I fell asleep early last night and was gone all day today so I have yet to finish it and after reading some of the comments here, wonder if I should even try. I am glad the bill failed. My thoughts have to do with the way the issue was debated from both sides. I have a feeling that no matter how explicit I was about that there would be many reading it who just wouldn't "get" it.

Lorie,What is there ... (Below threshold)

What is there to get. That our representatives have lied to us over and over again. We get that! That business wants cheap labor - that reduces the salaries of working class Americans! We get that! That the Dems want a pool of voters ...We get that also. Now what is it that we do not get? Oh the fact that Casa Blanca is tone deaf and that the GOP will fracture over this...Oh we get that also!
We have been called Bigots (Lucy Graham), Loud Talkers, Un-American (Bush), Racists, and then people like DJ claim we are the ones that start the name calling. There is a simple solution. Close the border....Fine companies (like Smithfield Farms) that hire Illegals and don't reduce the fines anymore. If this White House would do that, then maybe we would believe the political elites in this country, until then we won't. Close the border - uphold the law and then we can talk about assimilation.

Close the border - uphold t... (Below threshold)
Colorado KnightOwl:

Close the border - uphold the law and then we can talk about assimilation.
Posted by: Budahmon

Amen...Nuff said!

Well since the GOP has "lie... (Below threshold)

Well since the GOP has "lied" and the "base" no longer trusts them...they should stop trying to make them happy. Drop this issue and go on to things that the rest of America might actually care about...like the war on terror?






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