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Skeptically Naive

We, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," have never quite understood the mindset of the far Left. You know the sort of folks we mean: Subscribers to The Nation, Z, The Guardian, Mother Jones, Counterpunch, and kindred organs of firmly entrenched leftism. Quite frankly, we consider their political presuppositions baffling.

In general, such radical lefties remain deeply skeptical of the United States government. To their minds, America is an ultra-capitalist, imperialist nightmare that ruins the world through its malign combination of military aggression and neo-liberal economics. Our radical buddies believe that almost all US politicians are at best complicit in the raping of the world.

Now, we don't happen to believe that these propositions are true--though we don't doubt that America has made mistakes in the past. Still, we can partially understand this sort of suspicion of the American government, since no government is uniformly virtuous.

Yet the radical Left combines this paranoid skepticism about the USA with a humorously sanguine view of governments opposed to American interests. And here is where we just can't fathom how reasonable people can support their worldview. As suspicious as these folks are of the US, they seem almost pathologically un-skeptical of Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, Fidel Castro's Cuba, and Palestine.

Hence we are treated to the bizarre sight of supposed human rights champions such as John Pilger odiously supporting Hugo Chavez's merciless crackdown on Venezuela's last vestiges of independent media. Chavez recently decried students protesting his proto-totalitarianism as "pawns of Washington," and we'll hear nary a peep from the likes of Cindy Sheehan, Harold Pinter, and likeminded extremists.

It seems clear, in fact, that cheerleaders for Hugo Chavez are willing to defend any foul play--provided Saint Hugo was the perpetrator. After all, Chavez shills descry American interference in the workings of foreign governments--though Chavez himself has engendered South American ire for his similar meddling. They excoriate the Bush administration for purportedly chilling dissent, but make all manner of excuses for Chavez's obvious chilling of Venezuelan dissent.

Perhaps, racism lies at the heart of such repellent views. In the minds of radical leftists, healthy representative democracy, freedom of speech, and free media are the prerogative of Westerners. Americans and their European confreres can enjoy such perquisites, but they're strictly off limits to contemporary Cubans and Venezuelans.

Although, to their minds, Americans need to remain vigilant regarding the horrors of the US government, Cubans and Venezuelans should apparently sit tight, and allow odious totalitarians to run their lives. Can anyone inform us why such paternalistic views deserve the moniker "progressive"?

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently reading Pascal Bruckner's brilliant excoriation of squishy liberal racism.)

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When the adjectives are mor... (Below threshold)

When the adjectives are more notable than the subject matter, you know you've reached the weekly Hatemongers Quarterly installment.

Weird "reading". More like scanning.

"Crack young staff"? Special Ed.?

Sorry Kevin. Like your blog. HM is piss.

"HM is piss."Shoul... (Below threshold)

"HM is piss."

Should read: "HQ is piss". RIPE piss.

(With things floating around in it.)

Actually, the meandering dr... (Below threshold)

Actually, the meandering droning libtard posts from the likes of you is piss bryan.

Why do attract bottom-feedi... (Below threshold)

Why do attract bottom-feeding fags?

"I" between "attract" and "... (Below threshold)

"I" between "attract" and "bottom-feeding".

fags = "Steve"

"I" between "do" and "attra... (Below threshold)

"I" between "do" and "attract". (ugh)

Yes, "Steve" is faggier than ever. (Bless 'em!)

While I'm still awake; off... (Below threshold)

While I'm still awake; off topic; non-"homophobic" post:


PS: Steven: clicked on your Manly Website; 411: the Bush Amnesty Bill was concocted by Bush, circa 1998. Fag.

Careful, bD, someone might ... (Below threshold)

Careful, bD, someone might mistake you for a leftist.

The left doesn't give a rat... (Below threshold)

The left doesn't give a rat's ass about "human rights" - except as the issue can be used against the United States and her allies. When communist and other left-leaning regimes commit human rights atrocities, the left finds justification. This is nothing new.

