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UK Company Caught Attempting to Sell Weapons-Grade Uranium to Iran and Sudan

Via Atlas from The Guardian (Observer):

A British company has been closed down after being caught in an apparent attempt to sell black-market weapons-grade uranium to Iran and Sudan, The Observer can reveal.

Anti-terrorist officers and MI6 are now investigating a wider British-based plot allegedly to supply Iran with material for use in a nuclear weapons programme. One person has already been charged with attempting to proliferate 'weapons of mass destruction'.

During the 20-month investigation, which also involved MI5 and Customs and Excise, a group of Britons was tracked as they obtained weapons-grade uranium from the black market in Russia. Investigators believe it was intended for export to Sudan and on to Iran.

A number of Britons, who are understood to have links with Islamic terrorists abroad, remain under surveillance. Investigators believe they have uncovered the first proof that al-Qaeda supporters have been actively engaged in developing an atomic capability. The British company, whose identity is known to The Observer but cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, has been wound up.

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The covert Val Plame was ob... (Below threshold)

The covert Val Plame was obviously on the job.

Google Shakir al-Abssi and ... (Below threshold)

Google Shakir al-Abssi and the USAID's Foley. I've wondered if Khan weren't helping al-Qaeda get one, not just Libya, and if so, what is at the conjunction of Val Plame, al-Ibssa, and Foley? Why, it's Yellowcake, great piles of it. And over there, why I see aluminium tubes.

"Why, it's Yellowcake, g... (Below threshold)
OBGyns practicing their love:

"Why, it's Yellowcake, great piles of it. And over there, why I see aluminium tubes." paris hilton

More unbaked lunacy from Wizward's resident dumb blonde "voices-in-her-head."


Yes, this is speculative. ... (Below threshold)

Yes, this is speculative. I've thought for years that Saddam's Yellowcake went from Niger to Libya, where Saddam financed Khaddafi's program, but I've been getting hints lately that al-Qaeda itself was looking at developing the bomb independently. I'd not considered that much before, thinking it would take a state to build a bomb, but now I wonder if al-Qaeda wasn't interested in doing it themselves.

And I wonder if Joe Wilson wasn't involved. There has to be some reason he tried to hide the huge blackmarket in yellow cake in Africa at the turn of the century.

OB, must you be so typically leftist?

Curious, too, that Val Plam... (Below threshold)

Curious, too, that Val Plame was smack in the middle of the convoluted mess the aluminium tubes and the yellow cake were. Incompetence, or treason?

Treason.... (Below threshold)


It's gonna be treason when ... (Below threshold)

It's gonna be treason when the Dems figure out that claiming Joe Wilson lied to them is their best way out of his lying meme.

Or google 'Jordan aluminum ... (Below threshold)

Or google 'Jordan aluminum tubes Foley'. Powell knew about al-Abssi four years ago. He's the fellow presently holed up in the Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp under attack by the Lebanese Army. Apparently he fled Jordan for Iraq after killing Laurence Foley, a USAID Africa specialist who must have known about the yellowcake blackmarket in Africa.

Was al-Abssi al-Qaeda's point man on nuclear development, and why did he want to kill Foley? Especially with Val Plame in Jordan sniffing around about aluminum tubes.

The article referenced above says Powell said that Saddam sought high specification aluminium tubes from eleven different countries. I didn't know that.

Maybe aluminium tubes ought to be revisited. Maybe with Val Plame's sworn testimony.

I'd say it's time for a Gra... (Below threshold)

I'd say it's time for a Grand Jury on Plame, Wilson, and Yellow Cake. But probaby not a special prosecutor.

I suppose the Left will hav... (Below threshold)

I suppose the Left will have us wait until the threat is "imminent."

I believe Plame equates to ... (Below threshold)

I believe Plame equates to incompetence; I don't think she's smart enough for treason.

I suspect you're right, Mit... (Below threshold)

I suspect you're right, Mitchell, and Joe is the traitor. Watch her get immunity. Wasn't her Daddy in the Air Force?

Yeah, definitely treason. T... (Below threshold)

Yeah, definitely treason. The left is suicidal and want to take everyone with them ala Jim Jones.

Wait a sec! Didn't Iran say... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Wait a sec! Didn't Iran say that their nuclear program was only for peaceful purposes? Except, of course, when they use it to blow the Zionist regime off the map.

Sistani's settled Persia's ... (Below threshold)

Sistani's settled Persia's hash.

One of the saddest things i... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

One of the saddest things is that if al Qaeda or some other terrorist org. gets a nuke and sets it off in Manhatten, people like OBGyn and the rest of the idiots on the left will claim, inspite of evidence to the contrary, that the Bush administation did it. For the purpose of attacking another nation, or some other lame reason. Bush's main fault is that he has not protected this country from its enemies within. Schumer, people in the State department, and CIA who are actively working against this adminstration are guilty of treason. They should be ferretted out and made to answer for their crimes. No more Mr. Nice Guy. This fight is too important.

Some terrorist nuked OBGyn,... (Below threshold)

Some terrorist nuked OBGyn, and bD is collateral damage. mantis is just appalled.

Instead of love he was prac... (Below threshold)

Instead of love he was practicing his suicide bombing.






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