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A Slice of America in 2007

The Anchoress posted a snapshot of America observed in a bookstore. Here is a bit.

At the checkout counter I found the rest of the shoppers - there were 8-10 of us in all, diverse in age, gender, race, and I'm sure in other ways, and every one of us was trying to get outside and catch a breeze, so some were becoming impatient. While waiting I tied my hair back with a scrunchy and a woman behind me said, "good idea," and tied hers back, too...no kidding, it was warm.

When I reached the checkout, I asked the cashier if the a/c was broken. "No," she informed me. "We keep the a/c temperature up because of global warming. Doing our part to save the planet!"

A male voice groused, rather loudly, "Well, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! If you're running an a/c but still not cooling the building then you're wasting energy. Either turn it off all together, or turn the temperature down, but don't run a huge unit without without cooling the building down; that's like running a car engine in a driveway. This is typical Al Gore liberal nonsense, make everyone suffer the same while they feel noble because they care so much about the environment!"

Read the whole thing for other reactions to the hot bookstore and to the comment the man made.

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Lorie, Back in the ... (Below threshold)

Back in the 50's & 60's the planet was going into a cooling pattern. Now it's going into a heating pattern. Al Gore is pushing this heating/global warming BS, and I wonder if it is because he has invested money into a couple of companies that have to do with the global warming, so money to be made by him?

What's your take on all this global warming?

It would be interesting to ... (Below threshold)

It would be interesting to know if this was a large "chain" store or an independent store.

The Nation has an op-ed by ... (Below threshold)

The Nation has an op-ed by Alexander Cockburn. The world of the warmers is about to switch polarity. Poor Lovelock. What a tool.

I know it's the Nation, but... (Below threshold)

I know it's the Nation, but read it. Just stunning.

I feel distinctly cockroachy this AM. The Nation skeptical, and the nations' law professors, too?

how can man be causing glob... (Below threshold)

how can man be causing global warming through Co2 when there are 38 molecules of Co2 to every 100,000 molecules of everything else in our atmosphere. Do you know how much Co2 it would take to raise that from 38 molecules to 39 molecules? According to Roy Spencer a scientist at University of Alabama Huntsville and also an acclaimed Scientist formerly of NASA says that a molecule can be added about every 5 years. Do you know how insignificant that is? 38/100,000 to 39/100,000?? and thats not even saying that humans are adding that one extra molecule every 5 years.

Supposedly Algore says we are pumping 30 billion tons into the air. That 30 billion tons represents the 38 molecules per 100,000. so if we are pumping 30 billion tons of Co2, there are 3,000,000,000,000,000 tons of air in our atmosphere. I don't even know what figure you would put on that as it is even past trillions. It is obviously a number that no one could even comprehend what 3,000,000,000,000,000 of anything is. I know Roy Spencer is putting a book out later this year all about the science of this stuff and how it is a joke when Algore tries to tell us that there is 30 billion tons of co2 in our atmosphere. 30 billion sounds like alot, but it's miniscule when you compare it to everything else in our atmosphere...

There is a lot more than si... (Below threshold)

There is a lot more than simple-minded 'gas in a box' thinking out there, now, and a lot more than a cartoon bent out of bad statistics.

I found Roy Spencer's websi... (Below threshold)

I found Roy Spencer's website that basically mocks all the global warming crap. some of it's kind of funny: http://www.ecoenquirer.com/

On Spencer, I liked this on... (Below threshold)

On Spencer, I liked this one the best:


I liked the TANG jets over ... (Below threshold)

I liked the TANG jets over Katrina. However, there is an irony. A blast of high dry air did hit Katrina at the last moment, deflecting her eastward, and weakening her. Where did that air come from? Why, Texas, of course. Just another one of Bush's unsung heroics.

The Irish Spartan's site do... (Below threshold)

The Irish Spartan's site documents the air, and an observer even wondered if there had not been a nuclear detonation. I'm dubious about that; surely that would have been noted.

You wonder why the leftist'... (Below threshold)

You wonder why the leftist's are muttering in the corner? Cockburn, Bork, and Dershowitz have taken a lot of wind out of the sails of the warmers and the Libby haters.

Cockburn's thesis can be 'truthered' a little to the belief that the CO2 warming craze is just a bump on the road to the 'corporatists'' dream of an all nuclear future.

Read him in the nation; the dissonance is dizzying.

All UR lawz and oilz are be... (Below threshold)

All UR lawz and oilz are belong to us. Purr.

Oooh! Another straw man bit... (Below threshold)

Oooh! Another straw man bites the dust.

Hey, did you hear that FoxNews story last week? About how they're going carbon neutral, pursuant to the wishes of Rupert Murdock?

Did you hear about Wal Mart's plans for building and retrofitting carbon neutral? Did you know that they're building Green stores now? Solar, etc.?

Yeah, it's a load of bullshit alright.

Hey I am "carbon neutral" b... (Below threshold)

Hey I am "carbon neutral" because my house is two tone green. How about that. Don't have to but "credits" now. snicker snort

Dave, that would be 3 quadr... (Below threshold)

Dave, that would be 3 quadrillion

astigafa, it appears you ha... (Below threshold)

astigafa, it appears you haven't read the article in the Nation, yet. Come back when you have; I'm curious what you think of it. That's not snark. I want flesh and blood reaction to it.

No I don't. Virtual will do, thanks.

mantis, I'll take back all ... (Below threshold)

mantis, I'll take back all the snarky things I've said about your rhetoric lately, if you'd just read Cockburn and comment.

Thanks Hoohoo. I didn't kno... (Below threshold)

Thanks Hoohoo. I didn't know the exact verbal representation of that number, but it buttresses my point. That number is so far out there as to be inconceivable by any person on this planet. To try and say that something that makes up a miniscule percentage of 3 quadrillion tons of air has a major impact and that impact is because we put 30 billion tons into 3 quadrillion tons of air is absurd.

What? Me, warm?====... (Below threshold)

What? Me, warm?

Yes Kim, and all this is br... (Below threshold)

Yes Kim, and all this is brought to us by Alfred E. Goremann lolol

The global warming meme as ... (Below threshold)

The global warming meme as preached by the algore enviros is a gross distortion of reality. Yes, the earth is warming and yes, humans likely are contributing to SOME of the increase.

Here's a chart of the 'normal' temperatures of the Earth for the last billion years.


Scroll down and you'll see that we're in a below average 'cold' period and coming out of it. Nature is taking its course and re-warming the planet. We need to learn to live with it.

P.S. Eliminating fossile fuel dependency is a good idea. Our dependance on the Middle East is NOT good for national security. More solar and more nukes.

Yes, there is a better geop... (Below threshold)

Yes, there is a better geopolitical reason for decreasing dependence on petrochemicals than there is an environmental one. Solar is hard to place on a grid, and the Chinese are light years ahead of everyone else with their pebble bed nuclear technology.

Also, energy is replacing labor in many of the old Communist capital/labor equations, mistaken as they were. Go figure.






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