They denied reports of Stalin's purges, gulags, forced famines, torture, and intrigues. When they could no longer deny, they justified. Look at their love of Castro, the most oppressive regime in the hemisphere. Chavez is becoming a communist in fact by shutting down the opposition press and "nationalizing" (the quaint leftist term for "stealing") private industries. Naturally, they will support him until the last dog dies.

bryanD is an 11 year old who uses our blog to try out the new insults and curse words he learns from the kids at school. That he is permitted to remain here, contributing nothing more than invective and dissonance, is a mark against us.

Kim=== hello!Jim A... (Below threshold)

Kim=== hello!

Jim Addison, haven't you figured it out? Bush is a traitor. (d'Uh!)

Humourously, patriots who warn of the North American Union (Amnesty blah blah) are now called "truthers".

You know, 9/11 "TRUTHERS", etc, etc.

Crimethink or something.

Anyway, JA, you are one crappy rebutter. Dyslexic in your political cluelessness.

Try harder. Call me out (topically), I'll kick your ass.

Call it a dare! (I wouldn't put you on the spot, but you THINK you can blog. Let's call it for Montag! Busy Sontag.)

Ready to rumble, Monday'll ... (Below threshold)

Ready to rumble, Monday'll still be Libby, so warm up.

JA: I have been apprise by ... (Below threshold)

JA: I have been apprise by my babelicious and jealous Peanut Gallery that your citation of my 11-year-oldness should be met and countered by my charge of your chickenhawkishness.

Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the US armed forces.

If not, why not? And is your pussifaction inherited?

Yours truly, bD.

ps: If you have served, please let me know. I will apologize.

Give some details/terms in context. Don't lie!

Kim=="Ready to rumble, Mond... (Below threshold)

Kim=="Ready to rumble, Monday'll still be Libby, so warm up."

I wish every day was Libby day! If only the MSM would cover it.

Anyway, keep me apprised.

(My condolences for Da Wolf. And for Riza on the Rebound. OUCH!)

(Editor's note: BryanD won't be able to respond to you, Kim. At least, not here.)


Oh, God, is this only my se... (Below threshold)

Oh, God, is this only my second instance of the chickenhawk argument not being used by a chickenhawk? Just some details/terms, bD; context is unnecessary and I know I don't have to ask you not to lie.

MCRD San Diego, July 26, 19... (Below threshold)

MCRD San Diego, July 26, 1979, 2066 (Edson Range 216)

ITS, Camp Horno, 0331

USNAS MARBAR, Keflavik, Dec 24, 1979

USMCB, Camp Pendleton (San Mateo), Jan, 1981, C 1/7 (+Bridgeport)

USMCB, Camp Butler, Apr 1982, (Okinawa>Camp Hansen =Kincho)

... Pohang,ROK/ Angeles City, PI

"(Editor's note: BryanD... (Below threshold)

"(Editor's note: BryanD won't be able to respond to you, Kim. At least, not here.) J."

Good riddance, far too late but better than never.

Wow. Just when I thought b... (Below threshold)

Wow. Just when I thought bryanD couldn't get more pathetic. Jay, be looking for email from bryanD asking you to let him back in. Afterall, it appears he has nothing better to do than crap in your livingroom.

When we do see the rare mention by leftist websites and blogs, of bold moves of communist regimes or dictatorships to take control of media, take over private ownership of companies or imprison their dissenters, it is almost always reported dispassionately, with few adjectives, and the worst facts will undoubtedly be left out.

But let something, anything, happen in the US and they'll whip out a Thesaurus (so fast you'll feel the breeze from it) to help them describe the horror of it all. It will also be peppered liberally - forgive the pun - with names like Bush, Rove, Cheney, et al, and replete with photoshopped images.

Speaking of the Nation, che... (Below threshold)

Speaking of the Nation, check out Alexander Cockburn on Global Warming. He is signalling a polar change of the leftists; up will be down, and down up, over there, for awhile.

