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And That's The Way It Is ...

Remember when folks actually cared about network news?

Now, they're reduced to reenacting feuds on 'The View'.

Excuse me, but - Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

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Are they cherry-picking to ... (Below threshold)

Are they cherry-picking to make tarts?

"I wish Dan [Rather] was... (Below threshold)

"I wish Dan [Rather] was watching more closely," Kaplan said,

I wonder how many times they've said that over the past two years.

"Are they cherry-picking... (Below threshold)
Is our children learning?:

"Are they cherry-picking to make tarts?" kim

Yesterday's response is just as valid...

"Keep on keepin' on with your [kim] cryptic nonsense and hero worship. It suits you." mantis 6-12-07

Do you suppose that Rather ... (Below threshold)

Do you suppose that Rather could have done this on purpose, or been *asked* to do it?

Sympathy for Couric ought to be worth something, ratings wise.

Synova might be on t... (Below threshold)

Synova might be on to something, but I think these guys aren't that skilled. Honestly, they thought the forged Bush / Alabama National Guard documents would fool people!

I think Rather is a bitter old coot who doesn't like to be left out of the party, and Moonves is right to defend his anchor. I'm the last person to defend Katie Couric, but she is far, far less tarty on the "CBS Evening News" than she was whilst at "Today". I use to cringe at the way she would interview people, from actors to politicians to military leaders, all whilst danging her Manolo Blahnik sandal off the toe of he perma-tanned leg. Now that was 'tarted-up'!

Just like Shehag, they're a... (Below threshold)

Just like Shehag, they're all attention whores.

I find it almost unbelievab... (Below threshold)

I find it almost unbelievable that Rather, who almost single-handedly destroyed the credibility of the evening news, is critiquing CBS.

But come to think of it having seen Rather in action, it's believable.

Moonves keeps Dan around to... (Below threshold)

Moonves keeps Dan around to drag out of the closet and beat up on now and then. That's why I have 'is our'.

"That's why I have 'is o... (Below threshold)
Is our children learning?:

"That's why I have 'is our'." kim, Sanjaya groupie

Listen, kim, I know Katie Couric, and, you, ma'am are no Katie Couric...you are far uglier and look more like than a wart hawg.

Don't get Frisch with me.<b... (Below threshold)

Don't get Frisch with me.

"is our children learning",... (Below threshold)

"is our children learning", you should pop on over to the wizbang blue section. I hear Lee is interviewing Ron Paul and taking polls from packs of rabid truthers. Might be more your scene than trying to delve into the conservative stuff...

What's Network News? Oh ye... (Below threshold)

What's Network News? Oh yeah, that was when Walter Cronkite sold out America. Nothing has changed since.






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