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Those racist, xenophobic Mexicans...

The government of Mexico is showing its true colors. It's every bit as racist, xenophobic, discriminatory and downright mean as the American government.

I don't see what the problem is. These guns are just looking to start new lives for themselves, to live the Mexican dream. And they're just shooting the bullets that Mexican guns won't shoot for themselves.

I'd hate to see all guns be blamed for these undocumented imports. But that's the way it's headed.

Why, it might end up with Mexico treating its border with the United States like it treats its southern border.

I just hope that Mexico, in its move to solve this problem, finds a way for these undocumented firearms already in its country to acquire legal status.

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The Latina are co-religious... (Below threshold)

The Latina are co-religious, and romantically co-lingual with us. It will be a fruitful union.

Not if you ru it as one big... (Below threshold)

Not if you ru it as one big state, kim.

And that's the apparent plan. It will be a friggin disaster.

All UR lawz, tar sandz, and... (Below threshold)

All UR lawz, tar sandz, and peepulz are belong to us. Purr.

Wait, they wanted open bord... (Below threshold)

Wait, they wanted open borders, correct?

You can't make this shit up.

Mexico has increibly strict... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Mexico has increibly strict gun laws. I've heard horror stories of people being arrested for having a couple of stray .22 shells in their car.

You can't even bring s guns or ammo to dove hunt, you buy your shells from the lodge. Wacky.

And Lord knows Bush will jump through a hoop at the Mexican government's behest...

ROFL! Hilarious.Pl... (Below threshold)

ROFL! Hilarious.

Playing 'Mad Libs' with this... (not a euphemism for deranged Leftist).

Fill in the blanks.

"We are concerned about the number of (a)_______ coming into (b)________ illegally from (c)_______"

"There is more that we can do, and we are looking to do, to try and stem the flow of illegal (a) ____ into (b)_______."

(1) people
(2) weapons

(b) or (c)
(1) the United States
(2) Mexico and Central America

Well, I think we can help d... (Below threshold)

Well, I think we can help dear old Mexico with that problem, it's called put the MARINES on the border, and NO ONE and NOTHING crosses! That way, the only guns on the border will be in VERY well trained hands!

*shaking my head* and they ... (Below threshold)

*shaking my head* and they said all this with a straight face?

Smokey,I AGREE.</p... (Below threshold)



Not sure of any has heard yet of 'metal storm', but a few hundred Marines, and a few hundred well placed metal storm guns should send a hard n quick message that mexicans would be better served to sneak across THEIR own outhern border, instead of our souther border.

Well, if they can't control... (Below threshold)

Well, if they can't control their border, what are we supposed to do? Obviously they need to get their people off of using illegal guns. They should either legalize guns or provide therapy so they don't feel the need to use guns and their problem would be solved. It's not our fault Mexicans are addicted to using guns.

I like the metal storm idea... (Below threshold)

I like the metal storm idea but I'm not sure this is a problem solved only by new weapons technology and some Marines.

I would rather establish a new Marine Training Base between Port Isabell and Brownsville. Then deploy fifty thousand Marines all the way up the river and border, supported by the abovementioned technology, drones, quick reaction forces and other measures.

The U.S. Attorney's office ... (Below threshold)

The U.S. Attorney's office and the BATF is working with the Mexican government on how to solve a basically non-existant problem. I am sure the answer will be some form of trying to restricts rights of americans living near the borders.

The BATF agent for AZ claims to have proof that hundreds of guns go into Mexico from AZ every year. We have yet to see the highly publicized arrests of illegal gun dealers that would prove this though.

Mexico needs to take a good look at the guns, explosives, etc that the drug cartels are buying and importing from russia, columbia and china. The billions of dollars the cartels make each year allows them to purchase much better quality arms than the piddling few they can smuggle from the U.S.

Then, again, if Mexico really was serious about fixing a problem, any problem they wouldn't be Mexico.

Personally I think it is a ploy to begin the process to "harmonize" U.S. gun laws with those of Mexico and Canada as part of the North American Union that Bush and partners are pushing for.

MattPersonally... (Below threshold)

Personally I think it is a ploy to begin the process to "harmonize" U.S. gun laws with those of Mexico and Canada as part of the North American Union that Bush and partners are pushing for.

There may be an element of truth there, and I have problems with the President on a number of foreign policy issues. But I'm confident that any back door attempt to diminish the right of U S citizens to own guns will fail. Said another way, any form of gun control on a national level is politically radioiactive. The level of opposition to such a proposal would dwarf that of the recent "immigration reform" legislation.

I think Mexico should build... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I think Mexico should build a fence to keep the weapons out. Weapons can't dig or climb very well. Or so I'm told.

Maybe our State Department ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Maybe our State Department could make comic books for the weapons so they would know exactly what do when they get across the border.

Easy, folks, tattoos.... (Below threshold)

Easy, folks, tattoos.