Hey, bD's the best. I think he musta been drunk last night. Re-evaluate when sober. But I don't think anybody on the left wants to talk about Joe Wilson and Val Plame, anymore. scrapiron and bD are down at the bus station scraping the remains off the pavement.

I wouldn't be surprised to ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't be surprised to hear NoQuarter slamming the perfidy of the left, soon. Either that or the perfidy of Joe Wilson after Val gets immunity.

I love it. HQ posts an ent... (Below threshold)

I love it. HQ posts an entry which is corpulent
with undocumented allegations yet concludes, somehow, that the left, and some guy down-under have an indistinguishable ideology.

And who is 'we'? It takes a panel of writers
to come up with this crap?

Three years ago I was amaze... (Below threshold)

Three years ago I was amazed how effectively I could argue about Chavez with some leftist who'd lived for years in Venezuela. It took minutes to google the court packing chicanery he used in the last election.

Chavez is a stupid demagogic autocrat. He imports a million Kalishnikovs for the indigent indigenous to right a half millenium of injustice and abuse? Injustice and abuse by autocrats? What can that man be thinking?

bryanD, put down the bottle... (Below threshold)

bryanD, put down the bottle. Step away from the alcohol. Rehab is your friend.

Quite frankly, we ... (Below threshold)
Quite frankly, we consider their political presuppositions baffling.

It has to do with the left's rejection of classical liberalism and its belief that a dictatorship of the proletariat is necessary in order to create a non-oppressive society. In Marxist thought, classical liberal societies (such as the U.S.) are oppressive, and the classical liberal state is just a tool of exploitation. It's not clear that Marx would have endorsed Chavez and Castro, but a lot of leftists see those two and their ilk as liberators, i.e., as destroyers of capitalist exploitation and as champions of the exploited. Hence a lot of leftists don't mind if Chavez curtails freedom of speech.

You nailed it Bill, but fin... (Below threshold)

You nailed it Bill, but find one admitting it. Instead they have the same old misunderstood dualism fueling the old hate, now directed against 'corporatism'.

"Hence a lot of leftists do... (Below threshold)

"Hence a lot of leftists don't mind if Chavez curtails freedom of speech."

Lots of moons orbiting around Ur-anus, Bill.

Any signs of life on those heavenly bodies?

Any cites for your leap into the chasm of

You fool yourself if you do... (Below threshold)

You fool yourself if you don't think Chavez is a tyrant on the order of the worst. He has armed and demagogued an indigent and indigenous people with a half millenium history of being ground under the heel of tyranny. He is as foolish as any mad autocrat.

Skeptically naive? How abo... (Below threshold)

Skeptically naive? How about 'Serially Disbelieving'?

Our "friends" in Pakistan..... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Our "friends" in Pakistan..
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan on Monday gave the state broadcasting authority more powers to shut down television stations, as two channels accused authorities of disrupting broadcasts because of their coverage of an opposition campaign.

The new government ordinance follows a tightening of media rules last week that effectively bans live television coverage of opposition rallies in support of the country's suspended top judge.

President Pervez Musharraf, who is also army chief, had accused some television networks of unbalanced reporting of the opposition campaign against his rule. The government has also objected to opposition criticism of the army.

Government attempts to remove Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry have touched off a broad campaign by his supporters and opposition parties against Musharraf, who took power in a 1999 coup.

The unrest has snowballed into a broad pro-democracy campaign. It poses the most serious challenge yet to the authority of Musharraf, an important U.S. ally, and comes in the run-up to presidential and parliamentary elections."

Interesting thing, that dem... (Below threshold)

Interesting thing, that democracy stuff.

So, you embrace classical l... (Below threshold)

So, you embrace classical liberalism, Semanticleo?

Will we see the same level of criticism of Saint Hugo among leftists as we do of Bush? Perish the thought!

What is the color of the sky in YOUR world?

It's black, he nodded off.<... (Below threshold)

It's black, he nodded off.

Hello! Good Site! Thanks yo... (Below threshold)

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! jayjlpaotump






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