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The Sopranos' Final Scene

Earlier today, Kevin wrote a post about The Sopranos' series finale. Many, many fans are furious at David Chase because the final scene didn't show what happened to Tony. For those who have read all about the controversy but haven't yet seen the final scene, here it is via You Tube:

Update: David Chase breaks his silence about the series and the final scene.

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What is everyone so ticked ... (Below threshold)

What is everyone so ticked off about? This show has always done this sort of thing. What about the Russian from Pine Barrens?

This is Hollywood, where you set things up for the movie nowadays.

Why get your panties twiste... (Below threshold)

Why get your panties twisted about a fake show as imagined by fakes and portrayed by same?

Get a grip on reality, its freaking entertainment.

Incredible...to those who w... (Below threshold)

Incredible...to those who want an ending all laid-out tied up neat w/a bow I say GET OVER IT!

David Chase is a genius. He brought America a family within 'the' Family that we laughed at, were disgusted by, hated, and watched with rapt attention.

Using Journey's classic ballad "Don't Stop Believin'"was a classic parting shot at the beeding hearts that wanted Tony to get wacked.

And if you noted A.J.'s final line: "Just remember the good times" - that's what Chase is saying...'hope you enjoyed the show'

Bravo, Bravissimo Mr. Chase

Luckily, without cable, I w... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Luckily, without cable, I wasn't even tempted to watch this show. Every time I heard people talking about it, it just sounded depressing. I know a lot of people watched it, which doesn't necessarily surprise me.

This is Hollywood,... (Below threshold)
This is Hollywood, where you set things up for the movie nowadays.

my thoughts exactly.

"Paulie",Who's "we... (Below threshold)


Who's "we"? Never watched it, don't care. Include this family out.

No longer available? What ... (Below threshold)

No longer available? What a gyp!

I thought the ending was brilliant, leaving fans to take away whatever conclusion they wanted.

Tony got whacked...just wai... (Below threshold)

Tony got whacked...just wait for the movie. Hell, a pre-quel might show Tony lying in a coma with all of the characters coming into his ICU room and reminiscing about the "good times".

I see at least 2 movies from this ending, and I never watched the show ( it bored me in 1999 and never got me back).

The clip got whacked by You... (Below threshold)

The clip got whacked by YouTube on orders from HBO.

the final scene is here<br ... (Below threshold)

the final scene is here
for the time being.

god forbid television viewe... (Below threshold)

god forbid television viewers be challenged to user their imagination. Nooo!!!! Not thinking!!!! How else could it end? Tony and his family live and they are happy... people would complain it was too flowery. Tony gets killed and everyone is left crying? there would be complaints too. I think his ending was perfect, to show life going on for tony and his family but there will always be the sense of unease and tension around every corner. These last few episodes were great.

Dammit, If HBO wants to kee... (Below threshold)

Dammit, If HBO wants to keep deleting a perfectly innocuous video clip then many citizens should keep posting it until HBO'S DELETE fingers bleed and they get the message from the people. Empower the net! Empower the people!

suhnami, I agree 100%. I si... (Below threshold)

suhnami, I agree 100%. I sincerely hope Mr. Chase has tipped his hat to Frank Stockton...as well as to O.Henry.

the sudden cut to black def... (Below threshold)
sean money:

the sudden cut to black definitely is meant to show that tony died...

Okay. David Chase is eith... (Below threshold)
Tony A.:

Okay. David Chase is either a genius or he's an asshole! Depends which way you look at it,really. In 1974, he oversaw Kolchak The Night Stalker and The Rockford Files. While both those TV shows were "tongue in cheek" nothing could prepare HBO viewers for the jaw-dropping finale of The Sopranos. I can picture everyone staring at their TV sets in disbelief, muttering "THATS IT???" Or "What the ****?" You got to admit, that's priceless! Then again, this could be the meanest joke ever played on a TV audience. I, for one, was offended. The cut to black was jarring and totally unexpected. I wanted to see whatever ending they decided on played out to the very coda. A family dinner at Vesusios cut short by gunfire while classical music played as The Sopranos were shot in slow motion would have been an instant classic. But alas, we get onion rings and cokes(?) one of Journey's weaker songs on the sountrack(Only The Young would have been better entry) and that formiddable black screen followed by silence. I think "Gangsters" By The Specials would have been a nice song to end on for the final credits. Don't you? Anyways, The Sopranos has come and gone. After 18 Emmy wins, the show took a bow. Next stop? The Silver Screen? Maybe if they do a prequel! A sequel would be GOD awful with all the principal characters dead! Right? And there's always syndication. Some alternate endings on the upcoming DVDs would be nice but Mr. Chase has said he "will not refine or redo the ending." Sort of what you see is what you get. Huh? In that regard, he truly is an ass! To rob his fans like that. After all, did Coppolla leave us hanging like Chase did? No,he did not. Each of The Godfather movies had an effective ending. The ending to "One" was classic! That is how you use a black screen Mr. Chase! In a way, Chase left us, his loyal audience, in the dark(quite literally in this case)! We the fans made this show the phenomenon it is today. We truly deserve better. The artsy fartsy critcis think Mr. Chase is brilliant. I think he's a copout too godamn lazy to end His Own Creation. Some revere Mr. Chase as A GOD! I think he's just a man who is self-absorbed and makes way too much money! While The Sopranos will bump off Seinfeld and whack Hill Street Blues and take the crown for The Greatest TV Show Ever, it will be tagged with the most GOD awful ending ever for a TV show. You can argue that Seinfeld had a limp finale but it had an ending! Jerry doing standup in prison? Priceless! And Hill St. Blues had a limp finale as well but at least it ended! The final clip was Buntz walking out of the burnt precinct saying something like "the beat goes on." So did Tony get "whacked"? Did his family get "clipped"? Did fat **** Tony have a heart attack? Was he in a coma the whole time? Did the Feds finally catch up to him? Does he rat? Or do these despicable people just eat dinner and then go home? Who knows for sure??? Chase does and that smug prick just says "watch the show.All the answers are there." Yeah, thanks for nothing, Chase! Who cares how it all ended??? I do. Being an aspiring screenwriter who could have ended this show 10 other ways. If Spiderman 3 cut to black and just simply ended would it have made 300 milion dollars? Doubtful. Chase calls himself an artist. Maybe so; while LPs like The Beatles Abbey Road can end abruptly for dramatic effect this,however, does not work for a TV show. David Chase said it took him awhile to think up this ending. I wonder if he was smirking as he was sitting at that word processor...






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