Temporary ones, mind you. ... (Below threshold)

Temporary ones, mind you. Ha, gotcha, didn't I?

You know, life would be a l... (Below threshold)

You know, life would be a lot easier if Mexico just became a communist dictatorship like Cuba or Venezuela. They would build their own wall to keep their subjects home, and we would have the military on the border.

Let's support the communist overthrow of Mexico with guns.

Works for me xray!... (Below threshold)

Works for me xray!

Kill them, shoot them, eat ... (Below threshold)
Robert the original:

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

With each voice stronger than the last, talking tougher than the last...

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

There aren't enough bullets, we need more bullets.

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

The Army, the Navy, the Marines.

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

Jets, napalm, tactical nukes.

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

Waste them all, even the kids.

Kill them, shoot them, eat them!

And the Rio Grande will run red today.


I think the guns should be ... (Below threshold)
Kasper Hauser:

I think the guns should be made legal--they need to be brought in out of the shadows'

I suppose the Mexicans might not want to grant legal status, however, to any guns previously involved in a felony.

Of course if the Mexicans really want to keep them out, they could build a fence.

Soque puppeting robert<br /... (Below threshold)

Soque puppeting robert
Has no soul
Soque puppeting robert
has no wit
Soque puppeting robert
may be a twit
Soque puppeting robert
knows not shit

When minds so numb
attract minds so dumb
Sulzbergers dance on sugar plums!

Nam is there meme
Our dead count is there theme
As our good men die
Behold the glint in their eye

there meme</p... (Below threshold)

there meme

I guess if I'm going to write verse I should correct this:

Their meme

Years ago, I remember the s... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Years ago, I remember the stories of the guys who would run the DMZ at the Berlin wall. Sometimes they would get halfway over - a few would even make it - but no matter what, more still kept on coming.

I don't recall cheering for the guys with machine guns.

Recently on these pages I have observed admiration for the North Koreans, the Cubans and other repressive regimes on the efficiency of border control. Toss in the East Germans too, they were fairly effective on their short wall.

In Mexico it is almost as bad. It is not just armed patrols at the border; others roam up and down the coasts looking for illegals. Machine pistols at the ready, they break into cars, homes and hotel rooms - no excuse needed.

They shoot with even less reason, they way they do in Cuba and North Korea.

I have been to Cuba and North Korea and believe me, we don't want nothin' to do with that. And just because Mexico can be murderous is no reason that we should be.

No way do I think our marines would shoot unarmed people even if you put them there.

"Yeh, put fifty thousand machine guns out there and waste everything that moves. Rabbits, coyotes, lost boy scouts. Shoot the women and children first, they're slower."

Truth is, nobody is going to do this no matter how much bluster and bullshit you emit.

Truth is, even with a wall, many are still going to get here. Like today, you can send them back or put them in jail. If jail it is, we are going to have to build some friggin' huge jails, and then build some more. There are a lot of Mexicans.

You know, if Mexico would t... (Below threshold)

You know, if Mexico would take all their police off their "help the Mexicans cross into the United States" program and put them on a "help keep the Mexicans from bringing guns back into Mexico" program, the problem might get solved.

I just love this crap. Tho... (Below threshold)

I just love this crap. Thousands of miles of coastline, drug gangs running local governments, but of COURSE any illegal weapons MUST be coming over the U.S. border.

Never mind the controls on those weapons, never mind anything else; it MUST be the fault of the lousy U.S.

Excellent work, Hugh S, but... (Below threshold)

Excellent work, Hugh S, but Robt O has a point however hyperbolically lobbed: violence is not likely to settle this immigration hooferaw. There are presently at least 300,000,000 diffierent opinions about it, and nobody has demagogued it yet.


I pity the willfully unassimilable, some of the time. I pity the willingly demagogued even more, constantly.

Robert of course has a poin... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Robert of course has a point - shoot unarmed people? Don't think so.

But it simply isn't possible for everyone to rush over here and live in the States just because it looks better than where they're at. It's human nature, though, along the lines of killing the goose that layed the golden egg. Wealth is not a zero sum game, and one group of people is not neccessarily rich at the expense of any other group... but everyone can't move here just because it blows where they're at.

People who start blathering about population density just don't get it - it's about infrastructure, education, and the ability to absorb new populations. When we take in millions of poor and poorly educated illegals, we start having the same problems as third world nations who can't get a grip on explosive population growth, poverty, and lack of education.

We need effective border control, but what THEY need to do is fix their own damn cesspit nations (I'm looking at YOU, Mexico!) rather than try to jump ship here.

Border tactics aside, comparing the East and West Germany to the US/Mexico doesn't hold up well - Mexico isn't trying to keep people in, on the contrary, they actively encourage people to leave for the States. Can you imagine what Mexico would be like if they couldn't millions of poor up here? Maybe the people would have had enough by now.

And that, my friends, is wh... (Below threshold)

And that, my friends, is what is known as chutzpah.






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