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The Sopranos Finale Open Thread


Spoilers below. If you haven't watched don't read...

Perhaps it's the relative fragility of the software on the DirectTV HD-DVR (though it's much, much better than last fall) that I yelled at my DVR for dropping out at just the wrong moment. Of course only seconds later it became obvious that what we didn't see was actually the ending.

All I could imagine was an entire nation yelling at their TV screens. Perhaps that's what David Chase wanted...

So did they or didn't they?

Bonus: If you've got seven minutes to spare you relive the good 'ol days in a recap of the entire series (minus the last few episodes) in 7 Seven Minute Sopranos - a "whacked out" refresher.

Comments (16)

I knew that was the ending.... (Below threshold)

I knew that was the ending. It was just so David Chase. Hacky and pretentious.

I for one am glad I never have to think about this show again. It's so far from what it could have been and what it was when it started.

That ending sucked.<p... (Below threshold)

That ending sucked.

Period. Dot. Bingo.

As I recall, HBO begged, pl... (Below threshold)

As I recall, HBO begged, pleaded and threw piles and piles of money at Chase to get him to come back for season 6, then again for 7 and 8.

I'd like to think that, beyond what I'd consider a pretentious, egotistical, illiterate and unsatisfying "conclusion," this end was for Chase to throw a giant middle finger and a "hope you got yor money's worth, cuz I sure did" at HBO.

The glorified soap opera ha... (Below threshold)

The glorified soap opera has finally ended. It was one of the most overrated shows in the history of television....If Bruce Willis ever gets "American Tabloid" off the ground and if it is done properly IE true to the books, it will blow The Sopranos away. A Godfather who visits a head therapist? Gay.

My husband and I were specu... (Below threshold)

My husband and I were speculating on a possible "Seinfeldish" ending - and frankly, that's what we feel we got. Crap.

Horrible ending to Sopranos... (Below threshold)

Horrible ending to Sopranos. They could've done so much better.

I think leaving the audienc... (Below threshold)

I think leaving the audience with the thought that at any time and any where they or he could be hit. That is the nature of his profession. Plus, a movie deal will come. ww

I bailed when the half seas... (Below threshold)

I bailed when the half season ended last year, because nothing was happening. I missed the excitement of the earlier seasons. It ruined it for me and I wasn't remotely interested in the last episodes. Sounds like I made the right choice. I felt like people were trying to excuse the crappy season because of what would be happening on the show later, but I tracked the recaps and nothing happened!

All the folks upset that th... (Below threshold)

All the folks upset that they didn't get a neat, tidy, ties-up-all-the-loose-ends finale should ask themselves, "What did you want?"

I mean, suppose those two gangstas had cut Tony down with a machinegun ... fade to black. Would that have been better? "Aaaaaah, now I understand!!?!"

Come now.


...and they lived stressful... (Below threshold)

...and they lived stressful lies ever after.

The whole family is a bunch of evil abiding parasites. He really showed the ugly in them this last season. They are now trapped in their private hells, until they go to the next one.

Xray,Are you talki... (Below threshold)


Are you talking about the Kennedy's or the Klinton's??

Leave it up to some asshole... (Below threshold)

Leave it up to some asshole to just have to to make a political statement no matter what the topic. Get a life Gianni.

I thought the ending was fabulous.

I must say I was shocked. ... (Below threshold)

I must say I was shocked. My husband and I thought the cable had gone out! We just sat there for a minute and my husband said "genius", and I said I have never had such a mind farking in my life. My heart was POUNDING, I knew what was coming, and then "blank".

Sorry to disagree with most, but I thought it was pretty damn cool. I didn't want to see them all get blown to kingdom come. I also think it's one of the best series ever on TV- right behind Deadwood who HBO in it's wisdom cancelled. Boy, judging from all the posts I've been reading today, HBO is in big trouble. Count us among the many who cancelled this morning.

I thought the ending was gr... (Below threshold)

I thought the ending was great... we were given a snapshot of this guys life.. and its over..its about an on going life.. and lifes loose ends sometimes don't get tied up..kudos... great ending..

see ya
cathy :)

I too thought my DVR had cu... (Below threshold)

I too thought my DVR had cut out but the more I think about the ending, the better it was. Tony is the guy on the edge - no telling when the feds will indict and arrest him, when some hit man will take him out, or some other wierd unpredictable shit will happen. That's the curse of his kind of life. Wrapping it up neatly would have pleased the audience but been untrue to the concept. And there aren't too many who wanted to see the Tony-and-his- family-all-get-blown-away" ending. It was a good run.

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